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Comment 24 Jan 2020

Ryan Day is a good play-caller, but Wilson is an integral part of that. Everything that Ryan Day has accomplished here offensively has been with Wilson. 5 years from now and 2 OC's later, maybe we can look back and say that it was all Ryan Day, but with the elite continued offensive success Wilson has had for 15 plus years, he gets the benefit of the doubt. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

For Burrow, as soon as the game ended he is out of eligibility and no longer subject to any NCAA rules 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

however, our coaches for some reason are hellbent on starting seniors, regardless of the actual skillset.

These kinds of comments kill me. 

#1- Malik Harrison deserved to start for the past 2 seasons. 

#2. No other Linebacker is a senior

#3. Do you really think an entirely new defensive staff came in and just started Borland because they are lazy? 

Comment 04 Jan 2020
That play should have been an illegal forward pass and a Safety. NFL rules dictate you HAVE to take a knee or fair catch
Comment 02 Jan 2020

$1.7 million! I freakin' spit out my coffee. Holy crap!

Yeah, there goes the story that Texas fans were spreading that Day was begging Yurcich to stay and offered to match Texas' salary. Yurcich was never woth $1.7m to Ohio State 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

It's no insult to Day, it's just the offense looks HEAVILY like Wilson's Northwestern, Oklahoma, and Indiana offenses combined. The 2018 offense was so much like the 2008 Oklahoma offense, including the issues in the red zone and down to the state breakdowns per player, that it is uncanny. I think Wilson does not get enough credit for what he is doing with the offense. He has been an elite offensive coordinator for 2 decades. I really believe he has had much more influence on the offense than people are willing to admit. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

I really hope Tyreke Johnson puts it together. He is perfect for that slot corner position. I will feel a lot better about the defense if he develops into a starter. 

Zach Harrison's stats are almost identical to what Chase Young's were his Freshman year. Not that Zach will become Chase Young, but he is on the right trajectory.