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Comment 30 May 2019

In my opinion Harden is a joke. Start enforcing the travel rule on him and his PPG drops in half maybe more.

Comment 05 Mar 2019

1) Restore storied rivalries that fell victim to conference realignment.
2) Bring back half time performances for TV.
3) Restrict the # of commercials in a game.
4) Bring the league to a common schedule format. Same # of P5 OOC, same # of conference games, same # of G5 or FCS games.
5) Force Ohio State and scUM to play at night.
6) Adjust the playoffs to somehow incorporate all New Years 6 bowls.

Logistically it would be VERY difficult but I would love to see a relegation system put in place where bottom feeders are dropped down to G5 and the top performers of the G5 get bumped up to P5. Probably couldn't be done unless we went to 4 Super Conferences and the G5 being folded to G4 with each Super Conference being assigned a G4 conference.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Seems to me you need a fresh start. Maybe start looking for jobs out of state. Find somewhere you also wanted to go, get a job, and move there! Also helps to find a job you are passionate about. Sometimes that means a pay cut but the happiness or fulfillment you get from it doesn't have a price tag attached to it.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Live in Charleston and have yet to play either. Figured it would be beneficial for me to be a competent golfer before attempting them. 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I live in South Carolina but my wife and I decided to pull for Orlando. The game was a blast. There are some growing pains but overall the league definitely shows promise. Loved how few commercials there were. Definitely love how transparent they are on penalties and reviews. The mic'ed up feature is cool getting to hear the players and coaches during the game. Steve Spurrier calling Jalin Marshall to get wide just before his touchdown catch was pretty sweet.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Unpopular opinion but I think every genre of music fits in this category. It seems to me that music has gotten lazy. Most of the really successful performers are just that, performers. They rarely write their own material (if you can even call it material) and rip other songs for their own albums.

Rap used to have poetry. Rock used to have feeling. Country used to have twang. R&B used to have soul.

Rap and country have definitely fallen the furthest. 

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Horribly underrated. Unfortunate that they cancelled it. Yes, the second season was a drop off from the first, but it was still good.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Definitely appeared to be some disconnect. However, my intention with the thread was to look at the different factors that came into play instead of pointing fingers at one or two people. Grinch, in my opinion, was a wasted coaching slot. He clearly was looking at next year instead of focusing on this year. The performance of the safeties was an indication of that. At times you could see the disconnect on the field hence the big plays given up.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Schiano's scheme is very talent dependent. 2017 was a good example of having the talent to back the game plan. This year... not so much.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Big difference is Saban isn't afraid to give a coach an ass-chewing or fire them. For all of Urban's qualities he did not like confronting his coaches. I also feel that Saban probably hires coaches based on specific scheme and they are unlikely to see much change defensively like we have.

Comment 17 Jan 2019
Very true. That's why I think 2019 will be important to watch. It will be a tell tale sign regarding where we trend in the pass:run ratio. I think our rank was low this year because of an identity crisis in that three game stretch.
Comment 17 Jan 2019
Very good points! Almost worthy of a second thread to analyze the evolution of our defense the past 4 years. I think the first drop off was when fickell left and our linebacker play degraded. Then Coombs left and our secondary crumbled.