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Comment 21 Nov 2019

Here is a link. Here is another. Again, nothing to do with Burrow. Other than the fact that the booster's actions are repugnant, I just hate that it happened in the SEC and like most corruption there, nothing will happen to the football team. I mean, its not as serious as taking and repaying a loan so that your girlfriend can watch you play in the Rose Bowl, but there still should be some punishment for stealing from a children's hospital so a player will play at LSU.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

I know it has nothing to do with Burrow, but once the news came out about an LSU booster stealing over $500,000 from a hospital to give to LSU players' families, I have no love for LSU. Especially since they have faced no punishment for it.

Comment 02 Nov 2019
Great article. I was a member for a year, I thought it was ok. I have to admit though I grew tired of it after missing a couple of big plays one game because they kept yelling at us to grab cards and put them up. I am glad that it exists and think some of the things they do are cool, but I like it more as an observer.
Comment 29 Oct 2019

My buddy pointed this out to me last week. He never liked Urban though. I never had a problem with Urban, but last years team was the least amount of fun I ever had rooting for a 1-loss team. It was a season that started with the Mr. & Mrs. Smith disaster and ended with a team that could never quite live up to its potential. I don't blame that on Urban and would still love to have him as coach, but this team has brought back the fun. It reminds me of the 2014 team in that regard.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

I thought the would be 12, so about what I was expecting. I hope to beat them and survive the B1G East and then have Minnesota roll through the west with only a loss from Penn State.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

What I will never understand:

Shit = curse word

Poop, crap, dung, feces, excrement, etc. = not curse word

Ass = curse word

Butt, buttocks, rear end, heinie, derriere, etc. = not curse word