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Comment 31 Aug 2019
I don't know the specifics, but there were many chances that in the zone read he would hand it off to Dobbins when the defense clearly was selling out on Dobbins. I counted three times Fields could have had long TD runs if he just held on to the ball. Don't know if Day was holding him back from running but if not Fields needs a lot of coaching on when keep the ball. It is clear that until he gets more comfortable in the pass game under Day, this offense will live and die through Fields being a playmaker.
Comment 13 Aug 2019
Dude, get off your high horse. Look, we don't need you to police the boards. We have Mods and Admin for that. As far as what he posted, it is very funny. The guy transfers from here because he didn't want to play behind someone, gets immediate eligibility, and still has to play behind someone, putting him back at square one. It is funny how life goes sometimes.
Comment 01 Aug 2019
Not really. Yeah, non conference isn't strong but that is because of scheduling issues. Otherwise that would have at least on strong nonconference game. Cincy is supposed to be decent this year. But in conference play is where it is tricky. We play in the arguably the toughest division in college football and we play out of the west arguably the 3 best teams out of the west. Not a joke like Bama or Georgia.
Comment 27 Jul 2019
B1964 I agree with you to an extent but you have to understand having Fields run it a few times a game is imperative to the offense being efficient. Fields lacks experience. Especially in learning Day's offense. Zone reads can help extend drives. I think we will see the zone read a lot early in the season but decrease a bit as the season wears on.
Comment 13 Jul 2019
A lot of people seem to forget, he split reps with Fromm. So I don't think the Spring game was any indication that he will struggle. As he gets the lion share of the reps I believe we will see the true player he really is.
Comment 13 Jul 2019
Maybe but Fields is also a very good thrower. Day's offense will be centered more on throwing to receivers and letting our RBs tore the load. If the play breaks down Fields can be lethal. Be Fields strikes me as a QB wanting to be more like Haskins than JT.
Comment 13 Jul 2019
Playing time should not be considered "run off". A player can enter for playing time but they should not receive a waiver. I agree with TTUN being able to use Patterson because his situation was out of his control. Fields is an iffy situation but it does fall into waiver status. Martell's should not have been granted because it is purely PT issues no matter how much he wanted to spin it. But whatever, we move on. Just my opinion though. Go Bucks!!!!
Comment 13 Jul 2019
Hey I live in Kentucky and have seen a lot of Hoak. This kid may shock people. At Kentucky the structure wasn't there offensively. They had to go with a scrambling QB because the O line was not very good. Hoak when given time in the pocket is a very good QB. He doesn't have the greatest zip to his passes but he is very accurate. He will be solid in a backup role if he can pick up the playbook.