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Comment 17 Mar 2020

I was amazed the grocery was nearly normal on Sunday, given I'm just about in the epicenter of it all as far as Colorado is concerned. They were almost out of eggs and totally out of pasta, but otherwise everything was completely stocked. For some reason I have decided to get experimental with (a) rice, and (b) smoothies over the next 3 weeks.

  • Today's smoothie was spinach (I'd guess about a cup-ish), almond milk (8 oz), a kiwi, and a green apple. Recommended.
  • Today's rice was 1 cup steamed jasmine, with nothing but 2 fried eggs, cholula and salsa verde. Weird but very good.

IPAs to answer the other part. The latest: https://www.averybrewing.com/beers/double-digit-hazy-ipa 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Damn, that's awful! A lot of folks are uphilling the resorts around here. I uphilled on Sunday and while we kept our "social distance" we also enjoyed it. I also scouted some really nice lines I've been meaning to ski around here for years but have never been up in the area at the right time to time it correctly. We work from home this week then have mandatory two weeks (paid, thankfully) leave, so needless to say I'll be skiing as much of that as I can in whatever lines are in shape to go for.

Comment 15 Mar 2020

I work for Aspen Ski Co (username outdated as of a few months ago...) We closed today, mandated by the governor. It's not life shattering in the grand scheme, but I'm super bummed. I skied today, not knowing it'd likely be the last inbounds day of the season. Going skiing tomorrow, exploring some of the more spicy peaks around with fairly low avalanche danger lately... the backcountry is going to get flooded around here. They can't close wilderness... can they?? :|

Comment 26 Jan 2020

He was just a couple years older than me, his daughter obviously much younger... it's been said before, but we truly don't know how many days we have. Don't waste a single one. What a road ahead for the wife and daughters. I can't imagine.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

4 Days in the Life of Forrest Gump!

  1. Since born: Very tough... as a Coloradan (not by birth but currently) I'll add one that nobody else is likely to mention: witnessing the Five Fingers avalanche last March. I suppose my bit role would have to be a skier touring through the area but not actually triggering that slide, somehow. I walked that area last summer, and was back in November. It's truly incredible, and thought to be the only D5 avalanche in the lower 48 ever. A D5 was thought to be impossible in the lower 48. It's quite likely Colorado will never have an avalanche that large ever again. I just moved to the Aspen area and love that valley. Runner up is the Bama Sugar Bowl. I'll never in all my life forget what a great experience watching that game was, and would have loved to be a witness in person.
  2. Since 1900: This is honestly the hardest one for me... the 20th century was mind-blowing. I think it would have to be something music related for me. People have mentioned Woodstock but I would choose the Monterey Pop Festival / Sunday if it were a festival. I would also say seeing a '66 acid test with the Dead... clearly there's a 60s California theme here. It just seems like a historic not-to-be-repeated moment in time. Being a witness at Abbey Road to a recording session for Sgt Peppers would have to be on a 20th century music must-do also.
  3. Since 1000: This would be something related to seeing nature in a more.... natural state, less negatively impacted my the presence of humans. Either that or a member of a since-gone society. A few options:
    1. Indonesia before the spice trade: there'd be more whales around Papua, not to mention all the birds of paradise; waaay more tigers, rhinos, elephants, orangutans, and gibbons on Sumatra (I visited there last August), a true garden of Eden on Borneo, etc.
    2. A walk through a Redwood/Sequoia forest 500 years ago before any significant western impact
    3. Seeing hundreds of thousands of bison as far as the eye can see in the American west
    4. Spend a day helping build Machu Picchu... been there, couldn't believe it, I can't describe it but it's really a holy place of sorts and almost unbelievable accomplishment of our species
  4. Ever: Sermon on the Mount, honorable mention: spend a day in the Mayan civilization
Comment 25 Jan 2020

I'm either a masochist or a glutton or something, but I would vote we schedule Clemson for a regular season home and home. I want to see Day obliterate those ass clowns repeatedly. 49-0 would almost not be enough. I can't stand those shitheads man. Gotta get that gorilla off the back... crushing them soundly in their own stadium would be delicious.

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Surprised to see all the appreciation for Good Will Hunting here. I love that movie but didn't think many did. Here's another dark horse:

and not the best perhaps but has to be on the list of most ridiculous:

Comment 02 Jan 2020

If Clemson were a team I didn't think was pure evil I would absolutely root for them against the SEC West, but I cannot root for Dabo ever, under any circumstances, whatsoever. That man might be the literal devil. I want to see Clemson return to total obscurity, and soon. I want to see that fan base rejoice in a 5-7 season, having forgotten their last ~8 years. I want to see their boosters not bother with replacing a coach who has had 5 consecutive losing seasons. I want their stadium quiet and their fans ambivalent about tailgating. I want to see Dabo's light diminished, his influence disappear, his team go the way of its conference. I would love almost nothing more than for them to be as likely to win a playoff game as Montana.

Soooooo in short I'm not rooting for them. I don't care how it makes the "what if" scenario. I know we could have beaten LSU. There's no doubt in my mind we would have won a game in the high 30s against LSU in New Orleans, so I don't care about what anyone thinks might have happened.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Sorry I'm late but if we could go back to that roughing the passer for one quick second. That call extended a drive (Bama would been forced to kick) and changed a 3 point try to a 7 point TD. Where have I seen that.... hmm.... a dynasty team getting embarrassed by a B1G team, getting help from questionable calls from refs to extend drives.... hmm, it does sound familiar.

It's all rigged. Vegas wins. I give up.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Take the over and give the points. I think Joe is going to eat Clemson alive.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I watched the game alone on the couch last night with the flu... and yet my ears are still ringing from that dude screaming at me for 4 hours. He must quit that. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, he needs to dial it down at least 30%.