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Comment 22 Feb 2020

Frost has had two seasons to complain about the culture and roster that he inherited (the line has constantly been lamenting guys not "buying in" to his way of doing things).  This year, most of the roster is kids that he recruited, so it's time to produce.  

The McCaffrey/Milton battle will be interesting.  I think McCaffrey seems like the more polished, poised player from what I've seen, but Milton has more eligibility left, more time for the staff to build something.  With the transfer culture, I would think whoever doesn't get the starting nod might be looking elsewhere.  

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Coaching is trending younger, but I don't know about the rest of this assertion.  I mean, you lift of Fickell as part of the "new trend" (true in terms of his age) but then say it's about going away from coaches with defensive mindsets.  Well, which is it?   Also, Saban is a BIG exception to the "explosive offense" rule.  MSU and LSU are examples of programs that weren't just defensive-oriented, but they both had offenses that were downright inept.   Also, I think it's too early to say whether LSU has really turned a corner on offense or if with the departure of Brady and Burrow they are back at square one.  

Yes, elite teams need to have creative, explosive offenses.   They need to be innovators on that side of the ball.  But we had that in 2018 and 2019.  Those two seasons ended differently because one had a defense that was horrible.  

Oregon is a school that for years was the gold standard in terms of innovation and prolific numbers on offense.   Where'd it get them?   It got them to the post-season where they lost because they couldn't stop anyone.  

In terms of youth in head coaches, no doubt. 

In terms of offense being more important than defense, it's not that simple. 

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Dobbins showed us how someone's skill set is sharpened when they are getting the lion's share of the reps.  Yes, Teague seemed to struggle against better competition late in the year.  But given the opportunity to be the top guy and the touches that come with it, I think he'll develop quickly into a back that gives us 1500+ yards.  

Comment 05 Feb 2020

I like that he chose OSU over some schools more likely to use him as an offensive weapon.  MINN and NW and PSU for sure I could have seen making him into a Hamler type of player, a slasher that they'd just quickly pop the ball to in the open field and then let him loose.  For him to accept such a huge change in position says to me first that he'd rather be a role player on a championship team than the BMOC for a team going 8-4.  I appreciate that a lot.  Also, seems like a guy with a sharp sense about his future.  I've seen a lot of under-sized guys try to force their way into skill positions at the next level that they're not well-suited for.  But Martinez seems to recognize that his best path to NFL paychecks is as a DB, so of course he is headed to DBU/BIA.  

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Sounds like evasion of NCAA violations.  Also, thinking back to the 30 for 30 piece ESPN did about MSU, there were some unfavorable things insinuated about Dantonio.  ESPN was mischaracterized some things that had occurred, but it could be that there were assault charges that Dantonio ignored. 

Comment 24 Jan 2020

2018 was most satisfying for me.  All the drama about Urban, all their frothing about “revenge tour” and being honest that year TTUN was playing really well and looked like they might prevail.  And we crushed them.  It was the best of both worlds - a blowout win AND a very good ichigan team to crush their hopes which were sky high.  

Comment 23 Jan 2020

I don't mean any disrespect to the memory of Tyler Trent, his courage and belief and spirit, but pretty much every underdog team we face for whom a win over us is a once-a-decade sort of special thing has some amazing, suffering, passionate person in their fan base whose life story would be made that much sweeter if his team can defeat us.  Tyler Trent and the kids at the Iowa hospital give us some consolation about those losses, but I'd still prefer that we'd taken care of business in those games and handled them as everyone else in the nation expected us to do. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Sad moments to recall. 

But, as one who attended OSU in the early 1990s, Seeing a list of our worst losses of the decade that only includes one loss to TTUN because there literally WAS only one loss, and several of the other losses standing out for being the only losses of that season?  Not so bad.  

Comment 23 Jan 2020

My biggest regret about Tressel's departure and Urban's early retirement is that John Cooper's remains the third longest tenure in OSU history behind Woody and John Wilce.   And his total victories and total games coached is second only to Woody.  That just feels sort of wrong to me. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

A lot of what ifs that could have made the last 10 years even better.  

But here's another what if - What if I could go back in time 25 years to talk to January 1995 version of myself and lay this out: 

First, Cooper is going to stay through 2000, during which TTUN is going to ruin two potential national title seasons, and MSU is going to ruin another one.  But then, we will hire an Ohio native with no Division 1-A head coaching experience who will dominate TTUN for a decade, win one national title and get to the title game two more times and have us in a BCS bowl almost every year.   Shortly following that coach's abrupt, early exit we will hire one of the most sought after and successful younger coaches in the game (also an Ohio native) who will get us ANOTHER national championship and have us in the top 10 or better and lose no more than two games every year. That guy will retire and turn it over to a coach who, in his first season, gets us in the national semifinal.  

After 1995 version of me finished swearing about the prospect of Cooper sticking around that long, he'd be overjoyed for what was to come. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Much as I love Jim Tressel for resurrecting us as a national power and beginning this generation of dominance over TTUN, I don't think we would be in nearly as strong a place if he'd remained as what we are now.  I think TP, Posey, and others would still have been suspended.  While Tressel would have continued to do great things and win the conference, I am not confident that he would have utilized Braxton Miller as brilliantly as Urban was able to do.  Keep in mind, Tressel trusted Bollman.  Also, as we approached 2011 even though we had that amazing 2006 run and then sort of fell into the title game again in 2007, we hadn't won it since 2002.  Even if TP had returned from suspension to lead Ohio State, I don't think that he gets us all the way there.  Also, if JT stays for 2-3 more years, I don't think we get Meyer.  I think the OSU vacancy was one that got him back into coaching a lot faster than he otherwise would have returned, but knowing what we do about his competitive drive, I can't imagine that he'd have sat out of coaching for all that long.  Even if it wasn't one of his dream jobs, some offer would have enticed him back.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

What if Meyer had brought in Guiton during Clemson in 2013 to relieve Braxton Miller and his injured shoulder?  Does Guiton complete the pass to a wide open Philly Brown instead of having it picked off by a linebacker?  Sure, it wasn't a title game, but damn, would have been nice to have won that one against Clemson. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

What if we'd had Tom Herman around to run the offense in 2015?  

Much as it stung to see us lose a shot at the playoff in 2015 with the upset loss to MSU, that team was sleep-walking and underachieving all year.  I am skeptical that, given the chance, we would have suddenly flipped the switch in December and January after being so lethargic throughout the regular season. 

The 2011 bowl ban "what if" is one I've thought about often.   That Gator Bowl game was the least excited I've been about an OSU game since they played Air Force in 1990.  The possibility that we failed to get a title shot in 2012 because we chose to play in the post-season during one of our worst seasons in my lifetime is maddening.  Then again, a part of me thinks that the chemistry and mindset of the 2014 team was forged in part by the disappointments of 2012 and 2013.