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Comment 22 Nov 2020

Safety is the obvious problem and then you can make adjustments to the comers based off that. But...this is a bit of a radical move but really makes sense is to move Shaun Wade to safety. Here me out, while it does take away our best corner it allows Wade to use his instincts and his intelligence to lockdown the big plays by not letting anyone get deep. This also allows for Proctor to play a slot role/Hybrid safety. Sevyn Banks looked ok and this would also allow Kerry Combs to experiment with some of the younger corners and get them experience that they need.

Comment 17 Nov 2020

I have presented this idea before that there should be tier system in place. Start with four tiers with 1 being the highest. This would include teams like OSU, Alabama, Clemson, etc. The idea being 16 teams to a tier they play 9 games in their tier but get to schedule three games to whatever their choosing. At the end on the regular season the top two teams play for their spot in the CFP. The committee will choose the seeding but this takes the decision of who gets in out of bias opinions and basing it on the results on the field. Every two years the teams with most wins in the tiers 2-4 get moved up for the teams with the most losses in the tiers above them.

Comment 15 Nov 2020

Yeah, as long as he stays. Been hearing lots of rumors about the NYJ being interested in getting Ryan Day to be their head coach and getting Justin Fields with the 1st overall pick. But I will enjoy it as long as it last.

Comment 13 Nov 2020

Are you sure about that? IU definitely has more to gain by dodging us. You see money talks and BS walks. IU is going to get their share of television revenue regardless so missing this game has no affect on them. But missing the game against OSU could result in a big paycheck for IU. If they were to dodge us and end up in the B1G title game they would almost be ensured either a berth into the CFP or the New Years six bowls. This results in a bigger paycheck for them. So no conspiracy here just plain facts.

Comment 11 Nov 2020

You are wrong. It is very possible that something like this could happen and it could not only cost us a record 4th straight outright B1G title but also a shot at a Natty. We need clarification on this because if OSU gets screwed out of not only a B1G title but a Natty, this might be a very good reason for OSU to leave the B1G 

Comment 08 Nov 2020

I disagree to an extent. Crowley when healthy would be starting right now to me. He was very good last year in a limited role. With his strength and conditioning and knowledge of the play book from being in the program he likely will be a starter. But don’t get me wrong Henderson will definitely see PT.

Comment 08 Nov 2020

Seeing that Rutgers team last night really seems to indicate that Schiano is going to turn that program around and their days of being a doormat for us and other B1G teams might be coming to an end. Still a ways to go to get to our level but the culture is there.

Comment 31 Oct 2020

It’s not just Mertz though, his backup is also out. The head coach is out. Wisconsin is in big trouble. 

Comment 26 Oct 2020

First off, Ryan Day should not be apologizing. Look we only have 9 games at max to make a statement for the CFP committee. Every game is crucial to making our case for it. Also, we had backups in. They need the experience. Nebraska would have done the same to us given the chance.

Now as far as the Targeting calls go, Williams should have been thrown out twice. The hit on Olave was clearly intentional and it was forcible the the head or neck region. We got done that way in the Clemson game. Do I think they need to change the rule? Absolutely. However the NCAA has no appetite to change it so the best we can hope for is even application of the rule. Joel Klatt must have lost his mind. The idea of the targeting calls is to get players away from throwing the shoulder and using the helmet as tackling weapons. Players need to learn how to tackle with their body(torso) and keep their head up. 

Comment 25 Oct 2020

I did see a bit of an adjustment when it came to stopping the running QB. We abandoned the single high safety look and added Procter as a second safety and that seemed to help. Key thing to remember is with running QBs is to shrink the field and establish contain. By doing this it limits the ability for a QB to get around the corner and requires them to run at the teeth of the defense and keeps everything in front of them. This in turn will shrink the field making play calling much more easier. Haskell Garrett really was a much needed force today on the pass rush. I would expect to see more of the two safety look against QBs that can run.