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Comment 09 Aug 2015

Damn can the kid get in to camp first and can we let the guys who get paid the big bucks and got us a national championship make tha decision? 

Comment 06 Aug 2015

Once he comes back from his one game suspension, Jalin Marshall

Comment 09 Jul 2015

I regret not doing more internships while I was in undergrad and I regret not passing at least one actuary exam as well. Good thing grad school exist lol

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Didn't skip bayless use the "eye test" to tell us that 4 SEC west teams belong in the playoffs? Yeah, I will stick to my numbers and you can have the "eye test"

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Maybe this is just me and my failed upbringing. If someone raises his or her hand, I would grab the hand to restrain that person from hitting me, not trying to hit the other person but just to defend myself. Again, he does not hit her until she throws the first punch and I may get downvoted to prison for this but if you are going throw at a punch at someone expected for them to throw at least one punch back at you.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Ohio State beat USC

TCU beat Clemson

Ohio State beat TCU to win 2nd straight national championship 

Comment 14 May 2015

I own Final Fantasy 7 - 13

Comment 14 May 2015

I like it a lot, the story is bad but never expect a good story from a fighting game

Comment 14 May 2015

I think you guys need to try JRPG's. Persona 4, Persona 3, Final Fantasy series are all superior games to mortal kombat