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Comment 15 Jan 2020

I just get so sick and tired of this shit. Either pay the kids or have some f'ing consistency in enforcement. You have Johnny Football caught on video signing items a few years ago. Nothing happened. Miami paying for hookers abortions. Nothing happened. North Carolina is caught having fake classes for players. Nothing happens. Here you have video evidence of someone physically handing cash to players. Nothing will happen. 

God forbid Chase Young gets a loan (which was already paid back by the time of discovery) to send his girlfriend to the Rose Bowl. 2 game suspension.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

Thanks, Kiddbuck. I guess he is on a book tour. Same guy, same book, just a different venue where he gave an interview. When I used the search feature to see if anyone had posted a forum topic on this, you misspelled his name i.e. "Clarrett" so when I searched for "Clarett" it didn't pick it up. I don't bring that up to give you a hard time, only to tell you that I couldn't remember how to spell his last name either! I originally put it in the same way you spelled it, but then went online to double check and realized I had an extra "r" in there. Oh well. Go Bucks! Beat the off season!

Comment 10 Jan 2020
My mistake. I searched both articles and forums for Clarett and WOSU and nothing came up. Plus at the time when I posted it, the story had only been posted on WOSU earlier in the day. Oh well, powers that be can nuke it if necessary.
Comment 04 Jan 2020

I was at OSU from '98-'02, so it was towards the end of the previous Ohio Union. I never spent an inordinate amount of time there. Usually would go there on occasion for fast food. OSU had recently signed their deal with Coke so the Taco Bell (lifetime contract with Pepsi, the former owner) had to become "Taco Maker".

I needed money and worked at a Taco Bell in high school so I picked up an application, filled it out at home and returned with it the next day. As I walked towards the front counter to hand it in, I saw a squat, middle to upper, middle-aged Asian guy that I could only assume was the manager or owner, berating a student-worker. I stood there a moment watching, trying to figure out if the worker was an idiot or if the boss was a jerk, or a little of both. Regardless, there are better ways to be a boss and I didn't want to have to report to someone like that, so I crumpled up the application, threw it in the trash, and headed to the real estate office at the recently completed Fisher College of Business. There, on a bulletin board, I found a job listing to what eventually became my first job during college and my first job after college. Twenty years later and I am still in this career that pays for myself and my family. Thanks, in part, to the Ohio Student Union and the cranky manager/owner at the Taco Maker!

Comment 31 Dec 2019

Buckeye Hill, you need to give people the opportunity to grieve/be pissed/deal with this how they choose. It's great that you've moved on, but some need more time, and 2-3 days later is not that long. If they are still bitching in 2-3 years like your JT example, then you have a point, but for now, let people get over their pain by commiserating with those who feel the same. That is one of the points of message boards.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Acceptance. I have too much to do to wallow in self-pity for very long. I was pissed last night and pissed when I woke up. Never in my life have a blamed the refs for losing a game, but this is a first for me. I will go to my grave believing that the called back fumble/touchdown was a royal screw job, but the game is over and there's noting to do about it. You have two choices: 1) Get over it. or 2) Mimic a Hurricanes fan who still bitch about a pass interference call from nearly 20 years ago.  I choose the first.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I feel you, but I look at it like this: its not for us (fans of B1G programs). Its for the rest of the college football world. Perceived strength = strength. If those outside the B1G see it as a strong conference, it only helps our SOS next year, which helps with our ranking and our ability to compete for national titles.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I should have known he was a douche with all the Mensa stuff. With apologies to any 11W brethren who are in Mensa, I have personally never met anyone who told me that they were in Mensa who wasn't overcompensating for something, but I overlooked it because, shoot, I don't know the guy and he was one of our coaches.

My opinion on him changed the moment he put on a Houston Cougars hat while the confetti was still falling after the national championship game. Dickhead couldn't even be bothered to put on a national championship hat.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

It shows that he's got his coaches' backs and wants what's best for them, he's not just using them for wins. And that's probably going to help him attract talent in the long run.

Let me push back a little on this take. You make it sound like Urban was only using his coaches for wins, whereas I don't think asking your assistant coaches for two years is unreasonable. Give Day a few more seasons of "one and done" assistants and we'll see if his philosophy remains the same.