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Comment 10 Jan 2019

So its not a portal but is a MARKETPLACE connecting buyers and sellers - available student athlete who wants to test waters for better opportunities and for schools to pick up disgruntled second string talent.

Sounds like a mess in the making to me.

Comment 12 Feb 2018

Snyder' loss to Coon who is a true 285 lb Hwt is not all that surprising. Giving up 65 pounds is a huge disadvantage and one that Snyder usually overcomes. But Coon is an excellent wrestler as well and Snyder will figure it out by the BIG championship I think. 

That said, it's a damn shame college wrestling gave up the 220lb weight class. The span from 197 to 285 is just nuts. The NCAA having killed over half the college wrestling programs with Title IX has been foolish eliminating 220. I'd almost rather see 125 eliminated in this day and age of larger men. 

Comment 29 Nov 2017

We can beat Wisconsin by 60 this year and its just not gonna happen.  We end up in 5th in the CFP at best.

For those of you who don't think the CFP should be contested annually by Conference Champions this is what you get.

The SEC will have two teams in and the BigTen and Pac12 will each have zero teams.

IMHO we should not have been #4 last year and we should be #4 this year assuming we win this weekend. 

But this silly selection committee picking the 'most deserving' four teams not limited to Conference Champions is made to sell TV ads for ESPN and that's all.  Its beyond stupid.  I never want to see a National Champion crowned who did not first win their damn conference!

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Moo - your September loss scenario would have also presumably concluded with an OSU win of the BigTen title - like 2014.  In that case I agree OSU would have had a good chance of making the CFP and Stanford - with two loses would be odd man out.

But OSU did not lose in September, they lost to MSU in November, and never made it to Indianapolis to face Iowa and win the BigTen.  Hence they never made it to the CFP and rightly so.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I disagree.  The rule to live by going forward is WIN YOUR CONFERENCE!  With a 4 team CFP I am perfectly fine with that being the MOST important factor in the CFP committee's mind.  As such, stop the insanity of weekly CFP Committee rankings starting in week 10.  There should be exactly 2 CFP committee rankings.  One at the end of regular season play (week 13) and one final ranking after the conference championships.  Saves a lot of idiotic debate.