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Toledo, Ohio (via Toledo, Ohio)

MEMBER SINCE   October 01, 2014

Senior Information Systems Major @ the University of Toledo
- Born in Columbus, but raised out of the Mud.
- My dad played for the Buckeyes & ran track - (88'-91')
- Favorite Player: JT Barrett


  • SPORTS MOMENT: When Maurice Clarett stripped that one guy from Miami during the 2002 BCS Championship game... #EPIC
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: JT Barrett & Terrelle Pryor
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Marc Loving via The Glass City
  • NFL TEAM: Greatest Show on Turf
  • NHL TEAM: Whats the "NHL"?
  • NBA TEAM: Kobe & Co.
  • MLB TEAM: Bronx Bombers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Whatever team Messi plays for... (shrugs)

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Comment 31 Aug 2018

Thank you guys for the feedback! I’m feeling the love all the way from here. I’m gonna try and make something shake with these suggestions. Much love to you all! #GoBucks 

Comment 13 Aug 2017

These videos are not meant for middle aged conservative fans guys, its promo for the kids who actually listen to the music! The athletes they recruit like hip-hop point blank. Maybe for baseball, tennis or hockey recruiting Rock n Roll would suffice. Obviously the PR team cares more about their perception amongst 5 star athletes over random fans, which makes senses (their the intended audience). Hard to complain when the results speak for themselves. Sorry to bust bubbles... lmao 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Kevin Wilson will pump life back into Zone 6! Our playcalling has sucked since Herman left (and that msu game we lost). Anybody could predict our plays which ruined our talent advantage...get these boys into some space with the ball and watch what happens!

Comment 20 Jul 2017

It doesn't matter that he's trying to live his life. He's the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys, you need to carry yourself as such & simply be aware. The excuses aren't cutting it anymore, you can only play dumb for so long. Aaron Hernandez was "living his life" too for a certain point in time... As an adult & grown man, you must be aware of the situations you place yourself in. Even when you're truly innocent...he's placing himself in a position to lose the benefit of doubt moving forward. Where there's fire, there is smoke. As a buckeye fan I'm praying Zeke stays in his lane & continues to be great! (drops mic)

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Mark my words... Kevin Wilson's playcalling will change everything for our receivers. Last year our playcalling was so basic & bland that it didn't do our athletes any favors. Better playcalling to get our talented players the ball in space will change the game. When you add some slants, mid-range routes & more screens to our offense the difference it makes will show. We called plays very timidly last year and because of that it derailed our championship hopes. Basic/Weak ass playcalling trumped our talent advantage. (kanye shrug)

Comment 27 Jun 2017

I'm sorry but I must be crazy for saying this...but I don't think JT has a bad arm. Could it be stronger, yes! But the constant hate on his arm strength is overdosed. I'm excited to see how he takes off with a BETTER OC this year. He's gonna prove some doubters wrong for sure... #TeamBarrett

Comment 21 Jun 2017

As a black man I find this thread just sad, astounding & "eh"... some folks can't dare to claim they're truly buckeye fans after some of these comments. But to the people who do get the bigger picture, thank you! 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

How could you ever be upset at a young man being aware of the societal issues affecting the people that look like him? It's sad some folks prefer players that are dumb & complicit over being thoughtful, educated and aware of what's going on. It's dehumanizing & the only way to address the issue is with conversation & raising awareness. How can you bathe in these kids 40 times but loathe who they are as people?