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Comment 6 hours ago

Couldn't agree more Tom.
Think back to last year when Urban retired prior to the signing period.
Recruits would never forgive a coach for doing that --- AND the NCAA has allowed athletes to transfer based on that happening so the right thing for Hafley to do was to announce this before the early signing period.

I hope we can keep all the DBs, but guess what, OSU will be just fine with the ones that have already announced they are coming.
Keeping Watts, Cavazos is huge as they will be playing on the outside.  A slot corner is critical as well, but outside corners are even more important.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I actually think playing three good defenses back-to-back-to-back will only help OSU.
The interior of the Bucks O line is better than the D tackles on Clemson.
Clemson has a beast at LB, but the key to me is our guard-center-guard vs their D tackles.
If those three control their D tackles, running lanes will be there for JK.

On the other side of the ball, I am looking forward to seeing the matchup between Okudah, Arnett, Wade, and Fuller vs their very talented WR group.
Absolutely have to make T-Law uncomfortable in the pocket from the get go.
I love this match-up. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

The committee had a strange love for UGA all year (and for Texas for a good portion of the year even when it was clear they were not a good team).
UGA had a horrible loss at home to a bad South Carolina team and then gets destroyed by LSU and STILL somehow was being discussed for the 4th spot in the CFP.

They lose more credibility each year with their rationale. 
Wisconsin would have hammered that UGA team that played Saturday vs. LSU,

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Don't know about "data", but one top recruit last week said he would not be in attendance and specifically stated the noon start as the reason he could not make it.

(Can't remember if the article was on here or Bucknuts) but he verbatim stated the noon start was the reason he and his father could not get to town in time.

So it most definitely affects out of state individuals like him.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

I echo so many comments on here about the play calling yesterday.
Most frustrating was the 3rd and 4 or 5 from right around midfield in the 4th quarter --- a run.
61 runs to 22 passes in a game like that (against a team who's biggest weakness on D is their secondary is just crazy). 

Hopefully we won't see that again.

And not sure why the coaches had Austin Mack playing so much over Olave. 
Mack is a GREAT blocker (probably the best of the WR group).   Olave is simply the best WR on this team period.

Great win but lots of questions as to why it was so run heavy (especially on first down) and not trying to loosen up their D more.  

Comment 03 Nov 2019

All great stats for sure...
One area we need to improve though is sacks allowed per game.  
The Bucks have been sacked 19 times this year (obviously there are numerous things that go into that).

Our O line has been really good, but this is one area they can get a lot better.
(By comparison, UGA has allowed a ridiculous 4 all season, Clemson 6, Oklahoma 7, ND 11).


Comment 20 Oct 2019

Wisconsin is still a good football.
No chance this team will be over confident going into this game.
If anything, the opposite.
Sure Ryan Day and the coaches are now preaching that UW is going to come in furious after that loss.


Comment 15 Oct 2019

Same exact reason we see some college games on Friday nights now.

Television dedicates the start times of these games.
There was actually a write up about this just prior to the season starting and FOX made it clear their top game of week was going to be at noon.

Pretty stupid IMO, but I don't have a say.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

The thing I love about this team vs OSU teams in the past is how balanced they are.
Last year, it was clear --- stop the pass FIRST and force OSU to run.
During the JT Barrett years it was stop the run FIRST and force Barrett to throw.

This year it is pick your poison.
Load the box and Fields will pick you apart with whoever he wants to throw the ball to at that moment.
Play the pass, and we shred you with the run...

This is why I think this OSU team is so dangerous.  They can beat you in so many ways offensively and now has a Top Ten defense to go along with their Top Ten offense...
Not being a total OSU homer when I say, this team really could win it all...

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Have never understood why the QB sneak was not a part of the playbook.
I like my chances of picking up one yard under center and plowing ahead than I ever will lined up in the shotgun.

So happy to finally see that and hope it becomes the norm and not the exception.

About to find out how good this team really is the next two weeks...

Comment 21 Sep 2019

Amazing how they kicked it into gear after that poor start.
Definitely some areas to clean up still, especially missing wide open receivers.
Chase Young is unstoppable.
And Garrett Wilson is going to be a freak on offense. 
To think we have him and Chris Olave PLUS all the receivers coming in next year...

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I actually think the Buckeyes cover the 37 point spread.
(Amazing only ONE TD given up by the defense in the first half this year---and that came on a trick play, albeit well designed and perfectly called trick play).

I am going with a final score of 49-10....
Buckeyes blow this open early and cover.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Stock Up:  BIG 10 East.
  Maryland has a talented group on offense.    Defense is so-so, but their offense can score.
  Wisconsin... Just all around a solid team and I think will beat Michigan (and it may not be close).

I agree with the comments on our overall discipline on both sides of the ball.
  Last year the Buckeyes we averaged 8.3 penalties per game.
  Granted very early, but so far this year: 4.5.   What a difference (especially on false starts from last year).


Comment 31 Jul 2019

ESPN is ridiculous.
I am glad to see Jack Sawyer ranked so high, but someone please help me with this.

J.T. Tuimoloau is #1 on 247 and #2 on Rivals and #50 on ESPN???
Sounds very similar to Gee Scott JR... 

They need to get out of recruiting analysis when you have discrepancies that massive.