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Comment 17 May 2019

Clearly, we have had some legendary talent from out of state during the last two decades. JT, Zeke, Santonio, Haskins.  All represented OSU incredibly well.  But there is something really special about the intangibles of a talented Ohio native playing for the Buckeyes, what that means for them. We need to always go after the best talent, nationally. But the staff also needs to bear in mind that kids who dream of being a Buckeye their whole life are willing to run through a wall even in the fourth quarter, play through the pain.  

There was a fascinating article many years ago that featured stories from guys that played in the 2002 title game. Ohio natives on that team like Doss and Fox and Kenny Peterson went above and beyond.  I am sure non-Ohio players did as well, but to me a 4-star Ohio kid is often as good and valuable as a 5-star from elsewhere. 

Comment 16 May 2019

To me, as bad as the overall numbers were was that there just wasn’t development and improvement.  We have had a lot of years where the defense gives up big plays and takes weeks to find itself, but typically by November things look different.  Last year, well, Maryland and TTUN and even a not very explosive Northwestern team putting up sick yards and points on us says it all.  Granted, we still won handily over two of those opponents, but to not even see improvement of the defense at year’s end was awful 

Comment 14 May 2019

Ah, the Cooper years.  It is great how Tressel and Meyer have put that in the rear view so quickly, but the agony of The Game most of those years was awful. Especially in ‘93, ‘95, and ‘96 when we were so much better than them all year long. It was truly like a horror movie each year, coming in with fresh hope and anger each year only to watch things slip away. It literally felt like a dark cloud hung over Cooper as he stood on the sideline, looking lost. F you have seen “The Waterboy,” Henry Winkler’s character early in the movie when he has lost his mojo and confidence to the other coach, that was Cooper’s look in that game. 

Comment 14 May 2019

A part of me has some sympathy for Martell, if he was told point blank that there was no place for him, no chance would be given him, as he seems to suggest. But there are a few things that make me wonder how it came about that he was feeling like he was shown the door.  

First, at a time when OSU had Haskins and Burrow fighting over the starting job and after Haskins had won the starting job, Meyer kept talking about how important it was to get Tate out there on the field, give him chances.  Clearly, they saw a lot in him, but I remember feeling at the time some appeasement going on. Some discontent about playing time already. 

Second, a person in a position of leadership coming to Martell at a time when it seemed likely that Haskins would enter the draft and Fields was not yet a Buckeye telling the only other QB on the team with any experience that he might as well look elsewhere seems pretty harsh. The context that seems more likely to me is a player hungry for and always carping about more playing time got on someone’s last nerve about it and they said, “look, maybe this isn’t the place for you.” 

Third, a statement like, “after being there for two years and not playing, I couldn’t risk it anymore” when he spent year one red-shirting behind a guy who set all sorts of career records in 2017, a guy who would set all sorts of single season and single game records in 2018, and a guy who left in June and was starter of another top 10 program by August, and then spent the following year actually playing in several games as backup to Haskins, doesn’t sound like a “team player.” It sounds like a guy who didn’t think he was getting a chance if he wasn’t starting.  So, yeah, maybe someone did encourage him to think about going elsewhere. Maybe there was something in that sort of mindset that they didn’t see a lot of leadership in. 

I’m speculating here. But I don’t think it a stretch to imagine Martell frustrated on the sideline watching us against Purdue, or struggling against Minne and NEB, and getting a bit resentful for not getting a chance to help. No doubt he is a competitor who wants badly to get out there and play the game and run the show.  And he is incredibly talented. But I think there were some “red flags” in terms of leadership and maturity.  We saw them in his reactions to Fields’ arrival, and we saw them in at least part of his statements here.  I wish him well, but I think OSU made the right choice, choosing to ride with Fields. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Given a choice between Fields leading a sparse QB room, and Martell leading a sparse QB room, I like what we have.  I wish Tate every success at Miami just as I do for Baldwin and Mathis, but when the chips were down what I saw from Martell was arrogance, immaturity, and a lack of trust in his coaches and team.  If it was likely to be Fields/Chugunov or Martell/Chugunov, I am happier with Fields. 

If Fields leads us to 10 wins or better, including a win in AA, no one is thinking about the transfers in November.  But if we finish with 9 or fewer wins, there will be a lot of “what if’s” going on. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Google “Dan Wetzel Urban Meyer” and you see immediately the agenda, even vendetta, Wetzel has against Ohio State. The guy is preternaturally committed to the belief that OSU is corrupt to the core, so he will swing at every pitch in the dirt, pluck every piece of low hanging fruit, that he sees that is remotely related to OSU.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I trust Day. I think he will be a great coach.  But having a new HC who is a first-time boss following a hall of Fame legend was just the worst time for this transfer portal for us.  Transfer rules were different 2012-2017, so it’s impossible to say for sure what would have been all things being equal.  But OSU with Urban Meyer at the helm wasn’t something Kenny G walked away from, wasn’t something Cardale transferred from, wasn’t something Burrow left until after he graduated. Post-Meyer and in the era of the portal, we have lost two QBs in the last 4 months who were still in the running for though not favored to win the starting QB job.  

