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Comment 15 Jan 2020

On Mike Yurcich: “I thought Mike did a great job. If you look at the way Justin developed during the season, he did a really good job.” He said Yurcich was in line with his way of coaching quarterbacks and brought really good ideas to the table. “The frustrating thing is he was here for only one year.” Day wanted Yurcich to stay at Ohio State, but said Yurcich couldn't pass up the money he was offered by Texas.

I'm confused.  Everything I've heard said that they basically told him it was in his best interest to move on and find another job elsewhere.  It wasn't an actual loss because a divorce was inevitable and Yurcich's personality had rubbed some people wrong throughout the season.  Is that not correct?  Is he covering and trying to be nice?

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Great job Ramzy!

I put this excel file together as I felt the numbers were just screaming some kind of chart.  I only included the games up to the playoff selection (including Wisconsin) and didn't insert the last two bowl games.  Thought it was cool to see that everything does reinforce that our schedule was definitely not a concern versus Baylor & TCU.  Hope others like this too!