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Comment 22 Sep 2019
Tuf still doesnt look 100%, missed assignments and Indy's only TD came from him losing his man. Arnette got a reality check last season and looks different. Hope it continues.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
I remember betting the OSU TT last year against Tulane (believe it was 50), and after scoring 42 in the first half, I thought it was a given. Only scoring 7 the next 30 minutes was a slow death.
Comment 07 Aug 2019
I'm still a bit weary of Arnette.....given his previous play and flag-happy tendencies, I'm not expecting a 180, but any progress - I'll take.
Comment 07 Aug 2019
All he did was complain when him and Matt McCoy had their afternoon show on 105.7.
Comment 18 Jun 2019
Northwestern and Nebraska. Everyone predicted last year @ Purdue, everyone saw it coming (minus the coaching staff) and nobody should have been upset given WE KNEW that was the game on the schedule that would be a problem. Mediocre teams on the road are our kryptonite.
Comment 06 Mar 2019
Agree...like playing players who are ready to shine and not having to earn their stripes on ST and blocking for playing time.
Comment 21 Dec 2018
Agree, Urban is thee best at creating a gameplan. The issue is when that gameplan doesnt work and we get punched in the mouth. There's rarely a plan B and we're seeing Urban on the sideline with the "wtf" look for 45+ minutes.
Comment 20 Dec 2018
Outside of the titles argument, the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is how Nick more proactive with issues and Urban more reactive. Saban will let coaches go (after winning a title, at that), pull players in big games (i.e. LY title game) and not give two sh*** about what anyone says about those decisions. Urban is too loyal and wont make any changes, coaching or players, until an embarrassing loss on prime time occurs (Clemson, Iowa, Purdue). Saban does what he feels is best for success and doesnt care about feelings. Urban worries about perception (up until ZS, had never fired an assistant) and kicking his buddies off the staff.