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Comment 08 Dec 2019

Comparing this situation to Martell’s at Miami is idiotic. White is almost certainly disappointed with how this season has gone for him on an individual level, and I’m sure that’s weighing on him, but consider the fact that that disappointment is compounded by his father slowly dying of a horrific disease. I feel awful for the kid. 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

He's not coming back. And I love JK, but IMO he is not currently in the conversation for greatest OSU RB ever. I know where he stands on the all-time rushing list, but *at this point* I don't put him in the same category as Archie, Zeke, and Eddie. He's gotta win a Heisman and/or a Natty to be in that conversation.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

My takeaway from these rankings is that Saturday will be all about style points for several teams. I think it's pretty clear at this point that LSU has effectively clinched a spot in the final four, regardless of whether they beat Georgia (though I think they will). So, assuming LSU and OSU both win, the #1 spot will come down to who wins more convincingly in their respective conference championship. The Bucks will have won four games against three top-15 teams, while LSU will have wins against four top-15 teams. Similarly, if Oklahoma and Utah both win, the committee will have a tough call: do you simply put in the team that won its conference title game more handily? Do you reward the Sooners for beating a top-10 team in Baylor? Or, does the committee put Utah in because a win over an Oregon whose only loss was to Auburn in the first game of the season and a single loss to a currently-ranked USC team comprise a better "body of work" than Oklahoma's? Really tough to say. One thing is for sure, though--this could be the most interesting and controversial Selection Sunday since 2014.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Two things:

1) College football players don't face prosecution under the UCMJ for leaving a football team. Totally different context and incentive structure. Football is a business in which some athletes have an opportunity to make tens of millions of dollars; military service is not. Pretty bonkers comparison, imo.

2) Chase stuck around because he was facing, at most, a four-game suspension and he was not injured. Bosa, by all accounts, would not have been physically able to play until--at the earliest--the B1G championship, and even then would not have been at 100 percent health. Again, his decision involved a completely different calculus from Chase's. I don't see how the two can be compared.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Nick didn't come to Ohio State to play school. It's completely ridiculous to shit on the kid for not sticking around and maintaining his amateur status unnecessarily while taking classes for no reason other than to please weirdos like you who think you're owed anything from 19 and 20 year old kids who put their bodies and future earning potential on the line every Saturday so that you can get a dopamine rush as a byproduct of *their* hard work. Bosa made the smart call, and it's telling that his teammates supported him 100 percent in doing so.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I'm not as hard on ESPN as some others on this website, but I will say it's straight up bizarre how so many analysts/pundits/etc at that network seem to be under the impression that OSU is the same program it was, say, 13 years ago. You routinely hear them talk about the talent gap between OSU and [insert SEC team here], as though Urban didn't turn Ohio State into arguably the top NFL talent factory in the country. Listening to their commentary about OSU and its players, you'd have no idea that this is the same program that produced the highest paid WR, best RB, best DE(s), and two of the top corners in the NFL over the last four years. You'd also have no idea that since the Florida and LSU losses, OSU has taken down the champion of every P5 conference besides the ACC, plus Notre Dame. I don't know where they get the idea that OSU doesn't show up for big games. It's just strange.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

This team is considerably more talented than the '06 team. Not to say they didn't have good players, but it's true that there was a huge talent gap between the top teams in the SEC and B1G at the time, and that was glaringly obvious in the national championship game that year. That's no longer the case; OSU might be the most talented team in the country, and they're playing up to their potential. I've been an OSU fan my entire life, and this is the first season that I've been fully confident every single week that the Buckeyes will take care of business. I'll be shocked if this team is not in New Orleans on January 13th.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

Well, yeah, of course he disagreed with them on that. It would be extremely bizarre if he came out and said, "You know what, I'm totally on board with being barred from leading the team through training camp and the first three games of the season, and I applaud the University administration for its decision." I don't think anyone would dispute that Urban was clearly pissed during that press conference. What we're discussing, though, is whether that experience irrevocably damaged his relationship with the University, and I think it's clear that it did not. If their relationship were "shot", as you put it, why would he still be working--even if he's only doing so nominally--for OSU? What incentive would either party have to maintain the employment relationship after his retirement? Neither OSU (and by extension, Michael Drake) nor Urban are behaving like there's any bad blood. I think OSU fans who insist that Urban hates the administration are projecting their own feelings onto him.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Without looking at the numbers I would imagine that the Pac 12 is also up there as far as top academic conferences go--though maybe it's just top heavy. Cal, UCLA, and Stanford are obviously elite, and Washington and Colorado are very good schools, as well. Don't know about the rest, but I don't think there's another conference with three schools on the same level as Cal, UCLA, and Stanford.