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Comment 20 Oct 2019

Interesting tidbit.....Ohio Stadium was also a dormitory. I was a member of the Stadium Scholarship Dormitory in the early 70's. Part of the deal was putting in so many hours working in the dorm cafeteria and other listed duties. We also had an intramural basketball league and boy it was cold underneath.

Game day we hung signs made out of sheets and hung them out the windows facing the West parking area.

Back in those times, the drinking age was 18 and the walk to the Varsity Club was convenient.

Fun times...Class of '75 BS Business Admin.

Comment 18 Aug 2018

While in college in early 70's, I picked up Woody's book "You Win With People". To get his autograph, I made a successful trip to Woody's office in St. John arena and he was glad to honor my request....while meeting Woody he offered me, from his secretaries desk, a hand full of little pretzels. 

In that book there was a full page photo of Archie Griffin and made sense to track him down some day. Years later there was an event at the Union and I was able to meet Archie and he signed the photo. At my age, about 5 years ago it was time to give my book to my son as a keepsake and one day give to his son(born 8/3/2017) ....it now rests in my son's Buckeyes man cave.

Today(8/18/18) Archie will be at the unveiling of the new Woody statue up the road at Lee Stadium in Newcomerstown at 1 PM, and I plan on attending to meet up with those 2 great men.

Class of 1975, Coshocton, Ohio

Comment 21 Jan 2018

This was my era having graduated high school in 1970. All these great names bring back the memories. Would have loved to meet some of them.

Although the greatest meet and greet was Coach Woody Hayes in the 70's when I met him in his office to have him sign his book "You Win With People". Still remember him offering me a small pretzel from a jar full on his secretary's desk. I gave the book to my son to carry on the memory. I was able to have Archie Griffin sign his picture in the book later on. Another great memory I will take with me. 

Class of 1975, BS Business Administration