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Comment 10 Aug 2019

It's all signaling to Fields that he's just not where he needs to be. Sure, he'd start if they had a game tomorrow, but he obviously hasn't earned it in Day's mind. The concern is how tough of a teacher is Day? Does he grade at a C- where others would grade at a B+? If so Fields probably won't be "ready" until midseason. On the other hand, if Fields is really struggling then there is reason to worry.

Comment 10 Aug 2019

I have a feeling that while he has struggles with ball security, he is similar to Brendon White in that he just doesn't practice well enough to "earn" playing time. But if he was forced into a starting role or significant playing time, he'd do a surprisingly good job. JMO based on him constantly flashing ability in limited playing time.

Really hope he can figure out the turnovers and little things because he could be a huge part of this offense.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

QB: Fields
RB: Dobbins
WR: Mack / Wilson
WR: Olave / Victor
WR: Hill / Gill
TE: Farrell
H-Back: Berry
LT: Munford
LG: Jackson
C: Myers
RG: Davis
RT: Bowen / NPF

DE: Young
NT: Togiai / Landers
DT: Hamilton
DE: Cooper
LB: Harrison
LB: Mitchell / Borland
LB: Werner
BU: White
CB: Okudah
CB: Arnette
NB: ​Wade
S: Fuller
S: Proctor

Comment 05 Aug 2019

The back seven of the defense and their ability to fill gaps and use correct angles to prevent huge plays. 

Offensive line. Not just pass blocking, but being able to consistently run block and run RPOs as well. Fields will take some of the pressure off them because of this threat in the option, but the offense will struggle early without a good ground game. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

Possibly, although if Justin Fields still decides to come here you're looking at a 2013-esque offense with a much higher passing ceiling. But Day probably would've left.

I get your point though. Urban is a top 3 coach, but a silver lining from his retirement is that the offense gets the transformation is has needed since 2014. He really tried to make necessary changes, especially with Day, but it was always a step or two away from what needed to be done in the long term. I think after 2010 bit him in the ass at Florida, he never trusted getting away from the core QB run concepts. Not that I can blame him when it wins you 90% of your games.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

If OSU was still relying on a Meyer offense that relied heavily on QB runs, I think this would be easier to swallow, but when you're trying to transition to a pro-style system, it's a lot more important to get the RBs that Bama and Georgia are landing.

Antonio Pittman was a really good RB, but we'd all take Beanie or Jonathan Stewart over him, and they were capable of carrying the offense for periods of time.

OSU will recover just fine, but there's no reason they shouldn't land a top RB more than once every 14 years.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

I think Meyer's OL and DL are both better. Will Smith was a great player, and Gholston was a great pass rusher, but the Bosa's were better than both. Joey was Joey, and f Nick had remained healthy, he's getting 15-20 sacks and winning multiple national awards.

Anyway, they're both great teams and it'd be a fun game. Just think the technical ability and overall talent of Meyer's offense, plus the DL, would be too much for Tressel's team.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

I think he'll smash the career receptions record, and have a shot at the single season record. Not sure he'll have much over 1,000 yards and 8-10 TDs with how they rotate WRs.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

I'm optimistic about the defense as well. There will be struggles, but they have all the keys to success covered.

  • Budding first round talent (Young, Okudah, Wade) 
  • Depth at DL, and decent depth at DB
  • Talented seniors (Cooper, Hamilton, Landers, Arnette, Fuller, Harrison) offering experience and leadership

None of the returning seniors may be super stars, but I think all of them greatly solidify what would've otherwise been a green and thin defense. I think holding opponents to ~17ppg, ~330 ypg would be a great swing and make this a ready dangerous team.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

He's doing a great job recruiting right now, and although it'll be a while before we know how he'll handle replacing his own assistants, I think he'll be able to avoid some of the glaring errors Urban made that really held his teams back.

