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I am 58 yr old lifetime fan. I want total success in all sports but development of our players is essential as well. I support our teams but hope we strive to continue improving at all times. Hating ttun 365 days a year is stupid. Hating them 30 days a year is good. We will be wise to go to pass first QB'S starting in 2017. Recruiting is like water. No team can live w/o it. Moved to Florida 3+ ago. My heart is still in Central Ohio. Go BUCKEYES


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last national championship but 2002 was great as well. Hiring of UFM was magic as well.
  • NFL TEAM: Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None currently
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 13 Oct 2019
Welcome young man. You.bring a lot and we value adding you to a great class. At RB part mentioned above, both Gibbs and Bradford look better to me. Both are 5' 11" and each have a higher ranking and a 4th star. Keep calling Smith.and drop a text to Robinson. Get the best available recruit.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
Finally some teams are past cupcakes. Penn St. And Oklahoma haven't yet been challenged. Will be fun to watch. Burrow will be in the spotlight against a tough D. Florida back up is Emory Jones who was once a serious Buckeye hope for the future. Trask was injured last week so Jones may possibly be called upon. Iowa couldn't beat an unproven Mich team so I expect PSU will handle them easily. Wisky and MSU could be very fun to watch. Looking forward to good football all day long. Some will rise and some will fall.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
Hartline is essential. The last WR coach watched YouTube videos to learn his craft. JT was great at passing in 1 out of 10 games. We have made serious progress but in 5 years it will be obvious that we have gone to the elite and seriously improved level. Retain coach Hartline and keep getting better. The sky is the limit.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Redskins and Browns are not good jobs. Brilliant, innovative, hard working successful coaches are not easy to find. If he continues to do extremely well it won't be long until much.more favorable job offers will follow. Many homers think he's in heaven or on top of the highest point because he's at their favorite place. There's far more than money involved. He's not underpaid. If you look at the other coaches in the top 4 you will see he is far from overpaid. If he took a job and had to be replaced it would be a nightmare finding a replacement nearly as good. That highly rated recruiting class in '20 would have about 75% changing their mind and going elsewhere. A new HC would put together their own staff and it would be nothing less than utter Chaos for 24 months. Nothing suggests he is going anywhere but while we're doung so well we could let him know it's appreciated and compensate him appropriately. You have a gorgeous Ferrari. Put it in the garage. He make less than Jim H. At Ttun. How does that make sense ? JH is overpaid but RD is currently underpaid ( changed my mind from above ). It is time to bring balance into the equation.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Gene should immediately advise that he and everyone else acknowledge that the staff is doing an exceptional job. Throwing money at Day isn't immediately needed but an interim solution might be to increase the bonus potential. Additional 100K (in addition to what's in place now) for a B1G championship. Additional 500K for a National championship. If the year ends with Natty, there should be an extension done to increase his pay to exceed any other coach in the B1G. If back to back Natty is achieved.... An additional Million dollars. Proper appreciation is essential. Between coaching, recruiting and general team management - he's exceeding expectations and all of Buckeye nation is sincerely appreciative and aware of how damned good we have it now.
Comment 07 Oct 2019
Today Mr. Dwayne Haskins HC was fired. Can't believe it wasn't mentioned previously. Many negative comments about Dwayne. Not ready for the Nfl. Doesn't understand Nfl defenses. Suggestions are the owner wanted Haskins but not the HC. Espn are talking about this a lot. Interim HC for now. We will see what follows. I believe with a Ryan Day type of an offensive mind and appropriate training he will be great. A nasty bump in the road and too many negatives being said. Perhaps he was looking for a scapegoat.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
Both are needed. We don't have a lot of quality depth. Both would be great. However getting another 12 months later might be a challenge. We're going to let coach Day and staff handle that diplomacy. Wasn't too long ago that our 3rd string QB led us to amazing wins over Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon. I would repeat that story 100 times because it's true. Keep clise contact with Mr. Smith. It's probably down to Stanford, Florida and us. Only we will be in the final 4 later this year. He's damned good. Not that the others aren't but reach for the top.