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Comment 21 May 2020
Hairball HAS beaten everyone else in the B1G. In fact, Hairball is 3–2 against Michigan State, 3–2 against Penn State, and even 1–1 against Notre Dame. Of those five losses, 3 came down to the final minutes, and 2 were to teams that made the College Football Playoff. He has been successful. But to sit there and act like you are angry for losing to OSU every year is fake emotions. More like embarrassed. He knows he is unequal when it comes to recruiting, to coaching, and to how his players feel about the rivalry. You don't see his high school recruits tweeting about wanting to beat OSU, but you see it the other way around. He can act mad all he wants so his fan base thinks he will finally pull off a win, but he surely knows that he doesn't have the program in place to do so. At OSU, each season is an opportunity to put up more points against TTUN than the previous season. Only thing that stops it is the head coach. At TTUN, the only thing that keeps them from winning the Sat after Thanksgiving is lack of players, lack of coaches, and lack of everything it takes to build a program capable of doing it. And every year you get to highlight it in front of the biggest television audiences of the season. That's embarrassing.
Comment 06 Nov 2019

I was over joyed to see they left out Sweeney’s weenies. You may be undefeated but when you schedule Wofford late in the season you shouldn’t get rewarded. Two of the top 4 teams will have at least one loss at the end because they play each other. This still should not allow the weenies to get in the playoffs. They play nobody all year and I mean nobody. Don’t reward that.

Comment 29 Oct 2019

Gender reveal parties are for those who crave attention, and think everyone wants to orbit around their existence. The people that I’ve known who had them fit this description. A lot of young couple do not have them, and  cite this reason so it’s just not me.

Coincidentally. I got laid last night so it doesn’t seem to affect one’s opinion.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

What’s the fascination about watching the Buckeyes at 2:30 am? I’m on the 5th replay at about that time, going to bed isn’t even on the radar yet.

I like the poll. And I’ll be honest, I read just as much TTUN websites as OSU’s. To listen to their snobby fans whine about Hairball or try to prop up their team still after 15 years of mediocrity is just too fascinating. I go to MLive.com and read the comment section of the articles. A lot of Spartans troll the TTUN articles, it’s entertaining to witness their infighting.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Seems most units appear strong. Not thinking about any of them but the linebackers. Still concerned about how slow they looked last year. I know all about the new coaches, new linebacker assignments, all that stuff, but that doesn't make a kid run faster. If you can’t spin em like Darron Lee or Ryan Shazier, no coaching is going to help you. I’m still concerned. Rest of the team looks tremendous. Go Bucks!