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Comment 16 Jun 2017

I had been happier in my life, I'm sure of it, but in the minute that this happened I could not recall when that was.

I had driven home from a nice ski trip to Steamboat with a couple other nice B1G (cool, go conference...) wins on Sirius leading up to this, and absolutely knew they were going to win the game. I have honestly never been so confident in a big game. Even trying to pace myself for work the next day, the IPAs flowed and I no-call-no-showed. "Working 2nd shift from home" definitely took place. I could have honestly cared less if they got housed by Oregon after this. Crushing Dixie was about as happy as I get, I'm ashamed-yet-not-sorry to admit.

Comment 08 Jan 2017

While I believe this is mostly true, it saddens me a bit to see this shift. My brother went to U. Kentucky, still lives in Lexington, and is a huge UK bball fan. I have to admit I am really not a fan of the "Calipari NBA factory" strategy. The vast majority of the modern UK bball roster doesn't really give a rip about the university, didn't grow up with any affiliation to it, and just wants to move on after one year. It disappoints me to think that the guys playing in the Shoe might not care who Archie is, have no interest in a degree from Columbus, didn't grow up with an understanding of the TTUN rivalry, etc. That those things might mean less to the athletes concerns me a bit... if they're in it for themselves and a quick exit, are they really there for the team? Maybe that is presumptuous or assumes too much, but it's a concern to me.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

something to consider

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Per the scout page referenced earlier (page 5), 

on the Texas site there is a pic. of Warinner and a story about OC for them

There are also comments that this was in motion as of Friday with verbal hires, which would also make some sense as to why "the exiting staff may have mailed it on Saturday night." Sabotaging the playoff mission after being blindsided would be a huge garbage move though, so I'm not sure about that.

I am not saying it's 100% true as I just read that off a random corner of the internet, but I could see Ed going to UT as OC, Beck going as highly paid recruiter at the very least, and Herman keeping Beck's hands off his QBs after he gets them in the door. Warinner and Herman made a pretty good team so I could see Herman calling Ed up to get the band back together.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

So good to see all the USC fans traveling... all the way from.... Los Angeles... for this one.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I'll be very curious how Bama's Bo looks next Monday. Not on the same level for sure, but definitely a game changer.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I was just thinking the same about both of these passing attacks. The number of good ideas and variety of pass plays shown in just this first half might have exceeded our entire season's output.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Are we trying to be a passing team with a QB that cannot connect on the deep routes and iffy on intermediate throws?

Hard to say... I really don't think the booth was trying anything in particular. Ed/Beck were throwing darts. [That should be sufficient, but here comes a long winded rant]

Having a successful offense in college boils down to 1 of 2 methods; 1) having better athletes and imposing your will on a defense even if they accurately guess your offensive plan and/or have a good counter to stop your plan (even if that takes 4 quarters, it's still effective), and 2) winning the chess match. We've been surviving on method 1 for 2 years. In all my years of watching college football, I think they more than anyone else I've seen (Bollman included) clearly show that in college, the team with the most talented athletes can generally overcome a bad / no strategy on offense. 

There is a reason lots of types of offensive strategies exist, and there are counter defensive strategies which expose the weaknesses in all of them. Similarly, there is a reason lots of types of defensive strategies exist, and there are counter offensive strategies which expose the weaknesses in all of them. OC vs DC is basically a game of chess when the physical pieces used are rather evenly matched. When we have found ourselves in that scenario, our chess player(s) in the booth proves he isn't very good at the game.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

If anyone is still defending Beck (or Warriner as OC), I'd like to hear what they think the identity of this team was on offense the last two years, because I honestly have no clue.  Nothing built to anything else. It just seemed like a hodgepodge of plays cobbled together.

Beck himself after the game said he wasn't sure what the identity of this team was. All results aside, very few of which are good for him (play calling for 2 years, QB development, playing chess against defensive coordinators for 2 year, etc), just being recorded as saying this could result in his termination in my book.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Without total clarity on the player treatment issues, I'm hesitant.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Right? We're used to getting the benefit of the doubt on every call and keeping at least 2 extra aces up our sleeves. Why is this getting called evenly?!