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Comment 21 hours ago

I am so hoping that we can find some creative ways to get DMC active.  The "H" seems like it would be a solid fit for him. 

Olave and Wilson are both so gifted on deeper routes, and Williams has the skills to take those 7-10 yard passes and turn them into highlight reel scores. 

Excited to see what the new guys bring.  And how great is it to have a WR coach that can get Olave onto the field at key times as a freshman, and then the same with WIlson and WIlliams.   How many years when Smith was running the WR room did we hear about how we had so many young guys that "needed time" to develop, meanwhile every other offense in the top ten had true freshmen out there making big plays? 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Agree that it hurts, much worse, to lose in a game that we were more than good enough to win.  Just saying that at least it's not because we were dominated at the line of scrimmage and are a half-dozen skill players or a complete offensive or defensive line overhaul away from being the best.  You are right that it absolutely sucks.  Just saying that we don't have much that needs to change to get a different outcome next year. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I understand the pain and bitterness of those who didn’t watch last night, but they missed the schadenfreude of Clemson losing a guy who was making plays all over the field to ejection, and having a TD taken off the board for an OPI penalty. 
Not to mention Lawrence playing a very pedestrian game, including a fumble that killed his team’s final drive. It was great fun, and cathartic. 

Comment 12 Jan 2020

Another season at least in the playoff or winning it all and perhaps Day can handle coaching vacancies as Meyer was able to - demanding a couple years from guys when hired. 
Also, as we learned with Fick and Vrabel even Buckeyes don’t stay forever but all else being equal, if an OSU alum is a great coaching prospect for an open position, hire him. 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

The silver lining of the most recent post-seasson loss compared to previous national title contenders is that we were, by most measures, the better team.   Florida in 2007 was miles ahead of us that night.  LSU the following season was not head and shoulders better, but clearly was in control much of the night.  the 2013 season loss to Clemson was two fairly evenly matched teams with one making the last big play, getting the last big break.  The 2016 game, we were bested by a team that was far superior to us.   But this year, we won most of the individual battles.  They were simply able to steal it from us.  Two plays from scrimmage accounted for a fourth of their offense.   Those other seasons, we walked away saying, "How do we get the players to compete with those guys next time?" but this year it was more, "let's not beat ourselves next time." 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

When I think back from the Florida loss in 2007 to now, I don't think it was where the shift occurred.  I mean, after it we got Pryor and we continued to be in contention for BCS bowls and make them each year, but against FLA we were just not quite at that "top level," and I don't think we got serious about addressing that until Meyer's arrival.  The next year, we got back to the title game against LSU but that season it felt like we sort of "backed in" and after starting out the game hot we fell behind and lost all composure.  The LSU loss hurt, but I didn't have near the same expectations going into that game as I did the previous year.   And then, there were those losses against USC, where we just didn't appear to be ready yet to go against national powers outside the conference.  I don't think it was until 2012, well after the loss to Florida, that Meyer and Coach Mick finally got us to an elite level not just in terms of skill players like Ginn and Holmes and Pryor but also on the OL and DL.  I'd like to say that Tressel kicked it up a notch after the embarrassment against Florida, but for the most part we continued to dominate our conference but be a few steps behind the top dogs. 

Comment 06 Jan 2020

If Roche is up for competing and working and battling for playing time, I say welcome to Columbus. If he is seeking a bigger stage than Temple (understandable) to showcase his skills and be an immediate difference maker and fill an immediate critical need for a top 25 program, maybe we aren’t the place for him. With Cooper, Harrison, Smith, and others already busting their butts, I don’t know that he is instantly the leader of the group at OSU.  Jackson came over from Rutgers where he was an elite lineman. But elite against B1G competition vs elite against the likes of UConn and Buffalo is a different thing. 

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Love Jameson Williams’ confidence, like Gee Scott’s statement even more about working and still having tons to prove and recognizing that star rating means nothing now.  
Jameson Williams and Garrett Wilson are both amazing athletes, incredibly talented.  Both showed flashes of explosiveness this year.  Garrett Wilson got opportunity to do it when the lights were brightest, and did it.  Not for nothing, but Garrett Wilson also balled out as a blocker this year. 
Agree with Gee Scott that all the new WRs are great.  They’re all pretty much in the same boat at the moment. Those willing to work their tails off, with and WITHOUT the ball, will emerge as the leaders. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Grateful for Chugunov, and glad it was a great experience for him.  I am assuming that even with the immense talent we have arriving to the QB room in 2020, Hoak will still likely be the immediate back-up to Fields.  Happy for him to get that opportunity, given what OSU means to him.  Will be nice to have a year for the Jack Miller era to sort of get developed. 

