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Comment 16 Jan 2015

I remember bits and pieces of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. What I remember vividly is the stress my friends and I felt throughout the game, all of us just waiting to explode. Then I remember Ken Dorsey's shrinking shoulders as the Buckeyes pulled off probably still the biggest upset of the BCS Era. I remember our joy, as we exploded into jubilant celebration in the back corner of Brothers in the Arena District. I remember picking my friend up off the floor when he jumped and slipped in spilled beer. I remember a phone call from my dad. I don't remember what was said, we were basically excitedly screaming at each other. It was pandemonium to say the least.

This one was different. After this one, while I was excited and jubilant, my celebration was more subdued. It was not for a lack of happiness, I was beyond Cloud Nine, but to be honest, I was more proud than excited. I felt the need to, while in the process of high fiving and hugging my friends while we celebrated at our table at King Ave 5 - the same table we had for the B1G Championship and Sugar Bowl - I just wanted to take it all in. With an ear to ear grin and a bit of moisture in my eyes, I sat there and just let it all really occur to me that I just witnessed the final chapter in what may go down as the greatest single season by any team in the history of College Football. Perhaps I couldn't wrap my brain around it as I had a lot of feelings running through me at the time. I thought of all the adversity, including the devastation of losing a teammate to suicide. I thought of the insurmountable odds that this team faced head-on and what they overcame to reach the top of the mountain. I had to let it all sink in. 4 days later, the feeling of love, pride, and joy I have for this team still radiates from me. I am so proud of the job that the Coach Meyer and his staff did this year, so proud of the players, who accomplished the impossible. So proud of our Champions. No, I will never forget this season, where I was for so many of our magic moments. It is forever etched into my brain. GO BUCKS 2014 UNDISPUTED NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

2015 is going to be a monster of a season!

Comment 15 Oct 2014

I love reading my weekly edition of "The Misadventures of Dave and Brady" as much as the next guy, it always puts a smile on my face...but for the betterment of the B1G, the scUM football program needs to be revamped and returned to an elite status. It'll take more than a couple 1-loss and a few 2-loss B1G teams to change the national perception. Having Michigan be a crap program hurts the conference.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Couldn't have described that any better! I was there last year with my clan of OSU travelers, we had our music turned up, beer flowing grill cooking, and had a great time...and we were totally out of place among the UM fans quietly sipping their cocoa.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

I wouldn't say that the players aren't buying into his system...if his best players weren't hard workers that means that they are/were lazy...and you really can't fix lazy, it's a personality trait. Time will tell, the D will be revamped, the new coaches look promising, and Urban's recruits will have taken over soon. The last remnants of the Tressel Era are slowly fading away.