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Comment 11 Sep 2020

Interesting Reddit post basically explaining that the Nebraska AG is doing nothing more than political grandstanding 


Comment 30 Aug 2020
People are misinterpreting this data. It lists things such as pneumonia sepsis and respiratory failure. Those are all conditions caused by COVID. Many news sources have updated their articles to read contributing conditions, which is more accurate. "Did you hear that Johnny died in a car accident?" "Pssh this sayd Blunt Force Trauma so obviously it wasn't the car accident!!!!"
Comment 10 Aug 2020
I don't think Johnson was our vote. She hasnt started yet. Bruce McPheron is the acting President
Comment 04 Mar 2020

The only one that doesn't fully match up is the 80+ 


Here is the a breakdown of the data I posted above 


Comment 04 Mar 2020

The ones I posted have been pretty consistent in countries with large outbreaks, mostly confirmed by South Korea. The overall rate is going to be in flux due to the total number of cases. For instance, due to the crazy cult that infected South Korea, they have an insanely high number of 20-29 year old females infected, which will make their overall death rate lower, but it still follows the above by age group.