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Comment 03 Dec 2018

At Ohio State it is and always will be "Next man up".   Tagovailoa goes out for Bama in the SEC championship game and the next guy comes in and wins the game. Same at OSU with Miller->Barrett->Jones.  No excuses.  Attributing any loss or season outcome on a single player is a disservice to the others on the team.  As Buckeyes, it's our expectation to replace a "Joey" with a "Nick" and that is usually the case.  The program is at a point where it's "problems" are keeping up with the yearly loss of underclassmen to the NFL, narrowly missing the CFP and going to the Rose Bowl instead, not winning games by enough points and potentially ruining its "rivalry" game because it's no longer a rivalry due to OSU domination.
Enjoy the "problems" we have as OSU fans and know that 13 othe B1G teams would kill to have the same.

Comment 18 Sep 2017

If the # of comments on a blog post were votes in a poll, this post about a "week 3" AP poll would rank #1 for all the posts I see on the first page of 11W.  The Bucks won! and If they win out, the poll that means the most at the end of the year will take care of itself.

Comment 11 Aug 2017

I am absolutely hoping for an undefeated season. I didn't pay $150 for a ticket to watch OSU lose to Oklahoma at home. 

This will be the first time Urban has an undefeated national championship team!  Just like his last national championship was his first with a pre-season 3rd string quarterback who didn't earn the starting job until the post season.  2014 proved that anything is possible with an Urban Meyer led team.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Looks like the OH - IO greeting/response would make for an interesting poll question.  I really wouldn't have thought it would be that evenly split (at least from what I see in the comments).  I know it was cool this summer while I was on a cruise (not the cruise OSU took away from Spielman) and to hear "OH!" from complete strangers as I walk down the beach in Bermuda and other islands sporting my Buckeye gear.  Kinda cool to see Buckeye fans around the world.  Now doing this while walking down High St would be pretty lame, I agree, so limiting this to anywhere outside of the Buckeye state should be acceptable.

My confession - many years ago, during my first greeting with "OH", I immediately replied "OH!".  I can't be the only one??

Comment 11 Jul 2017

Could be said using 24 additional O's in a word is ignorant as well. Or maybe referencing an article on an Alabama website that is 3 years old using 4 year old data from an NCAA report (we all know the NCAA is credible) to support an argument may be ignorant.

Some would say, "I'd give my left nut to have NCAA18". Maybe they are ignorant of the consequences of a lost testicle or maybe they are just trying to express how much they like something without the need of unnecessary extra vowels in their words.

I think we are all just ready for some Buckeye football, virtual or otherwise.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I think this will prove to be a great hire. Some guys are just made to be coordinators and not head coaches. He will be tasked with finding ways of generating offense and will not need to worry about all of the other stuff that goes along with the HC position.  His resume shows the results and now give him an offense full of 4&5 star players and I think he will flourish.  At least until someone wants him to be their HC again.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

I doubt you survive over 20 years in the NFL without knowing something.  I won't hold the record as DC against him as there aren't that many people who can obtain that level off coaching status to begin with.   Same for Urban in regards to his tenure as a coach, he's learned what makes a successful coach and assistant at the collegiate level so I'll trust his judgement. Also, Bill knows exactly what is expected of him with Urban,  
As stated above, recruiting will be the key and since he's been on the staff in another roll the past year he shouldn't be totally new to dealing with teens and young men. Good luck coach Davis.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

OSU O-Line get's to line up against a top shelf D-Line everyday. Also, I'm sure some of those first year starters had some practice reps against Boas and crew last year.  The talent across the line will not be anything an OSU player hasn't seen before.  Preparation will be key, and with the weeks they have available, that shouldn't be a problem for Urban and his coaching staff. Player execution is the unknown, but solid preparation "should" lead to solid execution.
I'm also not sure how much I can take from what Clemson has done against their opponents. They gave up a lot of points to Pitt, Wake and VaTech as well as to the other "good" ACC teams.  OSU should be able to score enough to win, I'm more concerned with the pass defense and getting pressure on Watson.

Go Bucks!!