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Comment 08 Jan 2014

Thanks Guapo, you left it on the field. 

It will be interesting to see how the running back position shapes out next year. You have the last of Tresses guys who are in the Guapo mode and then you have Dontre Wilson who might be the 'Percy'?  Where does Ezekiel Elliott fit into the 2014 mix.

Ramzy, this is a great article (as always), you really show even though you don't say it outright, how far away Braxton is from being a Sunday quarterback. I'm glad that we have him for 1 more year, I think he improved significantly from 2012-2013 and obviously that needs to happen again if we're going to get past Michigan State and compete in the playoff.


I think our coaches are really smart guys and I think they are smart enough to see the things you're bringing out. I also think they will learn and improve. We were a few plays away from a B1G title and the national title game. So it isn't like were comparing sugar to fesces. It is more like we're trying to get from really good steak to filet mignon. 


Comment 07 May 2013

The SEC is really interesting as far as academic institutions go. Vanderbilt is one of the best academic universities in the nation. The rest are kind of meh.

The Big 10 is a group of universities that happen to have football teams. The SEC is a group of football teams that as a second thought have universities attached to them.

If I had a dollar for every book in the library of an SEC university I couldn't buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's. The only good thing is that most of them aren't colored in yet.

Unfortunately the only answer is to beat them. Somebody has always had to stand up to bullies. Somebody will have to beat these jokers on the field. Hopefully it is UFM and the TOSU Buckeyes.

Great Article Ramzy


Comment 06 May 2013

I agree. Glue guy. He fits well with Matta's system where playing great defense has to happen all of the time.  I think you're over selling Q  and Sam. Late first round for both of them. I hope I'm wrong because I always want our guys to be #1. I would rate their stock a little lower.

Comment 01 May 2013

Bosa will definitely be in the Cam Heyward, John Simon mold. I think this kid will be a player among players. He will be a good one.

Comment 08 Apr 2013

God Speed DT. I know you will do great things in the Association.

Comment 05 Apr 2013

If Hardaway and Burke go in the same year, I wonder if Beilein will move on? A big part of coaching is striking while the opportunity is there. Beileins stock will be pretty high after this year no matter what happens over the weekend.

Comment 22 Mar 2013

I can't believe New Mexico went down to HAH VARD. I thought we were a sweet 16 team going in but the way the draw has worked out we could get to the final four if we just play. Survive and advance, Go Bucks.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Thad Matta has been an elite coach as a recruiter and an in game strategist for a long time. Where has the man ever 'underachieved'. The next Krzyzewski or Knight or Dean Smith is rising through the ranks right now. Maybe it is the guy at Gonzaga or the guy at Butler that are the next legendary coaches.

Matta has been great for a long time. If the Buckeyes were to win the National Championship that would just prove to America what the citizens of the Buckeye nation already know.

Comment 14 Mar 2013

I can make myself cheer for the other conference schools, even Indiana with the ridiculous clown pant warm ups. I will not, can not, should not would not cheer for scum. If Michigan plays Al-Qaeda, I hope Bin Laden comes back from the dead and dunks on the Wolverines.

I just hope that the conference teams aren't so beat up that they under perform in the NCAA's. I don't see us getting much deeper than the sweet 16 but we are playing good basketball right now and you have to feel good about that going into the NCAA's.

Comment 09 Mar 2013

It isn't that difficult. You don't cheer for scUM to win. You cheer for IU to lose. Getting that feeling like you're throwing up in the back of your mouth. That will be hard.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

Games like this represent what I love about college basketball.

There is no way in Hell that the Buckeyes should go into Assembly Hall and hammer the Hoosiers. Like you say Kyle, the matchups are bad, Assembly Hall is one of the toughest home courts in the nation and the Hoosiers are really good.

Yet it could happen.  If you play great defense you will always have a chance to win. I don't know how this week will go. I don't know how tonight will go but I know we have a chance.

I didn't think we'd be this close a week ago. Going into the last week of the season with this team and the flaws that go with them. I'm pretty excited to be playing for something. Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Mar 2013

Coach Krzyzewski needs to call Pat Sajac and buy a vowel. Coach K needs to get over himself. Coach K ten years ago wouldn't have cared. A little older and a little more set in his ways, coach K needs to whine about things. It's interesting that the ACC athletic directors jump whenever coach K says jump.

College basketball needs to maintain traditions like storming the court because the quality of play is down with so many one and done players. If there are issues about player safety, then have the teams shake hands before the game so they can get strait off the court after the horn sounds. Arena security  can control where the access points to storm the court are so players can get off the court safely.

Let the ROTC people do what they do at football games and cordon off areas where students can't get to after the game. There has to be a better way than kiaotowing(sp) to the whims of coach K just because he is ticked off that the devils lost another one.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

Didn't Bobby Knight once say that sports writing is only a few steps above prostitution? You don't have to be a fan of Aaron Craft or the Buckeyes to respect what this kid has done.

When his basketball days are done Aaron Craft will be a good man, he will succeed at whatever he chooses. This sportswriter will still be a moron long after Aaron Craft is done playing basketball.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

Great article. This kid will be a monster.

Even taking into consideration the 'wildly optimistic' hype machine that is Buckeye Football, we are getting amazing people coming into the program with Urban leading the recruiting.

If these kids produce at 50% of the hype level, a national championship will happen within the next three years. I know no one in the fan base is thinking past Braxton but it is going to be interesting to see who Urban gets to play quarterback when the Miller era is over.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

We are kind of on the mountain top right now with Buckeye Basketball. The Matta era has been an amazing chapter in the athletic history of The Ohio State University.

I don't know that you could get any lower than Penn State's basketball program. Even Northwestern at their worst at least appeared conscious. Calling Penn State basketball 'horrible' is offensive to every horrible basketball team in the nation.

Comment 19 Feb 2013

The Buckeyes will only go as far as their defensive work will take them. At this point I think a sweet 16 is a best case scenario in the tournament anyway. There are to many variables working against them. A cold shooting night and they score 49. Defensive breakdowns, somebody in on the other team gets hot. This is a transition team to the next really great team.

Comment 15 Feb 2013

I can't tell you about the dream but that was a great read. The kid in the jeopardy tournament made my day. I would like to be Leonard's "swagtern".

Comment 06 Sep 2012

All the good numbers are taken.

I think it will be A LOT to a little.

48-0  Go Bucks!

Do we have dental records on the UCF football team. They may not be recognizable after the beating they are going to receive. The sacrificial knights are going to have a really bad day I think.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

Holy Cow!! That kid is a monster. Welcome to the Buckeye Nation, Joey.  Ann Arbor is a whore and I can't wait to see you in the Shoe in the fall of 2013.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

Would there be enough DNA evidence of the receiver to identify them after Simon hit them. Good Lord, that guy is monster.