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Comment 11 Apr 2014

He's visiting us and then heading down South to Alabama and Auburn. Probably no commitment will happen, but you never know.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Don't now if Natareace Strong will visit. Committed to Mizzou today as expected. 

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Not putting all the blame on Braxton, but his issues with reading defenses and passing is a little bit of it. Our defense, specifically our secondary, is attrocious and you're right on the points you make.

Like I said, I just don't want another type of guy like this who is going to take a couple years to develop and still not hit the ceiling he can have.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

20 plus game win streak against scrub opponents. Admit it, everyone in America knows it, soft schedule.

I'm not hating on Braxton because I happen to like him. He's explosive, dynamic, and fun to watch. But if we have a QB that is more polished, we win that game against MSU.  The last two games against TTUN and there big brother, he went 14-36 with a combined 234 pass yards (two of his lowest all year), while he had 37 rush attempts for 295 yards. He's a much better QB than two years ago, he actually takes most of his looks before running. But he is still more of a run first QB.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Also to add to this, Lance McCallister is a biased, homer idiot. I can't stand to read or listen to anything he says. And Yes I live in Cincinnati.

UC always wants to play in Cincinnati. Why play UC in football at UC or Paul Brown? UC's stadium holds at most 40,000 people. Paul Brown holds what, around 60-70k? It's a smart move to play UC at The Shoe because OSU gets more money out of it.  It also gives more people the chance to see this spectacular game, which I hope OSU wins by 40 after the whole bUCkeye state thing.

Onto the subject of landing kids. I think we have a problem with landing the big kids from the GCL. Kyle Rudolph is one big name that comes to mind. I know we did get Hubbard and we are in the running for HIlliard, but we also whiffed on Posey. These are Ohio kids, they should be getting the full court press every time they visit.

Lol at UC's football team being in a down year in 2006, they've never had an "up" year until the Sugar Bowl appearance. Lance is an idiot.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Not trying to be a buzzkill with this comment, but I don't understand why everyone wants another Braxton Miller type guy. Nothing bad against Braxton because I think he is a good QB.  What I mean by this is we dont need another QB, as someone said before, who won't be able to get our receivers the ball. Braxton still hasn't even been developed fully and still has trouble reading defenses and hitting a guy who isn't clear as day open.

TG is a good quarterback and fast as hell, but definitely not a five star talent at QB. We don't need another "project" at QB to work on.  He would definitely be the best WR in this class if he switched.

Maybe they see JT or Cardale having a couple years of starting and giving Gibson the coaching he needs. But if you're a five star prospect, you should definitely come in and compete for a job, which I don't think he could do.

Honestly I Hope Urban can hopefully stay in Gibson's ear long enough about playing QB and keep on Wimbush, Murray, or Francois (who I heard killed it and threw rockets at the elite 11) about actually being the #1 guy. Gibson signs and you switch him to WR. It's a dirty move, but I think it's how he should play it. You get a top notch, polished QB and then you pretty much land the best WR in the class too.

Comment 01 Dec 2012

I just graduated from Northern last December.  It was a nice little University and is on the up and up when it comes to size. More of a commuter college but now that they went D1 and are exapnding the campus significantly.  The basketball teams has  what it takes to be making it to March Madness down the line.

As said by Btalbert, it probably wont be a close game, but NKU is pesky. Beat WVU last year in a pre season game, hung with Louisville 2 years or so ago, and has hung with UC the past two years.