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Comment 08 Aug 2018

Remember when his dad was talking about how he made Malik choose football over baseball? Something like "16 year olds don't get to make decisions in my house"? What a freakin' turd of a father. Reminds me of this doc about helicopter sports parents called Trophy Kids, also on Netflix (I swear I'm not being sponsored by Netflix lol). 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

Yeah, I definitely liked Coach Brown much more than Buddy. He seemed to actually care about his players and kept stressing graduation first natty second. It was weird that he proclaimed himself a "playcalling savant" and made questionable at best play calls at times but I appreciated that he gave credit to his players for making him look better than he really was and that coaching is overrated.

Also, it's crazy that Malik Henry chose FSU over OSU (sure dodged a bullet there!). I hated him all season but it became painfully obvious that he wanted to play baseball and his dad forcing him to play football was what really brought him down. The look at his face while his dad and trainer? were clowning his running ability and pre-planning his workout schedule was damn near heart-breaking.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Man this hurts as a Laker fan, but best of luck to the kid. He'll be better off away from the dumpster-fire that is the Buss family/Laker front office.

Comment 17 May 2012

I absolutely loved the Ricky Williams and the Chris Herren 30 for 30 docs. Here's to hoping the MoC 30 for 30 can be just as good if not better.