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Born buckeye and raised in the wilderness of that state up north

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Comment 21 Oct 2018

This season started as a goat rodeo and is going downhill! I have been a buckeye fan for over 50 years and I did not think it could get any worse that the 1990s. Poor coaching and overrated players that worry more about their draft stock than playing as a buckeye.  I agree with Woodrow, give us the hungry 3 stars or coach these 5 star to carry on the proud buckeye tradition!

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Why didn’t booger play for hairball, only seems fitting! The BCS was less political than what is going on now, never thought I would say that! So if we would have not made the trip to Iowa City, played 8 conference games instead of 9 and played Mercer we would be in the playoffs. Wow, hope SEC gets THUMPED! Go Baker Mayfield, never thought I would say that either! 

Comment 29 Nov 2017

Great stuff Ramzy! I have been lucky enough to be on this earth long enough to see Woody, Earle, John, Tress and Urban. During the Cooper days living in that state up north, I can’t even tell how bad the following 364 days felt after a Buckeye loss to SCum. But now I cherish each win and I never take the game for granted. I love the bucks win or lose, but I have to say being in the hunt each year and a win over SCum is icing on the cake.