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Comment 22 Sep 2019

Nebraska has an aggressive and much improved but still inconsistent defense.  Most of Illini points came on short field. 

Nebraska offense still lacking consistent production in pass game beyond Spielman and tight end. They have two good, physical running backs in Washington and Mills and last night started using Robinson, a Rondale Moore type guy, in some I-back stuff. 

I expect we will ultimately win by a couple scores, but NEB is equipped to give us a good challenge. 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Lawrence is in his second year as a starter.  That's worth a lot.  But Fields is definitely showing great skill, making good decisions with the ball.  Excited to see what he does against Michigan State.  If he can poke holes in that defense, we may be on our way to the playoff.  

Objectively, if OSU and Clemson both continue to play at the level we've seen so far and go undefeated, It seems like OSU should be the higher seed.  If Bama, OU, and ND all win out (which is possible), along with Clemson and OSU, Clemson is clearly going to be the team with the weakest resume, by a lot.   Yet, they are pretty much already penciled into the playoffs, which sucks.   Tired of their presumed greatness in spite of playing in a conference that may be the weakest of the power 5.  Also tired of Dabo.  

Comment 13 Sep 2019

What is presently happening with the thousands of unsold student seats? Are they sold at regular cost or reduced cost to general public? Are they just vacant?  I am a big advocate of “students first” when it comes to tickets for OSU games, but mostly because I would expect students to be more passionate, more engaged as fans.  But if they don’t value the experience, the privilege, of seeing our Buckeyes and supporting the scarlet and gray in person then get those tickets to someone who will value it. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I don’t much care if thousands want to leave a blowout victory early especially if it’s 88 degrees and humid or rainy. I can relate to that impulse.  As a student I always stayed because I’m a football geek and wanted to see what the reserves would do, and I grew up loving OSU football and valued every chance I had to affordably be in that stadium atmosphere, and that was in the early 1990s. But I get people deciding to head home early. 

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I think there is a fair amount of “recency bias” in the top 150.  But that’s understandable, especially when so many championship teams were pre-TV.  I love the 2002 and 2014 teams differently but equally, like the way people love their children. But I think the 2002 team was a very good team that found ways to win and played great on the biggest stage.  The 2014 team, even with the early loss, was a great, elite team that had not one but several weeks where they were the best team in the nation.  No way I’d put 2002 ahead of 2014. 

Also, i think there are squads that while not winning titles, mythical or otherwise, belong in the list.  1998 OSU and 2006 OSU were the two best rosters that they had in my lifetime. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

I would have LSU #3. Oklahoma and Georgia haven’t done anything near as impressive this year. Tigers went into a tough road environment against a very good team and just kept throwing offensive haymakers until the final whistle. 

Comment 06 Sep 2019

I completely understand that we want to protect Fields from too many hits, but averaging one QB run per quarter, not counting sacks and scrambles, I fear doesn’t mitigate the defense stacking up and keying in to stop the RB, the problem we had last year.  I know we want Fields healthy, but we need to use him more in the zone read game, I think, to help Dobbins and the line get some rhythm and confidence.  

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Both the line and the backs need to get better.  Dobbins carrying for a lower YPC against a very much inferior foe than he did overall last year which was not a great year for our run game, it's not a good sign.  If Day really does want more yards out of the run game, maybe the RB room should watch film of Teague.  Always falling forward, runs with a lot of anger.  Dobbins ran hard and had some good moments, but getting over 20 touches and not breaking 100 yards is a bit disappointing.  I mean, yeah, they rested him late in the game or he'd have hit the century mark.  But it seems like 21 carries should have already gotten him there. 

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Defensive front was fierce, impressive. Cornell and Young and Hamilton were all over the place, and the LBs looked solid. 

Fields showed plenty of the athleticism and touch that I was hoping to see, but also did a a few little things poorly.  Gave up yards on scrambles where he should have thrown it away, missed seeing a few open receivers.  Lots of teachable moments. 

Comment 02 Sep 2019

UCLA might be near bottom of PAC 12, but gotta think they still have some talent. Cincy held them to a little over 200 yards. Defensively should be a much stouter test. We will need to be tougher and more disciplined up front. Fields will need to make good decisions with the ball, and whether Day wants to or not we need to put in more read options.  FAU spent most of the afternoon locked in on Dobbins and we still did little to switch it up with QB keeps.  Also, no H-back sweeps. Gotta hope it was only because we didn’t need any more points. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Been that way for years. Smart got them a little further than Richt did but it feels like for over a decade I’ve seen all sorts of pre-season attention given to Georgia that they never live up to (though last season they came close). 

I think part of it is still an SEC bias. That a very good SEC school is better than an elite school in other conferences. Recruiting classes, yeah, they get some great recruits. So do USC and Oregon but it doesn’t get them the same sort of love after under-achieving year after year. 

Comment 07 Aug 2019

Potentially loaded as we are, we really need a healthy Austin Mack. Apart from an awful showing against TCU he has been the most consistent guy on roster in terms of catching what comes his way. 

And Teague is important, as well. Dobbins will be the featured back, but having a strong, physical backup is very important. 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

I think the offense knows who to expect under center, and that’s enough.  As Day wasn’t born yesterday, I trust his decision.  If he weren’t a long time QB coach, I might have less confidence, but he knows the QB room and psyche.  

I think it’s a little to do with Fields and Hoak both being new to program. We need to have a starter and backup that are both very comfortable and familiar with the “1”s and that best happens with both getting significant time with them right now.  I think of Baldwin or Martell who had both already been around the program a while were the likely backup, Fields would be named starter.  It’s about getting Hoak the opportunity he needs to be ready when called on.