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I think Proctor will develop and do well at safety.  Banks and Riep came along a lot over the last half of the season, but without Wade were far more vulnerable. 
Up front, there is no replacing Young, but Cooper and Harrison and Smith and Friday along with others at DE will help keep our front strong. Vincent,Togiai, and Garrett are green, but are improving. Darrion Henry may be ready to give meaningful minutes as a freshman. And our returning LBs will be our anchor. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Big Bear, Little Bear, Predator. All in the last 5 years. Let’s just hit pause and appreciate what we have been gifted with. 
Not to mention, cupboard is far from empty.  Harrison doesn’t have a nickname yet but his year three or four has the potential to have him with similar success. 
God save Larry Johnson.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Would have been epic to see Burrow vs. OSU for the title.  Sadly, the reference to what Chase Young would have/might have done to him only reminds me how much he was neutralized and a non-factor for the last few games. I think in terms of technique and talent he is better than either Bosa, and his career at OSU is one for the ages, but of all the key players in that game he was probably the quietest. 
Rewatching the 22 a few times, it is possible that the corner or safety on other side peels off and breaks up the play, but bottom line at WORST it could have been incomplete with another opportunity on the next down. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

People in my life who thoroughly despise the Buckeyes have reached out to say that it was a horrible call.  People who delighted in seeing Clemson beat us told me it was a catch and fumble. 
The missed red zone opportunities had me upset and concerned even while we were dominating.  Been hearing a lot about how amazing Clemson’s red zone defense was to keep us out, but two of those FG drives fell short due to Clemson stopping us twice and us stopping ourselves with unforced errors at least once.  Clemson’s defense likely pats itself on the back for Dobbins failing to secure a TD catch through going to the ground, and Dobbins dropping an otherwise perfectly executed screen pass.  But those red zones stops, pretty much on us beating ourselves. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I’d like to add a sixth thing - Ryan Day is for real. Yes, we lost and perhaps there were a few moments wen he was out-dueled by Clemson’s braintrust last night.  But Day’s bold gameplan was brilliant. Going in, I figured Clemson would work to take away Dobbins.  Day comes out slinging it like a boss with Fields spreading completions to several receivers.  We caught Clemson napping on one crucial short yardage pickup, and on another snap caught them with12 on the field.  While our red zone performance was frustrating, it wasn’t for lack of proper play-calling.  While I wonder what might have been had we gone with power package and shoved JK at them, we had the plays to get us in the end zone.  Short pass to Dobbins on one drive, screen pass to JK on another were perfect calls and reads, just not cleanly executed. Backed up by his own end zone, he called a game that got us out of that hole at least twice.   Many gave a huge advantage to Swinney in terms of coaching match-up but I think Day got the better of him more often than not.  Venables dialed up some challenging defensive schemes, but Day and his staff found gameplan answers over and over. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Prefer Clemson in the desert to Clemson in Atlanta, for sure.  For all the disappointments we have had in Glendale, Arizona seems to be a western HQ for Buckeye fans and alum, and it’s shown in the crowds for those games.  Grateful for that.  
If an 85% knee is healthy enough for Fields to trust and use his legs when needed, if Okudah and Co. continue to play as they have been when fully healthy and our front four gets back to being nasty as they were for much of the year, I like our chances.  I am confident that Day and Co. will continue to dial up pass plays that exploit space in their defense and Hafley and Mattison will dial up blitzes and shifting fronts to get pressure 

Comment 23 Dec 2019

I wish him many false starts and holding penalties.   I wish him a horrible game against us, a game that makes him question his life choice.  When someone negative recruits as Dabo was known for doing against Urban, I have no good wishes to offer for Swinney, as well as for the kids that buy into his garbage.  When selling your program means calling into question the loyalty and integrity of your program, I've wish nothing but the worst for student athletes who are attracted to that.  

Comment 22 Dec 2019

Two previous Clemson games. One we lost as a QB with a bum shoulder threw an INT on what could have been game winning drive. Another was a team with an horrendous offensive staff.  This is OSU’s time. Very different staff and roster even if some were present on sidelines for previous debacle against Clemson.