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I am 58 yr old lifetime fan. I want total success in all sports but development of our players is essential as well. I support our teams but hope we strive to continue improving at all times. Hating ttun 365 days a year is stupid. Hating them 30 days a year is good. We will be wise to go to pass first QB'S starting in 2017. Recruiting is like water. No team can live w/o it. Moved to Florida 3+ ago. My heart is still in Central Ohio. Go BUCKEYES


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last national championship but 2002 was great as well. Hiring of UFM was magic as well.
  • NFL TEAM: Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None currently
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 18 hours ago
Listen to the coaches explanation................. .Still waiting on him to offer one. This once 5 million dollar home has a crumbling foundation. Does our young.7 footer ever get to play. I admittedly don't see many games but when I do I don't see him play. Perhaps him at Center and Wesson at PF. At least it would be different. Coach, you are in charge of an underachieving basketball team. Do something different.
Comment 22 hours ago
Extremely great news ! Welcome back home coach. I am very pleased to read this. I was hoping this would happen. Let's become better than ever before. Then let's win some national championships. Several. There's a recruit who.... Well you know. Get it done. --------- I didn't know Alford was Asst. Head coach, Wow
Comment 19 Jan 2020
He was a very important part of our team. One moment away from being the team leader. He developed a lot after arriving. If circumstances were different he might have lead us into battle. Best of luck young man. Perhaps you'll get a shot to earn a back up position on an Nfl or Canadian football team. Buckeye for life. Thank you. You just never know what the future holds.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
Race has absolutely zero importance. That comment was backwards and ignorant. Like McCaffrey in so much as quick and elusive while being both a running and receiving threat. A screen pass to McCaffrey can be a 25 yard gain which on 3rd and 5 can be badly needed. He is a running back who 95% of teams would love to have. That speed he (Shipley) has can't be taught. Good size too. Trust me, it's more sad than funny.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
They're not in danger of falling out of the top 25. They're guaranteed of it. You have shit your pants so go take a shower and put on clean shorts. Coach, you owe us an explanation of the meltdown which wasn't just yesterday. Your team is a mess and news flash, You're responsible. Many unanswered questions.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
A talented recruit arrives and plays great. Thin line between development and effort / God given talent. Recruiting is essential. Ask Urban Meyer. Alford is doing fine. Is fine what we're looking for ? Iowa played fine last year. We're Ohio State. The distance argument is garbage. Does anyone think Alabama and Clemson only get local guys ? Fine is not good enough at the top level programs.
Comment 17 Jan 2020
Olave, Wilson, and the 4 new guys are possibly the top 6. Gill is a unique and special talent who should get opportunity at various spots. The others may be on the outside looking in. Hard facts that could lead to a transfer or two. We have 2 exceptional WR already in the 2021 class. Tough to see some not make the cut but there's always a fresh start at a different program. Best of everything to them all. The cream always rises to the top.