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I am 57 yr old lifetime fan. I want total success in all sports but development of our players is essential as well. I support our teams but hope we strive to continue improving at all times. Hating ttun 365 days a year is stupid. Hating them 30 days a year is good. We will be wise to go to pass first QB'S starting in 2017. Recruiting is like water. No team can live w/o it. Moved to Florida several months ago. My heart is still in Central Ohio. Go BUCKEYES


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last national championship but 2002 was great as well. Hiring of UFM was magic as well.
  • NFL TEAM: Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None currently
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 16 Jun 2019
Welcome young man. Just checked teams that offered. Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame and.Texas all forgot to offer. We must know something they don't. Work hard and over achieve. Get a 4th star based on effort alone.
Comment 15 Jun 2019
Maybe literally Booms as in major fireworks. Maybe the pyrotechnic company (retail) in Licking county could donate to the show. That would add to the celebration to follow with commits. Just a crazy thought about fireworks over the Shoe. Small blue low in the sky with huge Scared and Grey exploding above. New loud and fun.
Comment 15 Jun 2019
R L W is timeless and helps student athletes outside the lines on the field. It helps people reach every available opportunity and teaches important lessons that help in some difficult situations. The University should increase the focus on this program which is far more than Big football helps you network.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Cris Carter, Eddie George, Joey Galloway, Zeke Elliott and a few others. Michael Thomas and others too. Definitely retire FNL because as good as it was, it's not yours coach Day. The BBQ could be different but even better. 6 pounds of BBQ for each guy. Delicious. 6 types of sauce to be respectful of the Carlinas, Tennessee, Texas, KC, and others.
Comment 13 Jun 2019
There needs to be some limitations. What's to stop 20 - 5 and 4 star talents from transferring to the runner up from the previous Natty. It would be chaos if this exaggerated scenario happened. 1 transfer = immediate eligibility. A second should be an automatic 12 month wait.