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Comment 16 Apr 2019

I am personally fine with the playoffs staying at four. If it were up to me though, the playoff would be ran in the following way...

- 8 team playoff
      - Committee would continue to rank the teams as they do now, using the same criteria, but for the last rankings, the committee would select 
         the five major conference champions, the two highest rated non conference champion P5 teams, and the highest ranked Non P5 team,
         and the teams would be seeded, 1-8 in order of where they finished in the final rankings. 

- First round of the playoffs is played at the higher seeded teams home campus, with the semi finals and NC game locations decided exactly
  how they are now

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Beat - I only read the first sentence of your post, but that's all I needed to read. I 100% agree. Sports are allowed to be different from one another, and should be celebrated for their differences, rather than be forced to operate their seasons the same way. I'm glad in the NFL the Browns can lose 6-7 games and still win a division championship, in the same token, I'm glad that in CFB the Buckeyes have to win nearly every single game to have a shot at the post seasons.

It's ok to be different. 

Also, in my opinion, every sport has something that should be protected at all costs. In the case of CFB it is the regular season that should be protected at all costs. 

Comment 15 Apr 2019

94- 100%. i was telling my buddies before Game 3. The difference between last years 2-0 lead against the Caps, and this years is that the Jackets have clearly been the better team through the first two (now 3) games. 

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Rots - I always tell people, I've been to a CFB playoff game (OSU vs. Clemson, Fiesta Bowl), a CFB NC game (OSU vs. Florida, in 07), The Game in Columbus (2002 as well), The Game in Ann Arbor (2007 w/ Rose Bowl on the line, before mayhem put OSU in the NC), and I've been to an NFL playoff game (mid 2000's NYJ @ Bengals), and none of that has compared to the one CBJ home playoff game I went to a couple of years ago against the Pens. What an atmosphere, what a game!


Comment 15 Apr 2019

I just want to say, practices are very important lol

Comment 14 Apr 2019

At this point, I’m not sure which I’m more excited for, Zach Smith’s podcast or GoT Season premiere

A part of me feels like when someone is wrongly accused, or somewhat rightly accused but grossly over exaggerated, this is how you would want to act to. Tell your truth Zach, everyone is entitled to it.

Also, I see a lot of revisionist history here. Zach Smith was not simply hired because he was Earle Bruce’s grandson, he was one of the elite recruiters in the country.