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3rd generation Buckeye alum.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 National title game vs Miami
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Jackets
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Comment 14 Jan 2020

Why was OBJ calling out Ohio State in the post game locker room?  SI reporting he yelled "Ohio State is not here!".  Anyone know what was that about ? Hard feelings against the Buckeyes?  Anti-Browns statement? Or was it a fake self-promotion act just like the fake money??

Comment 12 Jan 2020

One of my earliest memories of watching a war movie was Sands of Iwo Jima .  I believe it was one of three (four?) movies that JW got killed.  Another good one was Bataan with Robert Taylor.  Around the same time,  I always had to watch Combat! on Tuesday nites with Vic Morrow.  

Comment 08 Jan 2020

1) The Longest Day ...an all star cast rarely equaled  2) Dances With Wolves...another classic based on the eradication of the Indians of the Great Plains 3)  Sound of Music...a loosely historically based  family story mixed with some fine musical composition.                                                                                 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

With several doctors (and lawyers and research scientists)  in the family;  trust me when I say I have forgotten more medical knowledge than you will likely ever know. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

If and when YOU become an insider let us know. In the meantime your ignorance is bliss but your blatant and continued antagonism might be a sign of a serious medical condition.  As a current caregiver and once an Holiday Inn Express customer, I know of what I speak  ;)

Comment 05 Jan 2020

'61 ...why are you so antagonistic ?  Either you had some bad New Years food or you've got your panties in a wad...maybe both.  I suggest a resolution of quit being a negative Nancy and please don't kick the dog.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

GOV...the spring game is at the END of spring practice.  From one ol' sometime grouchy vet to another...

Comment 26 Dec 2019

LBuck , trying to determine the six five stars. I believe I know of Sawyer, Adeleye, Egbuka and Grimes...but maybe there was a rating update I missed or names I don't recognize... so which ones am I missing?  Thanx in advance.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Congrats to all week 16 champs . And good luck to week 17 players (including moi) as I will certainly need it in two of the four leagues I'm playing in. If Perriman , Mostert , Mack and AJ Brown come through this week ; there's a good chance I will have won ALL nine of the fantasy leagues (baseball and football ) I entered this year.  ***Disclaimer*** I recently retired so I likely have more time than most of you.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Deja' Vu all over again ??  In 2015 OSU beat the reigning national champ (Bama) and then defeated the Heisman Trophy winner (Mariotta) for the national title.  With Clemson and Burrow on the slate; wouldn't that be ironic to happen again ?  Go Bucks, beat Clemson !!

Comment 24 Dec 2019

2K18...just a little helpful info.  Always have a b/up QB on your roster and sometimes two.  I have been playing fantasy football and baseball for decades and have won many leagues.  I usually draft one and then pick up another after a week or two. Don't draft a kicker or D until the very last couple picks--the usual difference between #2 or 3 and #10-12   is less than a point a game.