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Comment 19 Jan 2019

Been a while since I've been there, but I understand its a bit of a "wine and cheese" crowd now.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Its Beany Wells over a couple weeks since this story broke. I'm about Dunn with this to be honest.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

1) +1 for your glass half full optimism. We need more of that sometimes.

2) MOST teams don't pull schollies for crappy players. That line doesn't mean much nowadays.

3) If by "serviceable" you mean he is a third string QB who gets a few snaps in blowouts I agree. Otherwise Fat Tim (WVU class of '93) (who really knows what he is talking about) disagrees with you.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

My best friend from HS is a WV grad and a big fan. With all due respect to Chris, I am under the impression that if he plays significant minutes for us next year we are going to be in a bit of trouble. 

Comment 13 Jan 2019

I have been to Columbus Ohio.

I have been to SE Ohio

I have been to WV

I have been to Vegas*( Don’t remember much. lets leave it at that)

Tate never went to school in SE Ohio

I would admit Columbus isnt the geographic cradle of excitement but compared to WV it sure is.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

An upper middle class kid from Vegas moving to West Virginia. Talk about culture shock. I’m sure he will have a ball there..../s

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Best part of all this will be Kiffin’s unrelenting trolling with sub tweets.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I would love to be a fly on the wall when these coaches are recruiting these high profile five star kids. I have a suspicion they are all but guaranteed everything that that want as soon as they step on campus. After they commit and reality sets in it can be a bit of a downer. Thinking that's why you see so many of these kids leaving programs so quickly.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

So far I am pleasantly surprised there hasn't been any defections from defensive players. Legendary coach retires rather suddenly followed by major staff turnover often leads to transfers. Lack of aforementioned transfers leads me to believe the players are OK with these staffing moves. If the players are OK with staffing moves, I am OK with staffing moves. .