In terms of not just barely winning the easy games...every coach is going to have close games they "shouldn't" have. Dabo barely beat Syracuse and got into a shoot out with a terrible South Carolina team. Alabama has had numerous close calls against wildly outgunned Ole Miss, Tennessee, and TAMU squads. When you play 13+ games, you're bound to get into one or two unexpected slugging matches.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I have an extremely difficult time seeing that. And that is no knock again Day, but Meyer had an insane winning %, fantastic recruting chops and still struggled to keep up with Clemson and Bama. What Saban has done is unbelievable and Dabo has pulled level while Georgia is right on their heels. Parity has increased in the middle and upper middle class of CFB, but right now it is as hard as its ever been to break through and win a title in.

2018 Clemson CFP
2017 Alabama CFP
2016 Clemson CFP
2015 Alabama CFP
2014 Ohio State CFP
2013 Florida State BCS
2012 Alabama BCS
2011 Alabama BCS
2010 Auburn BCS

That's insane, and there it's not getting any easier as they continue to sign the top classes year after year and the main networks are in love with both programs.

The main variables are

1) Day's offense - more forward thinking and should make it harder for elite teams to defend OSU come time for  the playoffs.
2) Recruiting - Already been discussed. Both teams Day is chasing are recruiting at a slightly higher pace which is going to make it tough. But that can change.
3) Justin Fields - If he is as good as the hype, he can carry the team to a title. But that is a huge if. We've seen Dabo ride a super talented QB to the a title twice now. Time for Day to do it.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

2014 - Devastated when Miller went down in preseason, then VaTech was sobering. Expected a 9-4 type season after that, but got one of the best rollercoaster rides ever. It happening in the first year of the playoffs made it even more special.

2005 - This one is a bit bittersweet, as that team should've played for a national title, but there were some great wins that year - Iowa, TSUN, ND -  and a lot of star power and players that will always rank among my favorites.

Comment 30 May 2019

I don't think he looked bad in the spring game. A few throws were off because of communication or lack of reps (the early slant, the corner route open in the endzone) but he also showed Haskins-esque arm strength a few times in being able to throw deep outs across the hash. And I never understood the complaints about the 98 yard pass. That was a throw not many college QBs can make, and he almost lofted it up there, which is why it was a hair late.

Basically all of the mistakes I saw were easily correctable and were not because of a lack of arm talent or understanding of the game. The variables are his film study, being able to throwing guys open, and increased touch. And those are things most young QBs have to work on.

Comment 16 May 2019

Hoping that Gill and McCall step up and start catching those underneath routes. McCall started to seem like a serious asset late last season and I think he'll be a key to an explosive offense this season. If he's producing, it gives the extra facet to your offense that's hard to matchup with.

Gill is hopefully Paris 2.0, but with better hands to start his career.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Recognizing that JT had clear limitations and that Haskins was a far better QB is a long jump from "JT cost more wins than he added", which is a silly and simple way to eliminate any of his contributions. 

I liked JT, but it's obvious he never had the arm or anticipation to stress elite defenses. The cluster that was the offensive coaching in 15-16 didn't help his development either, but he would never have been consistent enough to carry the brunt of an offensive gameplan in the playoffs. Meyer either struggled to accept this or knew he didn't have any better options.

JT was still a great Buckeye though, and it's not that difficult to have a nuanced opinion on his career. He was not a great QB and had many flaws in his game, but he was a great leader and player who lead the Buckeyes for 4 years, set numerous records, and had big wins, as well as losses. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Not surprising, and I don't think anyone can read much into it this "battle". Baldwin had been said to have impressed a lot of the players last year, but reading between the lines tells me that after Fields gets more practice, he's the definite starter. This is typical spring talk to push a really talented player and keep everyone engaged on offense, while also acknowledging Baldwin's ability and potential.

Comment 26 Jan 2019
Too early to worry about it. Day just finalized the staff and will be getting more traction in the next few months. We won't have a more accurate outlook until the late spring. Williams to Clemson sucks, but luckily DT is not a big position of need. I'm more concerned with keeping Paris and getting OTs and DBs.
Comment 20 Dec 2018

Haskins no doubt. Among the best CFB passers in the last 10 years and still can make improvements in his game. Carried a seriously flawed team this year, and next year the OL and Defense should be improved. They'd be right in the mix.

Tate is an exciting player, but there will be a step back initially. Fields is an unknown to me. I know a lot of people see him as Watson2.0, but without seeing him start against top teams, those kind of comparisons seem like a stretch to me.