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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 3, 2003 with January 1, 2015 a close second.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All Time: Eddie George
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Vegas Golden Knights
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe, SF Giants
  • SOCCER TEAM: Arsenal

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Comment 12 Nov 2019

I'm okay with this. The committee has stated that they re-rank every week. LSU beating Bama in Tuscaloosa was enough for them to be ranked #1, deservedly so. However, they have no more ranked teams left and we have 2 top 15 teams in our next 3 games. If we take care of business we'll jump them again. And if Oregon & Utah keep winning, the winner of that game will likely jump Bama.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I predict Ohio State will continue to blow people out and retake the #1 spot.

1. Ohio State (13-0)
2. LSU (13-0)
3. Clemson (13-0)
4. Oregon (12-1)
5. Oklahoma (12-1)
6. Georgia (11-2)
7. Florida (10-2)
8. Utah (11-2)
9. Alabama (10-2) (I have them losing at Auburn)
10. Minnesota (11-2) (I have them losing to Iowa but beating Wisconsin)
11. Penn State (10-2)
12. Auburn (9-3)
13. Baylor (11-2)
14. Wisconsin (9-3)
15. Michigan (9-3)
Don't care about the rest

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Xennial (1979). We're the short micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials. We have a lot in common with both. We had childhoods similar to that of Gen X (when kids still went outside and played) but are more tech savvy like the Millenials.

Comment 31 Oct 2019

The best thing for OU is that they made a comeback and didn't lose by 30. That might benefit them in the end, even if KState collapses down the stretch.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

I like to try local microbreweries wherever I go. My go-to beers are usually Hefes, Saisons, Belgian Tripels, wits, pales, blondes, some Hazys and generally only fruity, less hoppy IPAs. It’s rare that I order an amber or a stout, but some of the coffee ones aren’t bad. I’ll get them in a flight just to try it. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I'm currently reading "A Lucky Child" by Thomas Buergenthal, which chronicles a man's recollections about surviving the Holocaust as a child. Sobering stuff.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Buckeyes win 59-6. Fields throws for 4TDs and rushes for another. Chase Young gets another strip sack but this one gets returned for a TD. Drue Chrisman doesn't punt until the 4th quarter.

Comment 14 Oct 2019

I started Weight Watchers (yes, really) on 1/29/2019 at the advice of a friend who lost a bunch of weight on there. I was 317 at the time. Since then and along with moderate exercise, I'm down 96.4 lbs. I've gone from an XXL being tight to a L being comfortable and tight 44 waist to a loose 36, almost to a 34 but not quite. I would probably be down more but when I'm on vacation I give zero fucks and eat what I want. As long as the overall trend is down I'm fine. The difference between previous diets and now is that I would let one bad weekend derail the whole thing. Now I know it's just a blip and move on and that seems to be working.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Independence has to do with ownership structure, not sources. 11W is not owned by either the university nor a larger media conglomerate. While Jason, Ramzy, etc. may have incorporated their interests, that would not exclude the site from being independent. However, if they sold that interest to say ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc., the site would technically no longer be independent.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Looking at the schedule, the one that concerns me is Sparty at home being a letdown after a potential big win on the road at night in Lincoln. Plus Sparty seems to play us tougher at the Shoe than in EL.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

You have no idea how happy this makes me. I moved away from Toledo about 15 years ago so I hadn't really been keeping track.I just knew that all of the locations I used to visit had closed so I figured they had gone out of business. Next time I'm back in Toledo I'm making it a point to stop there.