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I am 57 yr old lifetime fan. I want total success in all sports but development of our players is essential as well. I support our teams but hope we strive to continue improving at all times. Hating ttun 365 days a year is stupid. Hating them 30 days a year is good. We will be wise to go to pass first QB'S starting in 2017. Recruiting is like water. No team can live w/o it. Moved to Florida several months ago. My heart is still in Central Ohio. Go BUCKEYES


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last national championship but 2002 was great as well. Hiring of UFM was magic as well.
  • NFL TEAM: Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None currently
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 21 Apr 2019
The Nfl small stature will make him elusive the first few plays where he's scrambling or running. That's the trendy part that Arizona is looking forward to. Eventually he will plant to make a cut and he'll be blindsided. 5 feet 11 3/4 inches is just as small when it's the injured reserve list. I wish him well but it's a risk.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
A great DL complimented by a vastly improved set of LB and DB's is what's needed for us to even be discussed amongst the top teams. Meyer allowed far too much disfunction because his loyalty was to friends and family over the University. Thank God coach Day made overdue corrections on arrival. We will be significantly improved this year and Greg Schiano is unemployed for a reason.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
Andrade is a healthy young QB. We need 2 additional healthy young QB's so Andrade AND a grad transfer would offer some stability / depth. Fields is potentially great but when selecting schools - we weren't his initial chouce. Hoping all Buckeyes are successful but an injury could never happen or happen in the next 60 minutes. Something about an unexpected back up rising to lead us to the top that is very interesting. 3 expected back ups transferring in 2 seasons is far too many. Clean your house coach Day. More QB's leaving than coming is a bad formula. Get 2 more for '19 and recruiting 2 including an expected back up in '20 is essential as well. May the best man win.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
W T F Someone tell him the importance on a strong and capable back up QB. Last national championship was delivered in grand style against the very best with the August 3rd team guy. Would absolutely hate to see him go. He offers us so much.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
The very best players are sometimes Seniors. Sometimes Freshman. No clear cut answers. A strong coach can say you've been here the longest but you're not yet the best. Keep working on these 3 things and we will see how you progress. If the 35 best players are Freshmen... Play them. The last guy would have suggested special teams.
Comment 17 Apr 2019
Team leaders aren't typically 2 thousand+ miles away.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
This is Huge. How huge ? 7 feet tall of huge. Looking forward to a strong presence in the paint. Very excited to have this young man join us. Welcome to Buckeye Nation. From now until the end of time - 6' 9" guys are forwards.