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Comment 29 Aug 2019

Seems most units appear strong. Not thinking about any of them but the linebackers. Still concerned about how slow they looked last year. I know all about the new coaches, new linebacker assignments, all that stuff, but that doesn't make a kid run faster. If you can’t spin em like Darron Lee or Ryan Shazier, no coaching is going to help you. I’m still concerned. Rest of the team looks tremendous. Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Aug 2019

It’s simple. Tatgate was huge because OSU is the giant, the legend, the one team that people hate because they are not all these things. And they have had a clean image so any hint of impropriety is instant click bait. Schools that are thought of as small (Akron), or already deemed crooked (Miami, LSU) don’t bring the shock effect with a story like Tatgate and hence don’t attract strong interest. No sense fretting over it. Just keep beating Michigan and life is always good.

Comment 04 Aug 2019

Something that wasn’t mentioned in this article was the fact that there are very few top rated true running back’s coming out of the Midwest. Todd Sibley from Hoban was the only one I can find in the last four years that came out of Ohio. Most of the highschoolers stick around their home state and it seems hard to get them to leave to come to Ohio. Most stay in their state, or head to a neighboring one.  This is a cool website that lists every high schooler in their rankings of all purpose back or running back, where they’re from, where they went. Sheds a lot of light on what has been going on.  Hard to blame coach Alford, seems like he gets as many running backs as everybody else does in the Midwest. 


Comment 06 Jul 2019

A hunger like his first year, and body of a junior, he could break records easily this year. His physic looks like Mike Weber’s did entering his junior year, scary and amazing all at the same time. I’ve seen pictures of his upper torso lately and the best way I can describe it is, it looks like someone photo shopped the Incredible Hulk with JK’s head on it. He obviously has put the work in. Really looking forward to him getting the ball often this year and plowing little defensive backs over on the way to the end zone.

But, the jump cut is Braxton Miller’s to own. He did it originally and I’m pretty sure he broke more than a couple of opponents ankles doing it. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

I think Justin has a slow delivery on the ball. He likes to wind up before letting it go. There will be less time in the pocket to do that now, Coach Day surely sees it if someone like me can and probably has it fixed already. Justin came to the right school to get coached into a better QB. I can’t wait to see how he looks after about a half season of training and coaching. Looking forward to seeing the ball in the air for 80 yds. I remember Pryor winging the ball that distance and my adrenaline levels flying with it.