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Comment 06 Jul 2015

DJ, you're gonna have to get off the Cardale bandwagon...JT Barrett will be the starting QB, just like this time last year when he beat out Jones after Braxton's injury.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

All of this adversity hits OSU a week before the season, in week 3, the close call vs BaboonNation (Ped State), Barrett going down, the loss of Kosta, starting your 3rd string QB in the freaking B1G Championship game, destroying the Wisky Badgers, now having to up against the #1 ranked team in college football,  a mere few hours from THEIR campus for a game in New Orleans, and Jerry Freaking Kill - Minnesota gets the B1G Coach of the Year for going 8-4 AGAIN (no better or worse than last year), then the American Football Coaches Assoc gives their Coach of the Year to Gary Freaking Patterson - TCU, who didn't get in the playoff because they blew a 28 point lead, AT HOME, to Baylor and played absolutely nobody in the non-conference schedule.

Ohio State will never win a COY award. I can't imagine a scenario when they would. I mean, even Tressel didn't win B1G COY in 2002/2003 when OSU won the FREAKING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. They gave it to Ferentz at Iowa who LOST 2 games that year. Maybe Urban internalizes it and puts on a good face and acts like it doesn't bother him or his staff....but you know deep down, he has to think "what do I have to do?".

Comment 04 Dec 2014

DJ, with regard to your comment about Warinner being able to do better than Kansas, I think you're forgetting or maybe don't know that both of his daughters attend Kansas University, and that he was the OC at Kansas under Mark Mangino. Or, maybe he & his family really enjoyed living in Lawrence, Kansas during his TWO (2) stints there as an assistant coach?

Also, I'm sure he'd have 1.5 to 2.5 million reasons to take that job....

Comment 23 Nov 2014

I don't see Michigan being any better than Indiana and OSU will win by at least 2 TD's. So, start preparing for Wisconsin (already know what Minnesota is going to do) and figure out how to slow down Melvin Gordon. If we aren't prepared for the B1G Championship Game, like last year, OSU's dream of making the playoff will go up in smoke.

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Urban needs to put his foot on the gas and keep it on, no letting up, until the end of the game. Would love to see us put 70 points on them and about 700 yards of total offense tonight. They can think Ohio State is their "rival", but we already have a couple of those in the B1G....Michigan, Wisconsin.....

Comment 25 Oct 2014

There is still a good chance Moore will play for an Ohio State coach as Co-Offensive Coordinator/O-Line Coach Warinner is a leading candidate for the Kansas job....he's had two coaching stops at KU previously, most recently as Offensive Coordinator of KU's Orange Bowl winning team a few years ago.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

If dropping OSU in the polls is because our marquee player, Braxton Miller, was hurt/out for the season, then lets see how consistent voters are with Baylor this coming week. Their QB Bryce Petty suffered two broken bones in his back and is not expected to play. IF Baylor wins and they drop at least 3 spots, like OSU did after its win over Navy, then there can be no complaining by us Buckeye fans. However, if the same principle is NOT applied to Baylor, then it will be apparent that there really exists a voter bias against Ohio State.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

While Greg Frey was a great buckeye and a good guy (I did meet him and he was down to earth, no entitlement), I don't think I could classify him as an all-time great buckeye QB. Yes, he was serviceable, but not really a standout. I don't believe he won a B1G championship and the only win vs scUm was the infamous Earle headband game and he got in for all of one play.

However, it is great to see that he and his family are doing great and I appreciate these "Where Are They Now" kind of stories on past Buckeye football players.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Happy Birthday Eleven Warriors!!!! May you have many more so that us Buckeye fans can come here and quench of thirst for all things buckeye-related....

Comment 10 Aug 2014

@CGroverL --- dude, this comment section is what it is...A COMMENT SECTION, not an audition for a publisher to see your novel. With all due respect, you MAY have some excellent points but in case you haven't heard, the world is now living in a 140-character period of time. I bet you don't have a Twitter account because you can't say anything of relevance in under 140 characters....

Comment 10 Aug 2014

@ BuckeyeByBirth - I'm sorry, but, a person CANNOT be a huge fan of OSU and ND. You have to pick one. Same goes if someone says they are a huge fan of OSU and Michigan...can't be done. Since World War I, the big 3 football schools in the Midwest are OSU, UofM and ND. Like I said, you have to pick ONE SCHOOL who your loyalties belong too.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Good article but at this point everything is really speculation. There are more questions than answers. Ultimately, every school in the Power 5 is going to "protect their interests" and I'm not so sure that will be a good thing. Usually that means a few marquee programs, like Ohio State, will dictate what the other Power 5 schools can and cannot do.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Now the LeBron has come home, I really "get it" insofar as why he left four years ago. If you recall, his last 2 seasons with the Cavs, they had the best record in the NBA, yet couldn't get to the NBA Finals (those playoff series losses stung).

The reason he left, IMHO, is that he needed to go elsewhere to LEARN HOW to win a championship and Dwayne Wade showed him, after having won one himself in Miami with Shaq.

Now, LeBron has returned to Cleveland, and Ohio, with the knowledge on how he can lead the Cavs to the promised land.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

The one team in the bottom half of the B1G that South Carolina might want to schedule that would be exciting for their fans is a game vs Michigan!!! It would be a perfect set-up for Spurrier, he could go on for days about how powerhouse Appalachian State has already beat Michigan and would be a sure-fire lock for his Gamecocks to win this game!

Comment 06 Aug 2014

All my goodness, I can't believe the Colts actually took pictures of this horrible & demeaning HAZING incident involving Mewhort.

I can see it now, OSU Prez Drake will fire all Indianapolis Colt players involved in this long-standing, cultural behavior because no one in a position of authority has tried to stop it....

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I had the great fortune of being in Tempe watching that emotionally riveting game and will never forget immediately after the game ended just standing there in stunning disbelief that "my" team had actually captured a national championship and beating what was said to be an unbeatable team!!! I remember watching the trophy presentation and when all the post-game festivities were over, I still didn't want to leave the stadium. We were just hugging total strangers, but die-hard buckeye fans. I was only 9 when Woody and the super sophs won the 1969 Rose Bowl but ironically, my now deceased father attended that game! So, both my father & I actually saw Ohio State win its last two national championships....

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Since all the other power conferences in the country have basically thrown long-held traditions out the window, in the best interests of the conference, I don't mind OSU-UM game being played in late September or October and at night. So many "traditional rivalries" have gone the way of the rotary phone, the game being the 12th game on the schedule doesn't matter to me anymore. But, OSU should play Michigan EVERY year.

I do believe OSU had a hard time getting up for the B1G championship game vs MSU after an emotionally draining 1 point game in Ann Arbor last year and it cost them a chance to play in the BCS Championship game.

Comment 09 Mar 2012

The smart move would be to add, if the B1G decides they have to add because I think 12 is just about the right number now, 4 schools: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas & Kansas State.

Those schools would add value, they would add competitiveness in both of the "money sports", being football & basketball.