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I am 53 years old, live in Youngstown, and have been following Ohio State football for as long as I can remember. I enjoy watching local, regional and state HS football games, always hoping to see the next OSU superstar. These days, the off-season is still awesome because of all the interesting interviews, videos, recruiting updates, and every other thing that ELEVEN WARRIORS provides. You guys are pros, and I am proud to be a new member of the family.


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Comment 21 Jul 2018

Why must skeptics be referred to as "trolls"? Skeptics never said their was no wrongdoing. I believe, and have commented, that Strauss was a total perv. That said, just as some members are quick to start naming the university, and its coaches, "culpable", it is just as fair for others to remain skeptical. I find it perfectly okay to be hesitant when students, after 30 years of silence, come forward to cash in. Let us not brush aside the fact that, should a huge class-action settlement occur, payout will come from state coffers. Myself, I am not so quick to spend other Ohions' hard earned money, 30% of which will be going to attorneys, unless it is 100% right to do so. We are living in a society where many find it profitable to be considered some type of victim. In addition, to me, anything DiSabato seems slippery and self-serving. It is those two facts that prompt my skepticism. Therefore, I see no wrongdoing in being cautious until all the facts are in. In the end, none of this is about true justice, as the perpetrator is long dead. And, my guess is, any faculty holding powerful positions at the time are long gone as well. Seems to me this is all about lawyers seeking monetary compensation for client's claiming, after 30 long years, to have been seriously traumatized. I will end by saying, if, when it is all said and done, the TOSU is found to be responsible, this troll will gladly give you his mea culpa. 

Comment 17 Jul 2018

Your point is well taken, and only time will tell. I guess what I'm saying is, after nearly 30 years of silence, along with shady DiSibato's involvement, it is fair to have some doubts whether or not  these four wrestlers were traumatized by abuse such that it negatively impacted their adult lives in a serious manner. Has it caused dysfunction in daily living? Has it effected their employment? Has it had a profound effect on their relationships? Did it cause sexual identity issues? Substance abuse?... If those tragedies occurred as a result of sexual abuse, then I will step forward and say I was totally wrong. But, until that time, due to slippery DiSibato's involvement, I will maintain my cautious position. Right now, my suspicion is there was a running joke in the locker room that ol' Dr. Strauss was a real perv. The man was inappropriate, no doubt. Probably did some bad stuff over the years. But, before we start making comparisons, as some have, to Sandusky and Nasser, let's pull back on the reigns a bit. And, I must say, it really bothers me that a hustler like DiSibato is behind this entire mess. As I've said before, the man is a pathological narcissist, opportunist and manipulator who is always looking out for himself first. If there is one thing DiSibato learned from the MSU situation, it is being a victim pays well. DiSibato is where all my doubts begin. Thanks for the comment, and I follow what you are saying.

Comment 17 Jul 2018

DiSabato ain't through. Not even close. He used Jordan to gain national attention, and was successful. Now, a few old teammates who, after twenty-seven years, decide they've been seriously traumatized, start lining up to cash in. Being a victim pays off these days, and DiSibato knows it. Did Strauss do something inappropriate? Yes. Did he sexually abuse an OSU wrestler?... Not unless he wanted his ass kicked real good. Sad sad situation. No cover up here. Just an old wrestler grinding an ax and making some big loot on the side. 

Comment 13 Jul 2018

Monetary reward via lawsuits is just a secondary gain. Make no mistake about it, DiSabato, a full blown pathological narcissist, enraged by rejection from TOSU, has a primary goal of destroying the institution you love. If he makes a little loot for himself and some old teammates he is manipulating, then so be it. DiSabato is a sick man. I suggest all members avoid falling into his convoluted trap. He is seeking to destroy what you love.

