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Comment 4 hours ago

I don’t mind that we didn’t cover or that we didn’t get a shut-out. I mind that we played unfocused and inconsistent for much of the day.  We have seen throughout the year that even our reserves should be able to be dominant against a team like Rutgers.  We weren’t 

Ah, well.  Gives the coaches some things to teach about.  That’s always good going into big games. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

There's been a lot of talk about how this team has no weaknesses, how they've looked practically invincible, how it's hard to see that they could lose.  

This article details exactly how we could get pre-maturely humbled this year.  We still have a lot of healthy, available talent.  But not near as much as what we started with.   There seems to be a perception that against PeeSU and TTUN because they should be close, physical battles for us that our top starters will be all that matter anyways.  Not even close to true.  We are coming up on games where missing a top middle linebacker, one of our best DEs, one or two of our two-deep OLs, one of our most experienced WRs, could be critical.  Hope to GOD these guys get healthy quickly. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

The job he has done keeping their intensity and urgency from week to week has been extraordinary.  I don’t get into beating the spread much, not a betting man.  But I can’t recall a season when we obliterated expectations pretty much every week.  Week one is the only game we didn’t beat the spread, and that game was over very quickly.  
Two teams that I recall that looked this complete at OSU.  1998 and 2006.  Would be great to have a dominant team finally finish things out, as the other two came up just short. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I have faith and confidence in Day and the staff to dial up pressure with or without Young. Partly because while Young has stood out as the best in the country, Hamilton and Cornell and others have been bringing it every week and having great seasons in his shadow.  
Continuing to pray for and hope that Cooper can get healthy and return to play.  Having him and Young back for PSU, TTUN, and the rest would be so great. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Trusting my hometown paper to have good sources.  2 game suspension sounds about fair. I still suspect the NCAA will tack on another half game so that it impacts us against a quality opponent because they have to want badly to make a show that their relevance and power isn’t slipping. 
But picture this - we play the first two quarters without him against PSU, are up something like 20-7 at the half against them, and a fresh and angry Chase comes out and owns the second half against them.  We win going away 48-14.  

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Here’s just one reason the NCAA sucks on this.  Their guidelines are a vague mess. How can “benefits” of over $1000 mean gifts of over $1000 and loans of over $1000. And that’s where we are at with this. Even if the flight was less than $700 she likely would have needed a place to stay, rent a car.  Precedent of people who were given things and not loaned them says he is done for the season and even though that doesn’t remotely apply to Young’s situation it is how the NCAA likely judges him.  This sucks. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

“Optimistic that we get him back this season” is thin and vague. Permission to return for post-season is this season, but so is permission to return Nov. 23.  To me, optimism that they get him back this season only means that the total punishment hasn’t been decided to be the remainder of the season. 
This is made all the more infuriating by the fact that, quite possibly, whatever he is being suspended for doing might be legal within the next couple years. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

If it is preferable for the team in terms of game prep and execution, I am okay with it. I remember Meyer saying a year or two ago that he prefers an early game, that with later games you just have too much time on your hands, as a team. 
I enjoyed reading VY’s comments about how crazy Ohio Stadium was for that classic night game match-up. I remember that game. The stadium appeared to be electric - in a way that it hasn’t been often enough since then.  I enjoy the night game atmosphere, but sadly I don’t think we have been providing the intimidating atmosphere we should be every week for a while now, no matter what the time of day. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

TTUN is going to give us a battle, and as one who attended during the ‘90s, seeing an undefeated OSU go into AA will always make me a little anxious.  But I do not recall a team that was as consistent as this one. I don’t recall a team that did so well with in-game adjustments and staying locked in for 4 quarters whether the starters or third team were in.  The skunkbears will throw everything at us, but I think Day will be ready for everything they have in mind for us. I don’t think he is going to be shocked or overwhelmed by a scheme or coverage. I think we may have a few series in that game where we get knocked off our game a bit, but we will adjust and suddenly shred whatever TTUN tries to do. 

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Hoping Day and the team continue to prepare and gameplan the same every week. I am confident that they will.  It will likely be tempting to Keep Fields in when we are up 49-0 on Maryland, to get a more impressive win, but I expect Day will continue to rotate in guys to keep building team depth.

Burrow grew up a Buckeye, and was 3-0 including his redshirt year against ichigan. He knows which is a bigger rivalry. 

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Young’s chances might be better if he took 60+ defensive snaps a game. Fields’ chances may be better if they threw the ball 45 times a game. Dobbins’ chances may be better if they gave him all the running back reps.  Lots of teams would do things like that, have done so in years past for Heisman candidates.  But so glad that we are instead doing none of those things but instead executing the best gameplan to score and win big, every week, every quarter, every possession.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

The perception/narrative out here in Nebraska is that Riley’s lack of leadership and discipline was so toxic that many of his guys on the roster are still sort of going through the motions and Frost needs to get “all his recruits” before he can have success.  Frost has alluded to there being some of this, that some guys are resting on their laurels and not very coachable. But to me, in year two, this narrative has to stop.  Guys not giving effort?  Bench them for guys that are.  In year two, seems like if your team’s attitude is lousy, it has to start being about the guys who are working with them now. 

Comment 02 Nov 2019

My fave rare stat is still RBSR (running back success rate) taking into account situational yardage, like 3 yards when it’s third and two.  YPC is still more important overall, but there’s something to be said for a back doing what is needed to move the chains even if not making any highlight reels. 

Comment 01 Nov 2019

And we have seen very little drop-off.  With some reserves in against Wisconsin, we continued to move the ball and stop their offense.  Same with other teams we've faced.   Previous years, reserves have allowed significant points during "garbage time."  But not so this year, even when garbage time is pretty much an entire quarter of the game. 

I also like the look of reserves getting to mix in alongside the starters.  I think it helps the confidence of guys to get reps alongside the ones. 

Comment 29 Oct 2019

It’s not just the awards circuit. It’s the interviews and questions all about Chase. Keep our heads on team, not individuals. So far, Young is not only terrorizing offenses, but he is playing within himself, handling his assignment even when the assignment is to force the play towards someone else to make a play. We keep that up and he will have something more than a Heisman.  He’ll have a natty.