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Comment 11 Dec 2016

I know Tim Beck takes a ton of crap from Buckeye fans for QB development and play calling, but is it truly fair to lay all the blame on him? After seeing how this season went offensively, these are the key things I noticed....

1. Play calls were not being called in fast enough. Plenty of times, players were standing around....sometimes frustratingly waiting for the play call.

2. Too many cooks in the kitchen? If you noticed, Urban has been tied up in his headset far more than I've ever seen him this year. He's obviously talking a lot with Beck and Warinner in the booth.

3. Execution has been an issue as well, some plays didn't complete because of JTs part and because of the receivers.

4. Situational based plays based on what the defense was giving us and game planning didn't seem to be up the snuff this season. Back when Herman was calling plays, it seemed like we had a knack for finding a play that worked based off of what the defense gave us.

I know Urban loves working offense, but things don't seem the same as when Herman was up there calling the plays. Either Urban and Tom clicked well together when calling the offense or maybe in this case, since they're 2 guys in the booth and Urban on the field....let Ed and Tim work the offense. Nothing good can come when you've got 3 difference people with their hands on the offense live in a game. When Herman was around, play calls were called in much faster, everything ran smoother, and it seemed like the overall reaction on what play call to call next was better, maybe processing the game at a faster rate than now? I just hope this bowl game is different in that aspect as well as next season.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

Joe Thomas is very good at escaping the pressure and keeping the play alive and usually turning nothing into something. The last few weeks there's been some throws on his part with either bad timing or overthrown footballs, but I think that will get cleaned up over time. Still, a 26/38 on passing 290 yds and 4 TDs is pretty damn good from last weekends game. The few misses JT had could have made it easily 29 maybe 30/38 on passing and well over 300 yds with one of those being a TD.

Comment 07 Nov 2016

Very nice break down on the film study! I gotta admit though, I do miss the dialing up of the draw play that JT was really good at with Zeke. It was almost like the defense never knew which way the ball was going. Not to say we won't see it again, but we haven't seen it much with Weber this year.

Comment 01 Nov 2016

We're doing just enough to win the game, save for not so solid special teams). I think there's more in the bag to show to help combat the cover 3 and the pressure on JT to find the open man when the defense drops 7 and rushes 4, but Meyer just isn't showing any tricks just yet. I bet Nebraska finds a way to get into JTs head and put pressure on him much how Penn St did and also take away the pass as much as possible. We counter with giving Nebraska different looks and playing solid offense with excellent execution. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Don't get me wrong, I want a W in Norman like everyone else does. But if OSU loses to Oklahoma next season but then wins out, I see a very similar season compared to 2014. Ask me after that Va Tech game in 2014 if we were gonna win a Natty that year and I woulda told you that you were nuts. Well guess how that turned out?

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Aside from all the departing players, graduating and leaving for the NFL....the one question I have is what is Meyer planning on doing with the offense in regards to the coaches?? I've got a feeling that some changes are coming for either Warinner and / or Beck whether it be taking a job elsewhere or some reevaluating in regards to play calling, game preparation, playbook design, Beck in the Booth / Warinner on the field and vice versa etc. It's sort of like a cliff hanger at the end of the season with Warinner being in the booth for the last 2 games and I know a lot of Buckeye fans feel uneasy about Warinner continuing to be in the booth next season with a young offensive line.   

Comment 05 Jan 2016

This upcoming recruiting season will officially make the entire football team completely Urbanized. Every single player would have been recruited by Urban Meyer. I'm not so worried because I think the approach to recruiting at OSU nowadays is you sign here, you play here. If you RS it is because you're not that good or the position is loaded for said player. Next Spring and Fall are going to be exciting as we see new players develop into impact players!!

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Let's just hope as un-Urban like as last Saturday's game that we never see a 100 some yard offense for an entire game ever again. I say this even if we've got a damn duck sitting in the booth on headset so long as Meyer is our coach.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Just what exactly is Beck relaying to the field when he's in the press box?? I'm curious because obviously Beck has the birds eye view and can see how the defense is attacking us and find the solution by suggesting a play to Meyer and staff. It seems that the play calling overall this year has been less innovative, probably as a loss due to the departure of Herman. I know between Herman and Beck, both those guys could very well see things differently while analyzing a defense on the go, but then they could also see things very much alike. That will never know because neither Beck or Herman rarely speak to the media.