Again, I like Day.  It’s not within his power to control what 18 year olds are going to do and his biggest challenge right now is being the guy following Urban Meyer.  I think OSU made a great choice in hiring him.  Wish these recruits and young players had patience and trust in it.  I think that those who do, those who stay and buy in to what he is building, are going to continue the greatness of OSU.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Bottom line is there has been a flurry of QB transfers involving top programs, which means a lot of schools have seen what OSU is saying.  But I don’t think any of those other programs are in the spot we are in.  Clemson, Bama, Georgia - with all the transfer movement, none of them are on “thin ice” at QB as much as we are.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

If neither has shown enough yet to win the job, then don’t declare either. I expect and hope that one week of fall camp and Day sees that what he needed to see has happened for one of them.  Here’s hoping the QBs make the decision and not the OL.  Day saw them as biggest concern after spring game, and if they are struggling it stands to reason you go with the guy who can do more with his legs when protection breaks down 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

I love his mindset, wanting to know what the others at his position look like. And I like that he wants to talk to the “scout”level players about the culture. Curious if he has interest in the personal growth and development aspects that OSU and other programs offer. Curious whether Harbaugh’s field trips impress him. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I think the “tie breaker” in all of this is who they see having the higher ceiling as a player.  Last year, it seemed that Burrow and Haskins were very close talent wise and Burrow had edge in experience but Haskins had higher ceiling.  And Haskins was named the starter and shattered records. 

Also, whoever is named starter needs to have the confidence and faith to handle Buckeye nation calling for the next guy if he has a couple bad games. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Mitchell and Gant should see plenty of opportunity. Borland is returning and hopefully healthy and improved, but he rarely looked fully healthy last year.  If 2018 was Borland at100%, then Browning and Mitchell will both see plenty of opportunity.  I like Tuf, but he appears to have found his ceiling. As for Hilliard, I hope he can rehab and contribute, but not counting on it.  And if Gant is backup to Harrison, well, Malik will need to rest for some series here and there. 

A big part of 2014 was Josh Perry and Darron Lee both having huge seasons.  2006 saw a young LB unit exceed expectations.  Hope for the same this fall. 

Comment 27 Mar 2019

If Williams and Wilson are as advertised, and Olave and Harris and/or Gill continue as expected, we will be fine for the next couple years.  

I love the veteran leadership we have had from quality upper-classmen over the last couple years,but I personally never understood why it had to take so long.  It feels like every other week, we play an opponent who have an athlete on offense who is a true or redshirt freshman that just lights things up as a receiver.  Spielman for Nebraska, Moore for Purdue, Black or People’s-Jones at TTUN.  And from 2015-2017 we kept hearing about how we had too much youth and inexperience at WR.  Well, Hartline took less than a year to develop Olave into a key contributor.  I think our days of struggling in the pass game just because we don’t have a lot of juniors and seniors is over. We will be just fine in 2020.  And beyond. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

McCall said a lot when he mentioned pass blocking.  It was something Zeke excelled at, something that I think Weber did better with than Dobbins, and is the difference between a RB being a situational player and being an every down guy.  If McCall has worked at it and improved, he will get his opportunities this year. I also think he and Hill return us to being an explosive special teams program. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Color me unimpressed with ichigan's new hire so far.  I mean, his big accomplishment is appears to be having come from Bama, which until they discovered what rare talent they had in Tua was not known for high-octane offense.  I prefer offensive minds like Herman and Yurkich who did big things with a less talented roster of players to bringing in a guy who did big things where he was given a veritable NFL roster to work with and saying, "here, now do it with a less-talented group."  But to each their own, I guess. 

Hoping for Haskins to go somewhere other than the Giants primarily because it will feel very awkward cheering for him. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

We put up 62 on what was arguably their best defense in decades.  An unforced error on a kickoff was the only thing that kept the game from being far worse than it was.  The last two times we had question marks with our QB were 2014 (with Miller's injury) and last year (with Haskins as a first year starter) and both seasons the new guy made history, so generically looking at OSU's situation and seeing it as a problem or weakness is foolish.  Similarly, looking at TTUN returning most of an offense that was far from explosive last year as a strength is also a bit foolish.  Higdon was their best player on offense, and he's gone. 

That said, I love that we're underdogs.  Go ahead and doubt us.  That's great.