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Comment 15 Feb 2016

Yup.  This is always the case.  Sportsbooks never attempt to analyze these or any betting outcomes.  Only what will bring even money to the table.  When I hear talking heads of any sort implying otherwise, I'm baffled.  Because I know they get it, they are simply spinning bullshit for clicks/downloads/views/etc.

Comment 26 Dec 2015

Yup.  I live in the area and followed his Plano West team a fair amount as they won the state 6A Texas title last year.  Don't remember exactly where I heard it but it was likely student section signs that mentioned it.

Can't wait until we get to see his passes in OSU uniform and on ESPN.  :D

Comment 24 Dec 2015

Agreed.  He gets compared to Grandstaff at times and their games are totally different.  A few facets of his game in HS weren't impressive (defensive effort, shooting) but it was really nice to see a high level of effort out there on Tuesday.  To hear people comparing his energy with Jent is a little much but he is a changed man (kid) on the defensive end from his Plano West days!

Source: Plano West basketball stalker and Dallas resident

Comment 24 Dec 2015

WARNING - complete and utter Mickey Mitchell homer fanboy here. I followed MM's Plano West team his senior year and watched that team quite a bit. They won the title last year in 6A TX. Sorry for repeating myself - I've said this in past posts and will probably say again in the future.

Sticky Mickey is my fave nickname for him - you will see why soon enough I hope.  His court vision is spectacular if you ask me.  Ball handling off the dribble above average and passing excellent.  In high school he made everyone look overmatched in this area.  Even his senior teammates that he has played with 2+ years weren't always on the same wavelength ... the majority of MMs turnovers are passes that he makes but his teammates just can't envision coming at them.  If nobody is there to catch a pass, is it still a good one?? Against Mercer, I counted three passes that if people were ready and on the same page would have been highlight reel scores.  I hope he grows into the college game like he was able to play in high school.

MMs shooting is below average?  He had good scoring numbers in HS but a lot of those points coming off of the transition game or going to the hoop in the half court. Perhaps he was just raw in HS and in college the coaches will get ahold of him and we'll see improvement.

Before watching Mickey against Mercer, I would characterize him as lazy on defense.  Obviously talented but in HS I just didn't see a lot of defense from him. We all saw something different on Tuesday ... if he can make that level of effort part of his game, that would be awesome. Perhaps lazy defense in HS is simply the team being so good and him not needing to do it.  I dunno.

Once we get into the B10 schedule, I fear MMs play time will be less and less and he'll see mostly bench time.  So psyched to see Mickey in the Buckeye uniform.  I was worried when his brother transferred out and he decommitted.


Comment 24 Dec 2015

I live in the Dallas area and followed MM and to a lesser degree AG's senior years.  Their games are very different ... personally I can't imagine that MM would take much time from AG at least from a perspective of how these guys play.  As we saw - AG has a great shooters eye, MM absolutely does not.  Not yet.  His game is an absolute sick court vision and passing game.

Not being argumentative, just giving my opinion on that specific note.  I think AG just wasn't getting as much playing time as he personally wanted and people aces shooting from behind the arch, he wants to go somewhere that features him more??  I wish I knew more about that one.

Comment 15 Oct 2015

Can I get some old school Bassdropper "Braxton is transferring" threads here please?  amirite?

Comment 01 Jun 2015

So much this.

How many times has he posted since declaring his "last post?" ... as someone else pointed out, the request to delete the account was smart because he doesn't have the willpower himself to simply stop posting.  He'd be back in 2 weeks.  Maybe less.

Comment 31 May 2015

I guess I am lucky. I've only been to ~12 games and never seen anything like that.  25% of the crowd remaining at the start of the 4th?  Embarassing.  Maybe you were exagerating and you mean 10% leaving with 2 minutes left.

Comment 30 May 2015

No kidding.  Mostly the people who have an unhealthy need to see their name in print.  Regardless of how Braxton "ended it" they would find some other way to troll.

I know when the staff upgraded to voting system it was thought to improve the site but it seems like it has simply made for a larger incentive for tools to do their thing.  Wishing now there was more of a Reddit method to hide the trash.

Comment 30 May 2015

You are making the case that it really doesn't matter - that not many people would be willing to spend the money and people are going to sneak it in anyway.  So then you say it would be a mistake.  Don't understand where you are going.

Personally, I take a family to the games, I have 100 things to worry about besides sneaking in booze.  Would rather drop a few Hamiltons on beer.

Comment 09 May 2015

That is what Noah wants?  I would say exactly the opposite.  It is what Cardale wants and what Noah would like to avoid.  Which is why he is complimentary to Cardale or neutral at very worst.  Pretending to not know who he is and wishing him the best.  I don't exactly call that Noah trolling and chirping #12.

Comment 06 May 2015

He was in the middle of PA state basketball playoffs I thought ?? and he didn't want to deal with the final details of NSD.  I could be remembering that wrong but it wasn't like he was just sitting back on his throne and accepting the offerings that the common coaching peasants offered him. When a top prospect doesn't fall into line with the media and doing things on their timeline, they are labeled.

Comment 22 Apr 2015


I hope we get to talk about this every day ... what a fun topic.

Who #*$^#5 cares about electronic interwebz downvotes?  You are not your helmet stickers.  This topic is beyond played out.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Just curious about the whole Advocare set up and how that works - whether it be used only for discounts or to make a commission. 

Plenty of people use it for the discounts only, I am one of them.  I am at the bottom of the whole MLM thing.  I like the SLAM drinks and I do spark a few times a week.  A fan of the 24-day challenge - I have done it twice.  A good kickstart as 2204 said above.