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Comment 02 Dec 2018

Urban loves to say, “When I needed you the most, you gave your best.”

Boy, does Haskins ever embody this. His 3-game stretch to end the season, from my perspective, parallels Zeke’s 3-game run in 2014.

He had to be perfect vs Maryland or that was a loss with the D giving up 51.

His performance against UM was the best ever by an OSU QB in The Game.

Then he goes and shreds NW and breaks every B1G championship passing record by a landslide. 80% completion. 500 yards. 5 TDs.

And while the stats during these three games are gaudy/almost surreal, his growth down the stretch run was even more unbelievable. 3 rushing TDs vs Maryland. His willingness to run in ANY situation. His poise when under pressure (last night’s 1st TD pass is a great example of this).

When Ohio State needed Dwayne Haskins the most, he gave his best....and it was a thing of beauty.