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Comment 18 Jan 2016

To those wondering about the 247 rankings, I calculated the class with Jones, Haskins, and Victor in there and not only do we jump scUM but also we jump LSU and take over as the #1 class again.. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Lol at some of you [Mod Edit: Hurr Durr] talking garbage about one of the best coaches of all time. It would take having a coach go 263-0 in his career for you guys to be satisfied. Get over yourselves you [Mod Edit: Hurr Durr] 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Ding ding ding! Congrats on a f$%cking ignorant post. Having staphylococcus aureus and having a shoulder injury are two completely different things. The former is easily treated with topical antibiotics and can be easily played with because it does not "physically" hinder ones performance. Whereas, Cook could not play because he literally could not throw a pass with any kind of velocity. I don't somehow feel bad for Ezekiel Elliott that the coaches asked or put him in this game. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

But was/will this approach be most effective is the key question? Who says because this approach is NOT authoritarian that it is going to be effective. I agree with the OP. What if Zeke comes out in a game and fumbles twice leading to two touchdowns for the opposing team. Do the coaches come out and be brutally honest and say "Well Zeke sucked tonight and he is sole reason we lost." No they don't because they would simply tell him in private that he needs to protect the football better. All the OP is saying is Zeke could have went to the staff after the game and said "hey I do not believe that I touched the ball enough in this football game." 

Do you think one of Nick Saban's players would ever come out and question there coaching staff directly after the game? It's about leading the program and these kids not letting them lead you. Also, had it been a non-star/not a guy as popular as Zeke, I do not believe we are even discussing this. I believe people would be talking about how the kid needs to grow up and handle it privately. Furthermore, never a good look to say there is "no chance you are coming back next year." That's fine if you believe that deep down but for the sake of his teammates please do not let that be known after the year. And I know everybody thought that would be the case already but displaying it in public after defeat gives off the notion that you are done for the season and looking ahead to "chasing that money." 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

You are the kind of person that I'm talking about. First off, you show your maturity level with this kind of post. Secondly, you're an imbecile. Thirdly, you said we would have lost 2 games if we would have played anyone this season. That tells me what kind of person you are. So, with all of that said, my advice would be to get out of your moms basement and get a job. Oh, and realize that while being a Buckeye fan (and football fan in general) is great, there is more to life than flipping the F out when Tim Beck calls bad football plays. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

You guys are all very sad individuals. Was it an awful 1st half? Sure. Was the play calling vanilla? For sure. But whining about firing coaches after one half of football is ludicrous. We are in the midst of the greatest run in Buckeye football history. You will NEVER I mean NEVER see it this good post Urban Meyer. So if you are one of the guys that is bleating like a fu@#ing sheep get over yourself. 

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Yes, from MY HOMETOWN Bellefontaine, OH. He's really the pride and joy of B-town at the moment. But yes, sad to see that he did not qualify and yes I saw the Bosa shrug and the Zeke "feed me" as well. If you go to Louie's twitter page you will see that he is an avid Buckeye fan. I've actually been with Louie at a party in Columbus before. He's a good dude. Representin' O-H-I-O. 

Comment 05 Jan 2015

I have about 3-4 things wrong with this post, bud. First of all, emotional letdown? Really? This is the freaking national championship game. If the guys can't stay focused or get up for this game then something is wrong with them. Secondly, the time to prepare is the exact same time to prepare. Furthermore, it is LONGER than the preparation time for any of the regular season games (besides the first game of the year or a bye week). Lastly, Joey Bosa played a pretty good game in the Sugar Bowl. I'm sick of some of you imbeciles thinking that if Bosa doesn't get a sack of TFL that he "is nowhere to be found" or didn't play a good game. He was drawing double teams and was very good in run support. So, overall we learned that your points were invalid and you need to pony up and have some faith in this team. Carry on, bud. 

Comment 14 Dec 2014

I can somewhat see where you are coming from with the idea of Gibson playing the H-back but ain't no way it is going to happen. First of all, he's going to play QB. At least to start out that is. However, even if he eventually moves from QB he would be an outside receiver. You may be forgetting that Torrance is almost 6'5" and that screams deep threat/jump ball in redzone receiver. Whatever position the kid eventually plays he will be a freak, to say the least. As for Briscoe, I like him and hope the Buckeyes can pull him. Think he could play CB or S. Has the frame to add good size and could see him being a very physical corner if that were the position he plays. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

The game to watch will be when TCU goes to Texas on a Thursday night. Thursday night games, much like the NFL, are usually wacky and this could be where TCU trips up. All Texas has heard about this year is how great TCU is and how they are the dominant team in Texas. Texas could come out and play inspired football and keep this game close and maybe even pull a win. Wishful thinking but it is certainly possible. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

I really think the lack of a Big 12 championship game hurts that conference. Also, Jeff Long has also said all along that "conference champions are important to us." However, this past week a committee member commented saying "we don't even look at conferences when evaluating teams." Paraphrasing but something along those very lines was said. This committee is turning into one big debacle, but that's for another day. To get to my point, this kind of stuff happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR. 3-4 weeks before the end of the season we have this hot debates about who should be where and what should happen. And just about every single year, things work themselves out. As an OSU fan, we just need to worry about our own football team and hope that they continue progressing and winning in good fashion. In regards to "help" a couple scenarios could happen that would lead to the Bucks making the playoffs (if they win out, of course). Baylor or TCU loses 1 more game. SEC team gets in and FSU gets in. Then, Arizona beats ASU and ASU turns around and beat Oregon in the Pac-12 title game. Thus, OSU is in. Another scenario is both Baylor and TCU lose and OSU takes that spot. I think we need to hope for TCU to lose because quite honestly I think the Buckeyes can jump Baylor if both have 1 loss at the end of the season. Baylor non-conference is atrocious and Buckeyes will have the Nebraska win at the end which will definitely help. The interesting thing will be to watch if FSU loses. Will they still make it over the Buckeyes with 1 loss? Seeing as how Oregon with 1 loss jumped FSU, I'm not so sure. I do not think the committee thinks FSU is winning with enough dominance. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Demario McCall is really really good. Kid looks like Dontre when he was in HS, except McCall has better size. Can't wait to watch this kid in a Buckeye uniform. Also, I like the Parris Campbell comparison for George Hill. OSU has tons of speed and the rich will get richer with this 2016 class. 

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Very impressive. However, I'm gonna knit pick and point out something that never gets corrected. 23 pounds of "muscle" in that short of a time period is not realistic. Yes he put on some muscle but some of it is fat. "Pure muscle" takes an extremely long time to build and is simply not doable in this short of a time period as I stated before. Not to take away anything from Dean who has worked extremely hard it looks like. Good job son! 

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Well actually in the pecking order it is clearly HARRIS, and then Scott and Weber are next on the board. Scott and Weber are committing somewhere sooner than Harris but there is no doubt DH is #1 on their board. I think Larry Scott commits to the Buckeyes very soon, however. 

Comment 12 Jun 2014

A 325 lb. bench press at 179 lbs. is ridiculous. To go along with 10.3 on the track? Small kid but you have to think he is being underrated because of that size because those are some incredible measures. 

Comment 11 Jun 2014

I understand this forum post was about Brown but Richard Lecounte is mentioned in it as well. With that said, I think we are seeing that often times you can kill two BIG birds with one stone when it comes to recruiting. The Buckeyes signed Raekwon McMillan this past cycle and because of that are in the driver's seat for 2017 5* prospect Richard Lecounte. Likewise, when we landed Joey Bosa we landed his little bro 2016 5* prospect Nick Bosa. Gotta love it.