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Comment 18 Nov 2019

I think the starters haven't played a full game yet.  For all practical purposes, the starters have played "only" 5 total games.  On one hand, it keeps the little nagging injuries to a minimum.  On the other hand, if that game comes down to the 4th quarter, will the lack of playing a full game come back to haunt us? 

I don't think it's gonna happen but how glorious would it be to see the 2nd team come in half way through the 3rd quarter or so.  LOL

Comment 19 Oct 2019

i have to admit, I would love to see more of Dawand Jones.  He makes the other big guys looks small.  Isn't a tackle suppose to be the more nimble one when compared to a guard?  Imagine after a year or two at Ohio States Strengh and Training and Nutrition program what he would look like

Comment 03 Sep 2018

What a fantastic educational article.  Thank you for posting it.  I am glad for all the mistakes that happened in the game.  I believe those are very valuable lessons to be applied in the future.  I rather have those lessons now as opposed to learning them when we play TCU.  I hope that Fuller won't play and we continue to play Pryor and Wint.  I believe we will win against Rutgers even without Fuller.  But yeah...as someone else mentioned, the one thing that seems a little disconcerting is the speed.  Was Oregon really that fast, or the DB's not that fast, or just plain old bad angles?

Comment 15 Aug 2017

As far as QB backup, let's blow away the opponents by the beginning of the 3rd Q and put in Burrow and Haskins, or whoever in there.  Backup QB controversy solved =)

But yeah...I thought last year there were too many times when the offensive was looking to the sidelines waiting for the call to be made.  In my head I was thinking that they dialing up a very super duper complicated play that would end up in tons of yardage only to result in a few yards and a dust sprinkle.

Comment 04 Jul 2016

You are so right.  Two weeks ago I was at the Jazz Festival in downtown Gahanna.  I was so surprised how nice it looked.  Also went to the Short North and it has a very nice vibe to it.  Didn't hurt that I run into Urban Meyer at an Ice Cream store and held the door open for him LOL

Comment 04 Jul 2016

I really miss Ohio compared to DC.  People are more friendly, usually drivers are less aggressive, it doesn't take me 45 minutes to drive 10 miles (unless it's rush hour around Polaris), and I imagine that dating someone during football seasons is easier because they won't complain if I disappear for 4-5 hours on Saturday, ohh...and parking is SOOOOOOO much easier.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

It's all one big conspiracy by the coaching staff.  Have a game plan that allows Ohio State to win in a less than convincing fashion against cup cakes.  The result being is that the kids are being humbled after being told how great they are during the entire off season.  Come Big Ten play, Urban will release the dogs of war so until then I expect another sub par performance against Western Michigan.

Someone once said (maybe Woody???) is that the greatest obstacle to being great is being good.  My take is that Urban is playing mind-games with the kids.  

Ok, time for me to put my tin foil hat back down and probably get some work done =)