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Comment 09 Nov 2019

I’m glad they used it as a teaching moment for how NOT to draw a penalty for not taunting. I mean, I will never believe that was actual taunting - I watched the video over and over because it was so ridiculous - but I’m glad coach took the time to teach a young player and that the ref was willing to also. I guess? I mean on the one hand, teaching moments are good. But on the other hand, “learn how to think about optics va intent” is most of my adult corporate life and the kids should probably learn it but it makes me sad that they have to? 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

In Chase's case, he said in his statement that this "friend" became known to him prior to his enrollment at OSU. So this friend was someone who appeared in Chase's life after he was recruited, which is a violation.

Actually, that’s not what that says. “Known prior to his enrollment” means anytime in the 17-18 years before he was at tOSU. Could be 2 months. Could be 2 years. Could be someone he’s known since infancy. Could he before he enrolled, before he was recruited, before he graduated, before he got his braces off, before he was potty trained. Before is just...before. Definite logical fallacy there., sorry. 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

I mean, yeah, the most yard gains the Terps got were from penalties but it was our second and third string, who haven’t exactly had a lot of live action in the Shoe so I’m gonna cut the kids a little damn slack. And they still managed to put 30 up on them. Stuff to work on? Absolutely. But sloppiest 73-14  win  ever? Gonna roll my eyes on that. It was a 73-14 win with second and third string in die for the SECOND HALF. 

Comment 05 Oct 2019

"Questionable" blindside block call? Even the pitiful ESPN/ABC talking heads Herbstreit and Fuller thought that was crap. This new rule might be worse than targeting (and um, an ACTUAL targeting was committed against Dobbins and they ignored it). I'm all for protecting the kids but FFS, we need clearly defined rules and no subjective "forceful impact" BS.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

I am conflicted on the argument (my father is very much of the "at the end, you must root for B1G teams" mentality and I have never been able to fully get on board, though I see the logic). But mostly I'm here for this:

who has his friends and walrus grandpa

Walrus grandpa. I fell out and may have choked on coffee at that point.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

Loved seeing the guys enjoy themselves (and having already seen Fuller's "I can't believe people like this!" video, I watched the Urban one twice - once for his reaction and then again to watch Fuller again a few rows back - LOL).

Having said that, as an Ohioan who grew up near Cedar Point, I looked at that ride and thought "You call THAT a roller coaster?" Looked SO tame.