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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin, Troy Smith, Tedd Ginn Jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
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Comment 05 Sep 2019

I admire coach Luke so much.  A stand up guy who got a real mess handed to him when Tress exited and soldier'd bravely on, then took a step back and did a great job for Urban.  Who else would do that?  Go from head coach back to DC?!  He seems like a fine human being (and there's a big scarcity of those in the coaching ranks).  My hope is we have this game well in hand early and can call the dogs off so that it is not lopsided and embarassing for him.  My nightmare is we're in a fight in the 4th quarter.  If we are well in control in the second half it'll be interesting to see how Day handles that because I don't think there's any way that Urban would've embarassed Luke.

Comment 13 Jul 2019

I am absolutely opposed to the profane and obscene - there used to be a time when if women and kids were present that kind of thing didn't happen.  #stayClassy

But the horns down sign?  C'mon - this is just more hippie nonsense about being triggered.  Is it disrespectful?!  YES IT IS.  BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE YOU!  You're the opposing team and we want you to know we don't like you.   IT'S CALLED FOOTBALL. 

Gimme a break.  And I too live in Texas and it's just a beating sometimes....

Comment 27 Jun 2019

The best part of the CWS was when someone tweeted "The game will be delayed three hours as the alums from both schools tell everyone where they went to school."  LOL

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Well, in some ways it was a no-lose situation.  If TTUN came through (ha ha) it made the conference look good (I guess) and we could say to SEC people "Good grief, you let that bunch of losers in Ann Arbor beat you?!"

Since Vandy won we can say to your favorite TTUN fan "You're not even a baseball school."  #embarassingTheConference

That TTUN coach "saved" his ace for tonight instead of pitching him last night.  How'd that work out for you, Genius?!

Comment 24 Jun 2019

And Game 1 goes to the Bad Guys, 7-4.  We'll see if Vandy can outsmart them tomorrow...

All the shots of Juwan Howard make me realize the Stink Weasels will most certainly have the tallest coach in Big Ten hoops next year.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

The incompetence of the US Federation administration is positively criminal.  We may not be Germany or Brazil but there's no reason we don't qualify for the WC every time and sometimes make a deep run.  It makes me want to puke!  But all is well since we beat Trinidad & Tobago last night ... too late!!!!  

Comment 11 May 2019

Looks like it wasn't just ONE THING but a perfect storm of many bad things ... am thinking Urban and his fast D-line is probably at the top of that list.

Anybody else remember how we ran the ball to get our TD (Pittman, I believe) and then never ran the ball again?!  What happened there?  

That game was a mess.  We weren't ready, we didn't adjust and we got crushed.  Awful.  

Comment 12 Apr 2019

Love it for Purdue.  We've got to get some of these middle to lower tier schools to step up and build up their program.  It makes the B1G better.  That's important if you want to get in the beauty pageant at the end of the year, er, playoff.

Hate it for us.  Purdue has been kryptonite for us ... this won't help!  LOL