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Comment 25 Apr 2017

Played intermural basketball against a team consisting of Tom Tupa, Eric Kumerow. Chris Spielman, and Frank Hoak among others. That was one tough team to defend inside! Also had a few encounters with Pepper while living in Morrill Tower since he dated a girl there. Many good times with numerous fb players and Pro wrestlers at Papa Joes and Spring Break also during my time

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I hate to say it but he (Loving) looks like a crybaby out there at times. Turns the ball over and slouches instead of manning up and playlng some in your face D and get the Fing ball back. Not everyone is a leader but everyone can be a hustler and earn that scholly.  Alot of young men would kill for the opportunity these guys have been afforded. Downvote me up but thats my feelings on this team.