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Comment 27 Oct 2020

although I don’t own a Yatch, I also think he sits. Someone posted it earlier in here, but the undercut he took in the EZ a few plays earlier, seemed to rattle his cage. 

if he sits, Wilson and Co. will have to step it up. The TE’s, if we decide to target them, should have a great night. IU had success going to their TE against PSU

Comment 27 Jul 2020

*takes deep breath*

FIRSTLY: Assets that produce cash flow, then from said cash flow, id take care of family debts, etc....

The majority of us have been trained to “take that check to the bank” when in reality, that bank isn’t incentivizing us to keep it there (minimal interest in savings accounts) so the first purchase needs to be something that pays a suitable dividend or cash flow, then you buy “stuff” with that. 

Great question and forum topic, hope these players make smart decisions with it 

Comment 28 Apr 2020

It is sad to see that Shea never lived up to the HS hype. IMO, that's a mixture of mediocre coaching and Shea's lack of work ethic......

After reading that article, the name that stood out was (Taylor DB FSU). I thought OSU would have made him into a 1st or 2nd round pick, even though he's under sized.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Aside from Joe Thomas in 2007, Wills is only the 2nd OL taken by the Browns in the last 40 years!!! LOL. IMO, Berry had a great first draft as a GM and just took solid role playing guys.

Moral of the story, a lot of great college careers have died in Cle, because as an NFL organization they are a train wreck! However, with the last few draft classes and FA signings, they are turning the corner. 

My ask of Haslem moving forward, is let Berry & Stefanski stick around for a few years to show their worth and actually build out a system.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Love the way both players stack up. Harrison IMO is more athletic, but watching a lot of LSU games (Burrow supporter) made me realize Phillips can cover and tackle VERY well. He will stop the run and be able to defend in space.

In all honesty, it was a coin flip, and I think both players have great careers for the next 7-10 years.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

I don't disagree, but Delpit is taller/lankier. With the NFL becoming a coverage league, my lean would be Delpit over Winfield.

In regards to tackling consistently, the edge goes to Winfield.

Comment 22 Apr 2020

Gill will find a spot to land. He’s got the talent to start in most scenarios, but OSU isn’t one of them right now. 
OSU’s recruiting talent is top 5 in the nation. He plays at almost any other Big 10 school, let alone the MAC or American Athletic (Cincinnati)

best of luck JG