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Comment 13 Jun 2020

I know the anti-mask people will love to lay blame on all the protestors but if you look closely many of them had masks on.  If you look at photos from states where people just don't wear masks, that is where many of these new outbreaks are coming from.  If everyone just would wear a mask we could be in a much better place.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

If either of these people cared about their children they would stop talking about each other.  They are both using this site and their respective blogs to bash each other and go for a "win".  Zach's podcast can be a success without talking about her at all, he needs to do that.  It is clear that both of these people are posting on this site or having friends post on their behalf.  Just click on the user names, its obvious.  We need to stop supporting this insanity.  Let the courts figure this all out.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

The sad thing about this is the players and his kids are both innocent.  While he seeks vengeance and may be justified, tearing down OSU or those associated with it or tearing down others only ultimately hurts the innocent people.  Some terrible things happened and the situation was ultimately a personal issue, his anger needs to be directed in one place his marriage.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

Interesting, she is now saying Michelle Herman told Shelly.  Does not matter but that is different. They all need to go away, it is just hurting the kids who don't deserve it.

Comment 24 Oct 2018

Just stop it!  Its getting to a point of bullying.  We were at Purdue and yes horrible game but what was worse was the just horrible things everyone around us was saying about Urban.  If he is going to leave we will know about it, the only thing this speculation is doing is helping out other teams in recruiting (I see you Tom Herman).  Lets support our coach and our team.