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Comment 24 Aug 2019

The last 4 recruiting classes by average player are 4, 1, 1, and 3.  So it’s probably the most talented Ohio St team ever by recruiting rankings. Plus we added the #1 and #4 grad transfers. But recruiting rankings aren’t everything.

Comment 20 Jan 2019

Saints definitely got robbed. Not sure if it's just incompetence or something more, but if that happened to my buckeyes I would have broken some shit. I don't think I've ever seen such a bad call cost so much.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

My idea of fun has always been getting drunk with friends. Which is pathetic, really. 

I love getting drunk with friends! It's so much fun!

One thing I've noticed is if I get to drunk and have even a slight hangover the next day, I really crave junk food, and eat so much crap. So I try to make sure I stop around 3 or 4 drinks to avoid all of the bad food that comes along with drinking to much.

Comment 25 Jan 2018

If they played in the spring I think they would do better, competing against baseball instead of the NFL for viewers.