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Comment 27 Jul 2019

Couldn’t agree more. The entire interior line last year was like the island of misfit toys. Jordan is a true tackle who peaked his freshman year. I know he got a lot of good pub, but his play didn’t match it. Knox was a journeymen who was serviceable. Pridgeon was a massive pass blocking tackle that never fit inside. 

Wyatt Davis is a guard designed in a factory. Jonah Jackson is a proven vet with prototypical guard dimensions as well. Myers takes over the center position with a reputation as a nasty run blocker. Harry Miller is a five star center that will probably be cross-trained to play guard. Expect him to back up this year and take the guard spot left by Jackson next season. Pass blocking may take a step back, but this will be mitigated by the leap forward in run blocking. They are inexperienced, but the raw physical talent far exceeds that of last years line. 

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Really looking forward to the 3rd and 1 packages with Teague. We are going to be strong up the middle with Myers/Davis and Teague will be the battering ram. Teague could also be a good lead blocker when Fields decides to keep it. Last year we missed that physicality. Our O-line wasn’t as talented up the middle last year and JK isn’t a bigger back. I have to believe we will be better on 3rd and short this year. 

Prediction: Our total points per game will drop a tad, but we will be considerably more effective at wearing down defenses with an improved run game. I expect a better time of possession for sure. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

The reality of that passage still hurts. I'll never understand WTF happened to that 2015 Buckeye squad (hello, Zach Smith).

I agree. What also happened was a one dimensional offense led by a one dimensional QB. The ridiculous success of Thomas in the NFL only exasperates the argument that JT was a scattershot in every sense of the word. He was an awesome leader and runner but he held back Ohio State in the same way that K. Bryant held back Clemson. 

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Couldn’t agree more. I was impressed with how he cleaned house on the defensive side of the ball. He had worked with some of those guys for 2 years. He showed them the door. Day is a smart guy. He watched Urban Urban drop the ball with the Billy Davis hire. He watched as Urban hired old pals and then was unable to let them go. Day is only going to hire on merit. The two coaches we got from TSUN are great recruiters and coaches. Hafley was a steal. He aced this round of hires, but in 3-4 years we can probably expect LJ and/or Mattison to be retired. That is where it will get interesting. Day is hyper focused on offense so I think he will need a real field general to run the defense moving forward. He will need his Venables. A defensive whiz who is a big time HC in waiting. It’s hard to keep these guys on staff, but when you can the continuity is a massive bonus. 

Comment 12 May 2019

There is only one person that has any shot of taking out Cersei: Jaime. Think about it. Is Cersei going to let Dany or Jon close in on her when she has wildfire? No, she has no regard for human life so she will burn King's Landing to the ground if the battle turns against her. That only leaves a couple people who get close enough to her to kill her before she initiates the wildfire holocaust. The Mountain won't kill her. Qyburn seems to have a conscience on some level, but I doubt he turns. Only Jaime will be around to stop her. 

I suppose the showrunners could just leave out the wildfire altogether, but that feels cheap when it has saved Cersei on multiple occasions. It saved her at Blackwater Bay and it took out the High Sparrow and all his minions in season six. I can't imagine Cersei hasn't been stockpiling it and storing it all across the city. 

Comment 28 Apr 2019

Campbell as others have stated. His track speed will play well indoors. He will also benefit by all the attention paid to TY Hilton. Campbell won’t catch a ton of passes but his YAC will be outstanding. He will have 4-5 plays where he breaks a tackle and takes it 50+ yards to the house. There will be some games where he disappears but others where his big play wins the game. I would guess 700 yards and 6 touchdowns. 

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Amen. All the talk would be that a stupid rule deprived us from being able to watch the greatest attempt a game winning drive in overtime. A coin toss helping to decide an athletic contest is the stupidest thing in my sports and I’m a traditionalist! Unbelievable!

Comment 17 Jan 2019

I don’t care if Urban goes to USC, but where does that leave his legacy? That would be his 5th program and 3rd blue blood. Most of the greats are associated with 1 program. Bear and Saban are all Bama. Saban had some serious success at LSU, but has a long run going at Bama. Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, and Bobby Bowden all stayed at the same program and became legends. Would Urban’s legacy be that of a college coaching nomad? Staying 6-7 years and then packing up and moving to another region. He will have gone: Midwest -> West -> Southeast -> Midwest -> West. He is an all time great already, but I really wonder how he will be remembered if he goes to USC. 

Comment 17 Jan 2019

True, he still wrecked Harbaugh. We owe him til the end of time for that!.....I also don’t think Meyer would be able to steal all the staff from Day. Coach Mick is loyal but he is from Ohio. I’m not sure he moves again for Urban. Pantoni might get stolen though. LJ isn’t going anywhere. Day just cleaned house on defense so no issues there. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

It’s a fair point. Went from guy on Saints practice squad to future top 10 NFL draft pick. The receivers were great, but Haskins was slinging it like freaking Peyton Manning.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Raw as everyone is mentioning, but I really like that he is a two sport athlete. He isn’t some kid that is getting all these offers merely because of his size. The size helps but he has pretty good feet for a big man. A couple years of technical development and he could start demolishing people. Marcus Crowley is going to like running to his side. 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Not sure why you got downvoted. I just watched Fields do that on the show. This being said, he probably learned at UGA that you don’t do that in college. He has some maturing to do but so did Haskins.

It’s probably a good thing Tate is gone. Tate has a huge ego and I’m not sure that would have blended well with Fields. Baldwin seems much more down to earth from what I have read. Should be a stable QB room next year. JT needs to come back as a graduate assistant and mentor these guys. 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Yeah, he isn’t coming to back to OSU for a semester. He is in Las Vegas and will probably never step foot back in Columbus. A hardship waiver is his only path now. I don’t understand why he didn’t stay in school in graduate this May. It not only allows him to get immediate eligibility but he also gets to see how he fares against Fields in practice. Maybe Fields struggles to grasp the offense and Tate shines in the spring. Tate will never know now. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I think you will see coaching salaries start inching closer to $10 million. A simple cost/benefit analysis should tell any AD that a Saban or Dabo type coach is well worth it. Think how much revenue the department loses if you have an 8-4 season with a 20% decrease in attendance and merchandise sales. Elite coaches that are going to the playoffs every year are worth in excess of $15 million in all likelihood. 

The college game also has to compete with the NFL for coaches now more than ever before. The NFL wants high powered spread passing attacks. Look at what just happened to Kliff Kingsbury. The NFL will pay for young minds that are innovative on offense. Teams are tired of hiring the same old NFL vets that have been through the carousel for 20 years. Ohio State may have to give Day $10 million in the future to keep some NFL owner from poaching him because said owner believes Day will make his team look like the Chiefs on offense. Day is absolutely on his way to being mentioned in the same context as Lincoln Riley. Day has to prove it on the field, but he is already held in high regard by the NFL. Gene Smith needs to start loading the Brinks truck now.