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Comment 31 Jul 2017

i cannot wait for basketball season, mostly bc of the uncertainty looming.

football i know we're going back to the playoffs undefeated (or maybe with 1 loss)...there's a standard of excellence that has been set.

reeeeally looking forward to seeing how Holtmann changes the bball program. I didnt like the hire at first but I have been impressed so far, and I think he's going to be a good one

Comment 06 Jul 2017
I wouldn't say he's soft at all. He plays tough...i agree with the rest of your statement. Everyone on our roster right now is SOFT except JaeSean Tate. I wonder how gritty Holtmann can make them. This season is gonna be interesting.
Comment 06 Jul 2017
I hope kills it at Notre Dame with crazy numbers but I hope they lose every game too. I wanted to see him at Dayton. They're gonna have a good team this season and he could have helped them make even more noise. & I think osu can do better than Dane Goodwin in this upcoming class
Comment 04 Jul 2017
I'm sure you do. I'm glad Bazely said what he said. It was also what every other kid in Ohio HS basketball was thinking. Obviously Holtmann agreed too bc he let Beverly skate to NC STATE (another school we lost a talented Ohio kid to in Markell Johnson). I personally think K Wesson is overrated too for an OSU recruit . Great high school player (like Goodwin) but I have serious doubts about him at the Big 10 level. Hope he proves me wrong *shrug*
Comment 25 Jun 2017
Magic can go fuxk himself. If he was a leader and mature he wouldn't have had to retire early bc of his inability to keep his dick in his pants. *shrug* From another message board.. Summed it up perfectly Magic is full of shit on this one. Magic had the benefit of stepping into a veteran laden team. He didn't have any choice but to mature and grow up playing with Kareem, Jamaal, Norm, and the other vets on that squad. DLo had Nick Young as his oldest mentor Lmao
Comment 12 Jun 2017

>The Wessons, Diop, Tate, Jackson, Williams, Potter, Beverly and Funderburke should be enough get us to the NCAA

lol no it's not. we need HELP badly. I wouldn't hope for NCAAs this upcoming year (although it would be a pleasant surprise).

I just want to see some effort on defense, no sulking when refs dont give you calls (cough Lyle & Trevor Thompson cough), & I want to see bodies on the floor for loose balls. There wasnt any grit or effort last season (aside from Jaesean Tate).  Last year's team gave up in the first half so many times it was nauseating.

This is a character building / reformation year, much like Thad's first season, except there isnt any NCAA ban holding us back. Also, I hope Holtmann utilizes his bench (even if they arent good). As much as I love Thad, his use of only 4-6 players was incredibly frustrating.  

Comment 09 Jun 2017
I think it started when he offered Shannon Scott and let Trey Burke go up north lol. But the criticism was fair considering how awful Grandstaff & Mitchell were. AJ Harris has game but he's just too small. I liked Daniel Giddens defensive presence even tho he was a total liability on offense. Neither Wesson brothers or Braxton Beverly are good (enough) in my opinion (here come the DVs lol). Darius Bazely was right (I hope we can bring him back into the fold btw) Somewhere along the line, thads talent evaluation skills disappeared. At the risk of down votes the Wesson brothers or Braxton Beverly are prime examples.
Comment 09 Jun 2017

No argument here. I havent been impressed with the last two classes either.  

Also, I hope he doesnt limit himself to just kids in Ohio. I want to see us cast a nationwide net, like Urban. Please go after the one and dones as well. Not just the "good ole backyard Buckeye kids". You cant win NCAA championships without NBA talent. Yea, Villanova did it but that is an extreme outlier

Comment 09 Jun 2017
I hope Holtmann knows how to "play the game" (assauging egos of big time prospects and their AAU coaches) when it comes to recruiting against the big boys. Jerome Hunter, Dwayne Cohill and Jeremiah Francis are crucial for the future of Buckeye Hoops. I hope Ahrens doesn't come back on board. Save that scholly for better players.
Comment 09 Jun 2017

The smart thing to do is NOT fire the winningest coach in school history in June with no clear replacement.

the 2nd smartest thing to do would be Luke Fickelling Chris Jent for one season and then conducting a proper, well thought out coaching search well before the start of the summer recruiting period.

Whatever, whats done is done. Best of luck to whoever we hire , and I sincerely hope they make me look foolish for doubting them in the first place.

Comment 09 Jun 2017


Ive been here, kiddo. Lol at all of you getting excited over a coach that was easily the 4th or 5th option on our list.

He doesnt even have 5 years experience as a head coach and now you entrust him to coach the basketball team of the 2nd most powerful Athletic Department in the country.