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Comment 13 Apr 2019

I'm reading exactly nothing into Fields and Baldwin's respective performances in today's game in terms of who will win the starting job. I agree with most here that it will likely be Fields, but who knows. I remember being more impressed with Burrow than Haskins after last year's Spring Game. I think it's pretty clear a year later which of those two is the better QB (no disrespect to Joe). I trust that Day will make the right call.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

So then why is it necessary for coaches to encourage fans to come? Fans are being used as a pawn for recruiting purposes, by that logic.

You answered your own question. It's about demonstrating to recruits that they will always play in front of a huge crowd if they come to OSU. It's not about catering to fans' preferences re: tackling.

Comment 06 Apr 2019

Very sad; definitely seems like dementia. One of the most heartbreaking things about Alzheimer's/dementia in general--and I speak from experience as I have a fairly extensive family history of it (which scares me personally quite a bit, but that's a different story)--is how much, in the midst of incoherence/confusion/memory loss/etc., the true self, the whole person, still comes through at times. In the article linked to above, the quotes from Knight are certainly characteristic of dementia, but they also are consistent with the hilarious curmudgeon he's always been. He's still lucid to the extent that his sense of self seems be intact, and anyone who has experience with relatives with dementia can tell you that that's a blessing. 

Comment 28 Mar 2019

You understand that the reason Hartline’s success is a story is because his predecessor was unsuccessful, right? This is not complicated. Zach Smith is an implicit part of the story. 

You also seem confused by what the word “slander” means.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Hi! I’m in DC at the moment, but lived in Rockrimmon as a kid before going to OSU and moving back to Denver.

Im glad you commented, though. I was an Air Force brat and I know for a fact that ZS’ behavior would not fly if he had been under my dad’s command. He has some serious character issues.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Give me a break; his life is not ruined. He’s a trust fund kid from the wealthiest suburb in Central Ohio. He is, and will continue to be, fine. Being a power 5 football coach is a privilege, not a right, and it’s a privilege that he never would have had in the first place had he not been Earle Bruce’s grandson. The only thing hurting his future prospects right now is his own stupidity and his reckless actions—specifically, getting drunk and popping off on twitter, issuing vague threats at his former employer.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Serious question for those of you who defend ZS—just in terms of the “eye test”, does the person in that video seem like someone who is mentally well? Or someone you would want to work for you or alongside you? I’m curious what environments some of you exist and work in, because in my world, this guy’s entire affect/demeanor/cadence/general vibe sends up red flag after red flag. It couldn’t be more obvious that this is a fucked up individual who should never have been paid six figures to mentor and develop young men.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

You’re out of your mind if you think Urban Meyer—from a character perspective—has a “good reputation” in the mind of anyone who isn’t a Buckeye football fan. Zach has a bad reputation across the board because in addition to being a piece of shit, he was a fucking terrible coach who was only ever hired to Urban’s staff because of who his grandfather was. His entire tenure at OSU was a prolonged piss all over Earle’s legacy and, at the end, his grace. Fuck Zach Smith.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Maybe you saw something I didn’t, but I didn’t see DJ get upset about ZS calling him out on the Montana incident. Also, as someone who has known and been close to more alcoholics than I would like to have known, Zach is very clearly an alcoholic and he needs professional help, not a podcast. He’s a sick person.

And how is ZS not relevant to the Hartline story? The thrust of the story is that the WR unit has improved considerably since Hartline become its coach, after underperforming for several years. It is hardly a stretch to say that the reason the receivers underperformed was because they  were coached by an idiotic nepotism hire who was a liability to the program both on and off the field. Zach Smith was an incompetent jackass and the only reason our receivers were even halfway decent during his tenure was their own god given talent. For christ’s sake, for the three years that he had the current best receiver in the NFL, he wasn’t able to get even a single all-B1G season out of him. We love to shit on Michigan for failing to develop the greatest QB of all time into anything better than 6th round pick, but look at the god awful job ZS did with Thomas. It would be absurd not to mention ZS in the discussion of the WRs’ improvement since his departure. 

Comment 28 Mar 2019

I’ll probably listen out of morbid curiosity, but this is fucking ridiculous at this point. Anyone who doesn’t recognize what an absolute disgrace and embarrassment ZS has been—and continues to be—for the OSU program is either an imbecile or lives in a bubble and doesn’t interact with normal people who aren’t Buckeye fanatics. Or both. This sucks. Fuck Zach Smith.

And the dig at DJ is nonsense. Whatever DJ did or didn’t do when he was in college is irrelevant to this situation. DJ may have fucked up when he was a college student—most people do (albeit not usually in the form of allegedly aiding an armed robbery)—but the trajectory of his life and character have gone in the exact opposite direction of Zach’s over the years. I suspect there is something else, possibly related to the reason he left 11W last year, motivating some commenters’ animosity toward DJ as of late.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Depends on your definition of long-term, but I don't think the six (seven? can't remember) year deal that Jayson Werth signed in 2010 proved idiotic for the Nats. They've underachieved in the postseason for sure, and his numbers haven't been amazing, but his signing has been a net positive for the franchise and he's been integral to their ascent from the worst team in baseball to perennial playoff contenders.

If A-Rod had stayed with the Rangers through the entirety of the ten year contract he signed with them, it would've been worth it. He was the best player in the AL those three years and only got better after he left for the Yankees (though he did eventually decline in NY, but that didn't happen until after his contract with TEX would have been up).

There was also this guy named Barry Bonds who signed a record free agent contract with the Giants in 1993 after six years in Pittsburgh. All he did was win five MVP awards over the next 11 years.

And Scherzer is three years into a massive seven year contract and doesn't appear to be slowing down.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Enough of the "participation trophy" bullshit. My parents are Baby Boomers, and guess what? They also received the much-maligned participation trophies that you all like to pretend are some recent invention. Kids have received trophies for participating in rec sports for decades. In fact, there's a much greater emphasis on winning and competition in youth sports today than there was when the Gen-Xers and Boomers were growing up. It's nauseating to see the generation that had so much handed to it bemoan some supposed sense of "entitlement" among "kids these days." And oh by the way, today's college students are not Millennials--they're Generation Y. Millennials are in their mid-20s on the young end, and pushing 40 on the older end. But I digress.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I agree that OU would be a contender with or without Hurts, and Fields is definitely the more talented player, but Hurts was 26-2 as the starting QB for the premier program in college football. He is no slouch. This is a huge deal for Oklahoma, and it only makes them better.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Considering what demographic, exactly? I get the sense that you don't know as much about Colorado and its culture as you seem to think you do. Also, I'm not sure anything about Martell's transfer is "abundantly obvious" at this point.

I'm not "personally offended" by the Bosas' politics, either. This isn't complicated--political views are a direct reflection of one's values, and many of theirs are largely antithetical to my own. They use their platform--Nick, in particular--to espouse opinions re: US politics that I find odious; therefore, I don't think highly of them on a personal level. But as I said, that has no bearing on my willingness to root for them. I loved watching both of them play for the Buckeyes.

Furthermore, I don't think you know enough about my politics to suggest that "celebrities" share them. But that is neither here nor there.