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Comment 19 Mar 2019

Color me unimpressed with ichigan's new hire so far.  I mean, his big accomplishment is appears to be having come from Bama, which until they discovered what rare talent they had in Tua was not known for high-octane offense.  I prefer offensive minds like Herman and Yurkich who did big things with a less talented roster of players to bringing in a guy who did big things where he was given a veritable NFL roster to work with and saying, "here, now do it with a less-talented group."  But to each their own, I guess. 

Hoping for Haskins to go somewhere other than the Giants primarily because it will feel very awkward cheering for him. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

We put up 62 on what was arguably their best defense in decades.  An unforced error on a kickoff was the only thing that kept the game from being far worse than it was.  The last two times we had question marks with our QB were 2014 (with Miller's injury) and last year (with Haskins as a first year starter) and both seasons the new guy made history, so generically looking at OSU's situation and seeing it as a problem or weakness is foolish.  Similarly, looking at TTUN returning most of an offense that was far from explosive last year as a strength is also a bit foolish.  Higdon was their best player on offense, and he's gone. 

That said, I love that we're underdogs.  Go ahead and doubt us.  That's great. 

Comment 17 Mar 2019

There is no one that is a certain all-american across the offensive and defensive lines, but the depth of “not great but very good” talent we have in both of those units has me excited. Last year the defensive line was Bosa and Jones and then everyone else. This year, everyone on the two-deep has it in them to dominate.the LOS. 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Here’s the thing.  We sort of have a “free agency” period called recruiting.  A lot of th se guys went to places like VT and Tenn in part because we saw better talent at their positions, or at the very least guys that were a better fit for what we are doing. 

Rondale Moore is an exceptional talent, but part of his explosive numbers are to do with necessity, being on a roster where no one else approaches his skill set.  Assuming he brings that to any other school is a fantasy.  But then again, so is drooling over other teams’ players, so whatever. 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

For me, it’s head vs. heart.  My heart sees something truly special and exceptional about the effort and passion of guys getting to lead the team that they grew up idolizing in Dayton or Centerville or Lorain or Sandusky.  With the title teams, I felt a special sense of appreciation and joy for guys like Dustin Fox and Kenny Peterson and Darron Lee and Tyvis Powell.  

That said, my head recognizes that as OSU has been a national powerhouse for years, that sort of love isn’t restricted to state borders.  And the last two decades aren’t the same without Gamble and Holmes and Laurinaitis and Zeke and a ton of other guys from out of state.  With the transfer portal, I do worry about more “Martell” type situations where guys from a thousand or so miles away alight for home or some other attractive place at the first sign of trouble.  I truly think we won’t see much top Ohio kids turning to the portal when things don’t go their way.  But we still must be finding and recruiting the best players from everywhere, every year.  

Comment 13 Mar 2019

I am optimistic about OBJ, provided he doesn’t become a distraction.  Cleveland is not a prima Donna loving city.  They tolerated some drama from LBJ, but Lebron is a local boy.  His antics and tantrums and big personality suited NYC well.  To me, verdict is still out on how it plays in Cleveland.  On the field, he gives us so much talent and makes our offense way more explosive. 

Comment 12 Mar 2019

I like the sound of Meyer at FOX more so than at ESPN.  I think we all knew that he wasn’t going to merely take a “ride off into the sunset” sort of position at OSU and that would be all.  I really hope he finds fulfillment with this, because while I would wish him success if he did return to coaching it would not make me happy but deeply concerned.  Wherever he coaches, it is with an intensity that exacerbates a painful condition for him. I hope he finds a way to live with purpose without putting himself or his family through that again.  

I really, really like McLaurin. He doesn’t have the explosiveness of Campbell, but he has better hands, runs better routes, takes care of his business better without the ball.  What’s more, if both start out buried on the depth chart in their rookie year, we all know which one is likely to turn heads on special teams. 

Comment 08 Mar 2019

MSU-TTUN has been more competitive recently than OSU-TTUN football.  No doubt about that.  But if Kyle Koster thinks that makes a rivalry better, I'd invite his silly ass to be in Columbus in late November.  Come and spend some time in one of the Midwest's and nation's largest cities consumed with conversation and preparation for The Game.  I'd invite him to talk to people and not only hear the war stories of years' past about the game during the Woody/Bo days or the Cooper years, but hear what is at stake.  Ask people what they are doing for the game, and what they have been doing for the last 5 games.  Because they know where they were, who they were with, maybe even what they were eating and what OSU gear they wore.  Because it's that important.   Because it still means that much.  I'd invite his silly ass to talk to the OSU community about the anticipation the night before, the adrenaline on the day of.  I'd invite him to hear the stories of mini-shrines to OSU erected in people's homes just for this game.   Then I'd send his silly ass to AA or East Lansing to ask them about the last few years of MSU-TTUN basketball.  Do people remember where they were for the game?  Did they even watch the game?   How much work productivity was lost the next work day by people recounting the highlights?   Then he can look at the garbage that he wrote, and apologize.  "Oooo, look at me, everyone!  I've got a HOT TAKE about rivalries.  My writing hasn't gotten it done for me so I'm going to write outrageous things and see if that works out for me."  