Comment 13 Jul 2018

DiSabato is a pathological narcissist. He has been angered by the university for whatever reason, and will stop at nothing to get his revenge. He is trashing everyone while manipulating old teammates who could probably use some monetary help. It's hard to convince people you represent the abused when, for 20+ years, there was no empathy to be found. Narcissists like DiSabato care only for themselves. My guess is, as a former standout wrestler and subclinical narcissist, he felt entitled to a business contract with TOSU. So, he was enraged when the university eventually chose to stop doing business with him. And, like angry pathological narcissists do, he is seeking his revenge. And believe me, he will stop at nothing to bring our beautiful institution crashing down. This is a sick man. You can place DiSbato at the top of your narcissist scale. He is motivated by nothing but revenge and his goal is absolute destruction. The worst part...he has only just begun.

Comment 13 Jul 2018

Thanks, Ramzy, for the hard work you put into this piece. Totally professional, and not an easy task. This is just one reason why eleven warriors is number one. After finishing the article, I am convinced DiSabato is a pathological narcissist. He has it in for Ohio State for whatever reason, and will destroy everything in his path in his effort to see the university come crashing down. 

Comment 13 Jul 2018

Great article. Let the reader make up his or her own mind. Here is a bit of mine... DiSabato is, at minimum, a Bipolar Type II narcissist. His hypomanic episodes are triggered every time he senses a new money making scam. His scattered, rambling thoughts suggest brief episodes of psychosis after nights of no sleep when he stays awake scheming and planning his next heist. His narcissistic personality rears its ugly head every time he puts pen to paper or opens his mouth. He is a master manipulator, opportunist, and nobody seems to ever feel better for having done business with him. He attempts to hide his shady ways under the cloak of a virtuous man who is speaking on behalf of the abused. The man is a cluster of personality disorders. My guess is, he could charm anyone, especially former teammates who are down on their luck. I think I'll stop right there.

Comment 12 Feb 2018

I am not fond of recruits wearing the entire uniform. I like giving a kid the jersey then allowing him to wonder how awesome it would be to run out of the tunnel donning the entire scarlet & gray ensemble. I feel there's a chance it may anticlimactically take away the mystique and personal drive to earn the right to wear that special uniform. In addition, some players wear black stripes on their helmets for a year or longer grinding it out in hope of someday wearing the uniform. It seems this whole recruiting tool ain't right on several different levels. I could be wrong.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Many members are venting their anger as they should be. They are extremely frustrated. If one does not allow emotions and love for nostalgia cloud their vision, it is plain to see that, at this point, J.T. is predictable and easy to plan for. Myself, I exhaled a disappointed breath when, during the post conference interviews after the Clemson loss, J.T. said he would be returning. Many of my friends did the same. Look, I love J.T. He is a great young man and has been a great quarterback. Problem is, this is a dynamic sport with young innovative coaches who, after watching a guy play for 4 years, start figuring out his game. Tendencies if you will. They are fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, we have a guy like Joe Burrow, a quarterback coaches son who brought a podunk farm school like Athens all the way to the State Championship, riding the pine for 3 years. He is forced to remain positive and shiny on the outside, but, deep down, I am sure he is feeling rusty and frustrated. Fans, like myself, feel, if the team has to suffer losses, it oughtta be with a fresh quarterback who is trying to find his own mojo, cultivating his own leadership style and building a team channeled through his personality and love for the game. In saying that, it is quite easy for me to understand why fans are becoming a bit unglued. If TOSU Buckeyes have to lose, for crying out loud, let it be with a future leader, not a seasoned vet. In conclusion, Ramzy wrote a great article full of heartfelt nostalgia. But, this ain't a time to be looking back, talking about big wins in the past. Many of us would like to see if Joey Burrow has a bright future.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

Your truths hurt. But, I agree, these qb decisions are setting us back. This is a different team. Joe Burrow spectating for 3 years is just wrong. Nebraska wanted him in the worst way. I can't help but feel if he were anywhere else, he would already be a household name. Haskins is a beast as well. Both need playing time, period.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

JT is not seeing the field. Can't locate the seams. Cannot time patterns. This is painful to watch. Players were open, believe it. The last two big time qb's JT faced have made him look mediocre, at best. This ain't good. We have big time issues.