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I am 57 yr old lifetime fan. I want total success in all sports but development of our players is essential as well. I support our teams but hope we strive to continue improving at all times. Hating ttun 365 days a year is stupid. Hating them 30 days a year is good. We will be wise to go to pass first QB'S starting in 2017. Recruiting is like water. No team can live w/o it. Moved to Florida several months ago. My heart is still in Central Ohio. Go BUCKEYES


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last national championship but 2002 was great as well. Hiring of UFM was magic as well.
  • NFL TEAM: Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 3 hours ago
"to things that might have gotten a little stale" Not stale at all. Clemson, Oklahoma and Iowa didn't find it stale. They found it comical because it was 98% predictable. The magic of this year is the balance of our rushing and passing. Urban was simply in a rut. A fresh new approach was overdue. We're effective because it's not QB left followed by QB right followed by QB faking right then cutting left. Punt. Thank God Zack Smith is gone. Thank God Coach Day has shown there's another way to do things. Who knew that was possible ?
Comment 17 Sep 2018
Urban reported to work and advised those rumors about throwing the football are Fake news. Martell starts Saturday against Tulane and DH will be in the depth chart at Linebacker. Sorry, that was sick sarcasm. Can our HC agree that HE needs to maximize what the current talent offers and not rely on outdated tendencies ? I sure hope so. Too many are worried about position names. He's an X, a Y, or an H back. Without considering the WR depth, I would love for coach Day to add a new wrinkle. Tate, I want to have you line up where a slot receiver would be. When the ball is snapped Take two quick steps forward and when the defender starts moving backwards... take two steps back and catch a screen pass. Look at that ! Fast elusive athletes players playing and contributing without reinventing the wheel. Open space and endless opportunity while keeping the Team leader QB in place. Health and experience of Baldwin, Grad transfer and a walk on make original brilliant additional concepts a possibility. The rest of the season should be 90% like the first 3 games. A creative additional move could be an effective thing to consider. The old 250 Rushing and 250 receiving needs replaced with 250 Rushing and 325 passing.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
We must take every opponent seriously. If we have early success, we should work on areas that need attention while keeping everyone healthy. Martell and at least 1 other QB should play a lot. Baldwin and / or a walk on should play a few series.
Comment 15 Sep 2018
I love our new passing attack and the athletes getting it done. Seems like some 12 - 24 yard passes should be done each week as an additional weapon and a challenge of continuing to improve for coaches Day and Wilson. Respecting our opponent while hoping for very positive results. Buckeyes 48 - Frogs 28.