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Comment 17 Aug 2017

Re-watching the Bama game from last year with the SEC Network "film room" guys is one of the most satisfying ways to re-live that game.   Seeing them go from excited and proud with the early Bama lead to shock, disbelief, and dejection as the game plays out is really a lot of fun.  

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I hope Weber does break 1,000.   If Barrett is getting a ton of carries, it means that the offense isn't clicking and or we are in a lot of tight battles, which our schedule doesn't look like that should happen much.   

I hope and believe that Dobbins will be an exceptional back for OSU, in time.  I know he's showing all these flashes of brilliance and awesomeness.  But until he does it in a game, until he shows himself to be an asset on the field not only with the ball in his hands but when the ball isn't in his hands and isn't going to be in his hands (i.e. - pass blocking, reading the defense, finding pockets and openings in the flat, downfield blocking for others), Weber is the guy.   

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I loved "Holy Buckeye."  If we were doing a tournament battle of the greatest plays ever, that would be in the final four for me.  But most of 2002 game was excruciating to watch.   That game with Kenny G was a sloppy dogfight of a game, but still not the infuriating malaise that was most of that 2002 game.   

I went with ND over PSU in part because that ND game was such a highly hyped battle that truly lived up to it as both teams really did a lot of great things.   The PSU game was a nail-biter with a great, great ending for us.   But it was also a game that we appeared to be running away with until a hobbling injury to our QB and a few turnovers allowed it to become a close game.   But mostly I voted for ND because I don't want to give PSU the satisfaction of being among our elite wins.   

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Encouraging to hear that he is more accurate.  Because throwing it up there to give the receiver a chance to make a play doesn't work if it's just thrown to the general area.  It means there are these openings where the receiver, even though well-covered, has the advantage in getting to the ball.  People call it a "jump ball" but it still calls for accuracy.  Re-watching Wisky and TTUN games from last year, there were a lot of passes over, under, and behind receivers.  Accuracy, good decision making (which means quick and correct) and trust.  If he gets back to 2014 form in those areas, I don't see us losing.  

Comment 14 Aug 2017

That 1998 team, even though they failed where the 2002 and 2014 teams succeeded, still was possibly the best team top-to-bottom we've had since Woody's Era.   Even with the twilight-zone loss to MSU, I think we'd have handled Tennessee that year.   Had their been a playoff back then, I think we'd have won it.  

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Indiana shouldn't pose much of a challenge, but it is still a conference game which adds some "juice" to things.  They are a far more impressive "tune up" opener for us than what Army would have been, or a MAC school, or Tulsa.   

Related question - does Bloomington (aka Horseshoe West) really count as a road game?   

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Loving the guy, whoever it is, referring to guys as "cats."   

I don't think Kevin Wilson will re-build our offensive engine so much as tweak it, clean out some bad connections and move a few things around to get it flowing and firing more potently.  I think there will be a handful of new looks and plays from him, but our core offensive sets and schemes that have been our bread and butter won't change much.  We'll just get back to running them like the guys could do it in their sleep, where we get set and go as opposed to last year where JT and the sideline looked indecisive most of the time.   

Comment 09 Aug 2017

The expectation has always been there.  Though growing up in the 70s and 80s the talk was always about the Rose Bowl.  The national title was something that happened for someone every year, but not something talked about much.  Beat Michigan, win the Rose Bowl.  As a kid, for me, those things may just as well have been the national championship for us.   

Now, it seems the stakes are raised, but deservedly so.   Beat Michigan?  That's crucial, but now it's a "great first step" and not the end-all and be-all.   In the 1990s, a rare win over Michigan was way more meaningful than the bowl losses, and the losses to Michigan were way more painful than whatever happened in Florida in January.   In 2006, we beat Lloyd Carr's best team (way better than his 1997 team, I think) and the build-up to that was far bigger I think than the NC game with Florida.   In 2014 and 2016, hard fought battles over TTUN were satisfying and joyous, but felt more like game 1 of the season instead of the final game.  The expectations and urgency has always been there, and THE GAME is still the biggest in all of sports, but now winning it is not the last hurdle.   

