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Comment 13 Jan 2020
Not watching because I will not give this playoff any legitimacy. We got screwed and the playoff is a joke. You want to know how to fight back against the corruption of the playoff? This is how, don't watch it.
Comment 30 Dec 2019
Fear the Nut It actually did have a real affect to the game. Play calling would have changed as a result. Instead of Fields throwing an interception the next drive. The defense would be back out there with a big swoon of momentum and a two point lead. And the offense would have been able to be more aggressive in play calling. Day was miles ahead of Vennables, especially when we had the lead. It took questionable calls at key moments to keep Clemson in that game. Truth
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Correct. If Wade had kept his head up, it would have been no call. It was targeting. It sucks but that was the correct call. What pisses me off was how we attacked them on offense after that. We went conservative. You have to keep attacking. We also need to contain Lawrence better.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
LSU has some holes defensively. LSU has looked good against a team that has zero defense. Let's pump the brakes
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Not my team but this move is gutless. Fleck is building there in Minny and this dude leaves for an a**hat in Franklin? It's ok Minny fans, we will take care of this. We love beating PSU on the way to another B1G East Championship.
Comment 20 Dec 2019
I live in the heart of Kentucky land. The people feel here that we are going to smoke them. The UK fans also believe this is a team that is going to struggle all year due to their inconsistent shooting and lack of defense.
Comment 17 Dec 2019
Problem for Clemson is that they cannot replicate Young in the preparation for this game. Quick passes only work if the defense gives up inside leverage. Reading Young is only a temporary plan. Virtually impossible to do it all game. Etienne is a great back but I question his ability to break tackles against a defense the has been pretty good at not missing tackles this year.
Comment 16 Dec 2019
I am not sold on Clemson's offensive line. They have not faced a player as dominant as Chase Young and cannot replicate it in practice either. The ability for OSU to cycle lineman on defense is going to be interesting. Cornell, Hamilton, Landers, and Togiai will not be easy to stop especially if Clemson tries running their 4 receiver sets.
Comment 15 Dec 2019
Normally I don't feed the trolls but this time I will make an exception. Clemson fans don't understand how Chase Young affects a gameplan. He has been timed if being blocked by one tackle to get to the QB in 2 seconds from the ball being snapped. Dabo is not stupid enough to allow that so he will look to double team him. But in order to do that, Dabo will either have Etienne help block, slide help from a guard or use a TE. This does limit the amount of formations and playmakers Clemson can get on the field. Offensively, OSU has the best rushing offense in the country. Our O-line is elite in run blocking.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
I don't know. Harris may get his chance now. With Victor now gone OSU is going to need a go up and get it option in the endzone. Putting too much on the incoming freshman would be a huge mistake. Harris has been around the program for a while and should have a leg up on these guys.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Give it some time guys. Only down 7 and Wisconsin seems to be emptying the playbook out there. Let's see the adjustments first.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
I can see Day using his TEs early as a way to get the ball out of Fields hands early and often. That should spread the LBs for Wisky and open up running lanes for Dobbins. Then when that happens I can see the deep ball becoming a huge problem for Wisky.