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Comment 19 Jun 2020

I'm a British TV junkie so I had no problems but my BF needed to watch it with subtitles. Same with Hinterland (another British police drama but set in Wales rather than the Shetland Islands).

Comment 08 Jun 2020

I was at Disneyland back in 2009 and got stuck on that goddamn ride for about 45 minutes. That awful song played nonstop the entire time we were stuck. I was damn near homicidal by the time I finally got off that ride. To this day I still get ragey when I hear it.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

This happened about 12 years ago when I was living with some old roommates back in my 20s after moving to LA. I knew my one roommate (she was 24 at the time) was easily spooked. She always thought our place was haunted after we told her that someone who used to live there was murdered (which was actually true). One night after getting home from work, I went straight to my room and didn't bother to turn any of the lights in the house on. Anyway, later my roommate came home and was in her room, talking on the phone with her mom. I decided I wanted to scare her but I didn't know how. Then I remembered that she and I had the same TVs in our bedrooms so I grabbed my remote and walked to her room. Her door was open just a crack. While she was talking to her mom, I tried to turn on her TV and it worked! Jackpot! She stopped mid sentence and stared at the TV. Then I shut it off and she jumped backward.

"Mom, OMG! The TV just turned on and off by itself...No, I didn't accidentally hit the remote...I couldn't have. It's across the room...No, I'm the only one home!"

I'm trying so hard not to laugh. I then turned her TV on again and started turning the volume up and down. Then I kept trying to change the channel to 666.

"Mom, OMG it turned on again...OMG the volume is going up and down...THE CHANNEL IS CHANGING TO 666!! I TOLD YOU THIS PLACE WAS HAUNTED! I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE! OMG!"

She then threw open her door and I was standing there in the shadow. She immediately started shrieking, dropped her phone, which busted as soon as it hit the floor. I was doubled-over belly-laughing as she was continuously hitting me, calling me every derogatory word she could think of. In the meantime, she had been on the phone with her mother who had heard her daughter shriek before the line went dead and it was going straight to voicemail when she tried calling back due to the phone being fucked up. She ended up calling her mom back from my phone after about 5 minutes, but not before her mother had called the police. Even though she called back and said everything was okay, the cops still stopped by for a welfare check, basically to make sure it wasn't a domestic dispute. I had to give the cops my story on what happened. The one seemed to be slightly humored by my story, but the other stone-faced told me "you sound like an asshole."

Comment 27 Nov 2019

This is spot-on. Grew up on NWO and this was my experience. However, a lot of them from my generation became TTUN fans because TTUN was consistently beating Ohio State so it was seen as "cooler" to be a TTUN fan. So now most of those people are in their 30s and 40s. However, with our dominance over them for the last nearly 2 decades, I'm seeing more younger Ohio State fans even from families that traditionally root for TTUN.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Out of the roughly 7.5 billion people on Earth, there are only 22 confirmed living people who have been alive to witness more TTUN victories over Ohio State. If we win Saturday, that number drops to 12.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

I work in finance and until recently had to wear a suit to work everyday. Thankfully we relaxed the dress code and I now only have to wear a suit for client meetings. If you're wearing a suit every day, I would suggest that you eventually buy at least 4 because wearing a suit so often will result in wear and tear. When I wore suits daily, I basically had to replace them every two or three years.

I agree with those who said fit is more important than price. However, don't go super cheap because you will stand out for the wrong reasons in a super cheap suit. People will notice, trust me. I concur with those above who said Jos A Bank if you're looking for decent quality without spending a lot. You can get some quality suits for a good price, especially when they're doing a sale, which should be coming up soon. I once bought 4 suits there with tailoring for about $1500 when they were doing a BOGO sale.

And like someone above said, make sure you have proper shoes. Cheap shoes will ruin the look of a suit and make sure your shoes/belt actually match your suit. Some people think black shoes/belt will go with any suit and that's not really true.