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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1997 Rose Bowl.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Miami Heat
  • MLB TEAM: Colorado Rockies
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 10 Nov 2019
In my opinion, Luke Fickell would be the only correct hire. Fickell has recruiting connections in Ohio and has the perfect disdain for TTUN. I could see Fickell bringing in an up and coming OC the revitalize the offense. Only way MSU could remain relevant in my opinion.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
We will get a good idea of how the process is going to go based on Tuesday. If OSU is ranked 3 then this process is fraudulent. Everyone believes the consensus top 2 are LSU and OSU. OSU should be 1. May sound bias but while LSU is given credit for better wins that may not factor that much this early in the process. Texas and Auburn are turning into mediocre wins. OSU boasts wins in dominating fashion over over 2 top 25 teams. LSU never really dominated in any of their key wins. OSU also has the toughest road ahead and could put significant distance between them and the next best team.
Comment 25 Sep 2019
AT&T is refusing to pay ridiculously high price for a channel free over the airwaves. Nexstar is the dispute you are referring to. Remember, before attacking AT&T, they are negotiating for cheaper rates. Also remember, most of the rate increases for customers is basically because companies like Nexstar, Disney, Sinclair, Viacom, ect... want huge increases in payment from AT&T to carry their channels.
Comment 24 Sep 2019
AT&T has reached an agreement with Disney. ABC, and ESPN are not going to be blacked out. No need to worry.
Comment 24 Sep 2019
Here's the issue with that. It isn't sustainable all game for teams to run unless they have the depth to do it. A lot of short yardage plays. The down side to that was once they got to the redzone those plays were not as available and field shrinks. This team is not going to be a shutdown defense to most of the B1G teams. It will be more of a bend but don't break. Meaning a lot of field goals and teams going for it on 4th down. OSU offense is engineered to produce TDs.