Comment 09 Aug 2017

From what I've seen of McCall, whatever we can do to get him out on the field more would be great.  As Samuel ran the H position with a versatility that had him comfortable next to Barrett in the backfield as well, it seems like McCall has a more natural "fit" than Campbell.  Gotta think it comes down to how useful he can show himself to be when he's not getting the ball thrown or handed to him.  

Comment 09 Aug 2017

While I think the NCAA is a horribly arbitrary and punitive entity in terms of how it minotors and penalizes players for things, Rosen's comments just sound childish.  It is damn hard to be a student athlete and succeed on the field and academically.  But thousands do it all the time.   They do nothing to help?  You're getting a chance to get a diploma that most folk your age go into tens of thousands in debt to acquire, for free.  You get access to tutors and study support that no one else does.  His complaints just reek of entitlement.  Just because something is difficult, don't confuse that with it being impossible or wrong.  

Comment 09 Aug 2017

I think Smith and Fuller will both do well at safety.  Smith was behind two tremendous players in Bell and Powell, and then Hooker comes along who was like a force of nature last year.  I don't think he is any less ready and able to deliver now than last summer.  I have liked what I have seen from both Smith and Fuller on defense.  

Webb in coverage, that has concerned me, but I'm hopeful that this has been addressed.  

Comment 09 Aug 2017

I get the sense that this position battle is because there are two very good safeties both playing very well and showing good things.  Defenses are such that both Smih and Fuller are going to be out there on the field plenty each week for us.  I like this competition keeping them sharp and grinding.  

I get a different feeling about the OL position battle where there are upwards of a half dozen guys in the mix according to Meyer.  That one concerns me.  In the secondary, not having a guy that is head and shoulders better and firmly set as starter is not as big a deal as on the OLwhere chemistry and consistency is so, so important.  

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Apologies, Navy, that I wasn't clear.  I got where he was going, didn't take it to mean Clemson was looking to have 3 B1G teams.  Hoping Dabo gets humbled this year.  Looking at PSU this year, they could end the season with only one loss, at an undefeated Ohio State.  Unfortunately, their non-conference is hot garbage.  Otherwise, this season could yield a very strong case for 2 B1G teams in the playoff.  

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Yeah, I agree.  We were not going in with a lot of momentum or consistency.  We had looked good but not great against quality opponents and sometimes mediocre against average opponents.  I went in feeling a bit like when we entered the NC against LSU, glad we had the opportunity but not optimistic.  But I sure didn't see 31-0 happening.  

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Literally re-watching The Game from last year.  So many off-target passes, plays where JT had nowhere to go with it, predictable QB keeps and short, inside carries by Weber, so many plays took forever to develop.  I don't think we looked like a team whose defense was likely to give up 31, but against very good teams our offense looked all kinds of out of sync.  

That said, for Swinney to say this now, especially the whiny garbage that it was a goal to get three B1G teams into the final four, he just sounds like a child.  He has earned the right to crow a bit about humbling OSU, but I look forward to seeing Clemson not even win their division this year.  

Comment 05 Aug 2017

Good to know we have a very talented and capable scout team QB.  No offense to this young man, he should get his opportunities in the future if he is as good as they say.  But if he is seeing the field this year, it means something very bad has happened elsewhere in he QB depth chart.  

Comment 04 Aug 2017

Please let the rushing be under 900.   When Barrett gets a lot of carries, it's almost always because he absolutely has to.  Urban Meyer has done everything short of carving it into the stadium to say that he doesn't like JT getting 20 carries in a game, and that when it happens, it's because other things are not clicking which has led to a close game which means Meyer resorts to putting the ball in the hands of the one he trusts the most.   

Also, would love to see the passing get to 3000.  Not sure how he gets a chance as a QB at the next level unless he can elevate his completion pct. and yards per game passing.   I think over 3000 passing and under 900 running for 12 games is a formula for making the semifinal.   Over 900 and under 3000 means we haven't solved our offensive issues and likely come up short.