Comment 08 Mar 2019

He isn’t a dual threat guy.  That’s all his speed means.  Still plenty fast to take off for 10 yards if warranted. Still fast enough to run toward the sideline and buy time before throwing the ball away or completing downfield.  How fast is Brees? How fast is Luck?  How fast is Darnold? Kirk Cousins? Flacco?  

Not wanting to get political here, but I don’t recall white QBs having their speed scrutinized as much. Maybe I’m wrong.  I often am. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Mike Weber is going to make somebody very happy.  Dobbins is very talented and is also on his way to great things, but Weber lost his job due to injury and even at less than 100% continued to deliver for us as a runner, receiver, and blocker.   He has always looked the part of a physical back to me but has numerous TDs where he just pulled away from the defense. He isn’t the most flashy or explosive guy, but he is useful on every down, I think.  That’s how you have a healthy career in the League. 

Murray is the bright shiny new thing, with his later announcement.  Hence, he is getting a lot of buzz and interest.  It is incredibly rare for an organization to call dibs definitively on someone so far out unless they are bluffing. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I am less concerned that Haskins goes first and more concerned that he goes to the right team, to a team where he is able to develop and thrive.  I’d rather he go in the second round to a team equipped for him to succeed than go in the first round to a team that is looking for a messiah instead of a QB, and that isn’t able to surround him with players to help, to make plays, to block for him.  My doubts about Haskins go back to the mid-section of our season, games 4-9 or so, where he looked thoroughly uncomfortable and awkward when forced out of the pocket.  But from MSU onward, he handled pressure like a rock star, looked comfortable moving around, scrambling even. 

Fields is forecast for a better year than Fromm.  Suck it, Georgia.  

Comment 27 Feb 2019

2018 was more enjoyable to watch than 2015, in spite of the defense last year and the offense in 2015 colossally underachieving.  But the big plays, the number of third and long situations where our defense failed to get stops, was maddening. 

I want to say that the defense is all to blame for what we missed out on.  Clearly, week after week, they underperformed, surrendering way more yards and points than expected most weeks.  But against Purdue, until the final quarter, the defense had limited Purdue to a point total that had us within striking distance.  That night, our offense had 6 points through 3 quarters, which was also a part of the problem.  

Biggest truth- it really can’t get worse. 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

With or without All-Americans, I like our line-up at DL this year, even more than last year’s.  In 2018, we had Bosa and Young with a huge drop off after that for defensive ends. And when Bosa went down, we were not the same team.  I will take a unit li,e this one that rolls with talent three deep over a unit with elite talent in the starting four and back-ups way down the food chain.  It’s the sort of consistent, high performing depth that will allow us to stay fresh for 15 games. 

Comment 23 Feb 2019

Saunders has done an exceptional job in emerging from walk-on to scholarship.  Regardless of his Spring, Saunders will have an important role in the second tier of a very good receiving unit.  He won’t be in the top 3, but will verylikely be in the top 6.  He will continue to be used in packages and continue to be the valuable “possession receiver” that he has been

McCall IS a playmaker.  We have seen it.  The fact that he has done it sparingly and usually in games that were already out of hand is not important. He has shown infinitely more than those whose sole highlights are in high school and at the college level are purely potential stars.  He will get looks in jet sweeps, wheel routes out of backfield, occasionally more conventional run plays.  To me, while KJ is the starter at H-back, McCall is better equipped for some of the plays that Parris Campbell did so well with.  

Petit-Frere and others are very talented and will be great, but Alabi and Bowen are still light years ahead of them.  

Hausmann really has a lot of depth ahead of him to fight through.  

Cornell will get chances.  We will continue to rotate.  For years, being the “starter” on DL is a little overrated with the way we rotate in others.  We have the depth and talent again for our defensive ends to get breaks to be fresh and disruptive all day long.  Cornell will be a part of that.  

Comment 20 Feb 2019

I want to see him do well wherever he's placed, but I think McCall is way more dangerous and effective in the slot than in the backfield.  I think Dobbins and Teague are way better suited to the tailback position and Demario is just a perfect H-back guy.  explosive edge speed, good hands, and just a nightmare for defenses when he gets the ball in space.  I think we exploit those best if McCall is Hill's back-up. 

Comment 18 Feb 2019

I am okay with a 3:30 start for the sake of my West Coast friends, but could do without it being a night game. Mostly for the sake of how Meyer and his staff disliked how it disrupted their preparations.  And if you think noon starts have marred the greatness of it, then I don’t think you understand it enough to be writing about it 

Comment 18 Feb 2019

I think there are reasons to say Haskins is being overvalued.  Only one full season as a starter, questions about his mobility, for example.  And when some have put him in the top 2 or 3 to be taken, it’s possible that is expecting too much.  But the kid is clearly the best QB in the group, clearly worth a first round pick, clearly worth a team investing in as their near future starter.  But to state obvious truths isn’t as profitable as stating poorly supported but edgy “takes.”