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Comment 07 Jan 2016

But wait.. Matta doesn't have coaching ability, and has relied on exceptional 5-star recruiting. Furthermore, he "can't develop bigs", so whatever is happening with Giddens is complete luck.


(signed a slovenly, lazy, know-it-all fan whose entire self-esteem comes from degrading others who work hard to succeed)

Comment 07 Jan 2016

When I was reading the comments from the Thad haters, I imagined a bunch of redneck losers from some small hick town in Ohio (of which, let's admit, there are plenty).  I imagined that said hilljacks enjoyed beating their wives, dogs, and masturbating to John Wayne movies, to make them forget that they haven't done anything significant in their lives. Ever.

In conclusion, there are many things wrong with such people.

Comment 03 Jan 2016

Lol.. I was poking fun by being completely sarcastic.  (Thought that would be obvious by labeling myself as a "d-bag ungrateful fan")

I'm totally behind Matta, and am sick and tired of the whiner attitude from fans who likely have more in common with Ben&Jerry's, than with athletic endeavors, much less the coaching that goes into teams.

Comment 03 Jan 2016

Ya know, being the impatient, ungrateful d-bag fan that I am, I must state that I am STILL not impressed with player development, and especially that of the bigs.

So, I say emphatically: FIRE MATTA!

Comment 14 Nov 2015

Guys and girls, I think this is just another symptom of sports taking too important of a role in our society.  I'm not being sanctimonious; I am one who attends games when possible, buys branded gear, and yells at my large HDTV during games.  I pay ridiculous money for a beer and food on gameday, without thinking about it.  I pay the $400+ for a roundtrip ticket to C-bus to see the game. Etc.. etc..

But even if I can afford it, I'm not paying $2000 for a helmet.  Tickets are already borderline unaffordable for most middle class families who want to take the family to a game.  I mean.. even for those still living in the O-H, I'd imagine that the cost of buying tickets, food, travel, beer, and various trinkets/clothing would eclipse $500 for a family of four.  Well.. unless said family is smuggling bags of chips and drinks into the game, buying cheap tickets from scalpers after the game starts, and generally avoiding the temptation of buying anything from a vendor.  But who wants to do that?  The idea is to take in the entire atmosphere pre&post game, and that's getting harder to do.

The point I am gravitating towards, is that the "full" gameday experience (for those who are not students) is slowly becoming one that only those who have thousands to drop (when including airfare and multiple tickets), are going to be able to enjoy.  Many of you above are correct; $2000 helmets will be snatched up without a problem, as will seats whose value in the future will be hundreds, if not $1000+.  Unfortunately, such will only be attainable by very "well-to-do", if this keeps up.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Galloway is a freak of nature.  That being said, I think people fixate on 40-times too much, for WRs and RBs.  Joey also ran impeccable routs, and in that respect, TGJr isn't even on the same planet.  (Or wasn't during his OSU career, versus that of Joey's)

Comment 04 Oct 2015

One of those CJ bashers is in MEDICAL SCHOOL. What.. the.. hell.  And if you go to her profile, you'll see a syntactical error. 

In my book, every one of those fools is a loser.  When individuals are that wrapped up in a sport, and probably don't come close to achieving as much in their own lives, I question their collective sanity.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I went to the Nebraska-Ohio State women's soccer game (in Lincoln, NE).  The women lost 2-0, and those two goals came in the first few minutes; the Lady Buckeyes came out very flat. 

They pressed much better in the second half, and won more 50/50 balls, but the problem was that Nebraska bunkered down a bit, which made getting a decent shot off, very difficult.

Two things:  1) I was honestly shocked that the Nebraska women's team was (overall) more athletic than our Buckeyes.  No joke, it was that noticeable, especially in midfield, where they seemed to have better ball control.  And Nebraska's women seemed to be a bit more physical. Nebraska's back four was terrific; our forwards generally only got shots off if they happened to find a seam between the center-backs (e.g. Nya did this well, a few times) or if one of our girls could beat 2-3 of theirs around the box, and get a shot off.  That didn't happen very often.

I bring all that up, because I was surprised at the difference in conditioning/athleticism, and ball control in midfield.  Ohio is hotbed of soccer, and while Nebraska has an excellent soccer community, there is no way we should be out-done like that. I have no idea if it's a strength/conditioning thing, or more to do with talent.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I am also enamored by the actions of DG, and I think the letter was heart-warming, and appropriate.

However, Dave Claborn needs to fire the individual who is responsible for editing his documents.  I know it may seem petty to some of you, but someone in his position should not have that tripe sent out in his name.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Bullshit.. 9+ wins per season for six straight seasons, at a place like Nebraska, is impressive.  It is HARD to recruit here.  I live here. The fans are the nicest, but just as with any other big program, they are very unreasonable.

As for who they should hire? Coach Tressel would be the perfect fit, for so many reasons that should be obvious.  The most compelling is his ability to develop players, and another is his emphasis on special teams and D.  Furthermore, he would rejuvenate the walk-on program here, which was so important under Osborne.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Why are you getting any downvotes? It's crazy!

Tressel was FAR better with defense (and special teams.. subjectively), than Urban.  In ten seasons, Michigan only scored 178 points against Tressel-coached teams.  And we all know Tressel's record versus UM.

Comment 27 Nov 2014

But as other people have mentioned in this thread, OSU (or ANY large university) is so huge, as to allow a student to make his/her academic career as difficult as desired.  I can't remember specifics since I attended OSU in the 90s, but there were (are?) weed-out lower-level (but NOT intro) science courses that will simply kill most freshman/sophs who "dog it".  I disctinctly remember going through a difficult physics course and by the end of the quarter, fewer than half of the original class remained.

As an aside, one reason I loved Ohio State, was because it was almost exclusively up to the individual to succeed.  You can do ANYTHING at Ohio State. Any major, and activity, and mission.. there are so many clubs and societies and programs and.. it's just AWESOME.  If you're bored at Ohio State, then you're lazy. But getting back on track, my point is that there is no coddling from faculty or staff. For a student to succeed (subjectively a 3.5 or above), he or she really has to have self-discipline.  During my first couple of years I hade a lot of trouble, because I couldn't resist the allure of partying amongst other activities.  I made it through, but my overall GPA suffered from the first 1.5 years of being an irresponsible student.

Anyway, GO BUCKS!

Comment 27 Nov 2014

I respect the engineering curriculae at any university.  Engineering tends to be one of the harder majors.

That being said, please don't be an intellectual bully.

Comment 27 Nov 2014

Am I the only person here, who thinks the OP is taking us for a spin?

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Awlin, I'd upvote you 1000x if I could. This post is spot-on, and I feel relevant for the many here who become too emotionally caught up in college football. (I used to be one of them)

In the end, these are kids playing a game, for your entertainment.  The results shouldn't impact the quality of your life.  If your happiness is mostly contingent upon the Buckeyes winning.. you have a problem.

And Awlin, I'd bet anything your father loves you, and KNOWS your heart.  Don't beat yourself up.