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Comment 04 Dec 2019
Great young man. Not the best RB in the big ten this year though. *Bosa Shrug*
Comment 14 Nov 2019
I dont care if it's in the fiesta bowl or for all the marbles, as long as we win. Made a $300 bet with a nauseating bandwagon Alabama/Patriots/GS Warriors fan from work that OSU would win that game if it happened. Not gonna be fun if I have to hand that money over. Lol.
Comment 21 Oct 2019
Micah was on campus for the game when he sent the tweet. Players and coaches were not happy about it. Carman sent his tweet a couple of days later when he was off campus. This wasn't the only reason they stopped recruiting him but most likely the final straw for the staff.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
I read somewhere that since he was fined for "conduct detrimental to the team" they were able to void his guaranteed money. Must have been language in his contract that made that possible. Good for them. And him. Lol
Comment 10 Sep 2018
This game will be close at halftime. tOSU might even be down. But I expect adjustments will be made and the bucks end up winning. Rushing yards for days, a few beautiful throws from haskins, 1 or 2 ugly ones under pressure that may end up turnovers but offense will figure it out by mid 3rd quarter. Defense has a couple of lapses and let's the QB break contain with their aggressive style but after halftime puts the clamps down. Still want to see the linebacking corps improve game to game, but not worried about the secondary with fuller back. D-Line does what they do and wreaks havoc after we get the lead and the bucks win something like 45-28.
Comment 07 Mar 2018
I think recent history has shown us that usually our quarterbacks don't make it thru the year without some kind of hiccup with their health. So I honestly think they would both get Significant playing time In some capacity. But if Haskins wins I think it's a given that burrow is gone. I don't think Haskins will leave if burrow wins simply because he would get some playing time this year and would probably be the favorite to be the starter next year even though I love martell.
Comment 03 Mar 2018
If you sign a QB in free agency then you go Barkley at 1 and Fitzpatrick at 4. If you aren't able to do that then you have to go QB at either 1 or 4 and I'm not sure if we need Barkley more than Fitzpatrick. I think both are studs but I tend to lean more towards the defensive game changer because you can always pick up great value in a running back later on in the draft.
Comment 28 Nov 2017
The best chance for OSU is complete mayhem. First and foremost, beat Wisconsin. Next, the ACC doesn't really matter, but hope Clemson wins so we will forsure be ahead of Miami, a 2 loss Clemson might just sneak in ahead of us. Hope Georgia wins. Auburn just beat Bama pretty handily and if you ask me, there is no way that you can put both Bama and Georgia in the playoff ahead of auburn with bama just getting waxed by them and not playing in the SEC championship game. Hope Stanford wins to eliminate USC so there is no debate there. And then hope TCU beats Oklahoma, barely. So that we will have the conference championship over Oklahoma and better schedule than TCU. I still think if everything else comes true and Oklahoma wins we would be in with a convincing win against Wisconsin. But complete chaos makes things a little easier. Just my 2 cents.
Comment 16 Oct 2017
Possibly. But the defensive line should be able to play straight up with minimal to no blitzing all game. And with baker spying Barkley the coaching staff would obviously scheme something up to not leave his spot vacated. Somebody has running back responsibilities each play anyways, the point is to just make it baker on every down.
Comment 15 Oct 2017
I might be in the minority here, but I say defensively have Jerome baker spy Barkley all game. He is the most dangerous player on their offense and shutting him down/slowing him down will be the key to stopping their offense. Almost like having a linebacker spy a running QB the whole game. Play technically sound in the secondary and linebacking core and we should be fine with the defensive line making trace mcsorely win the game with his arm. Offensively, run the damn ball. With our great running backs. Block well. Take and complete shots over the top with play action in the passing game as well as hit some crossing routes and give our speed guys some room to make plays. Last but certainly not least, no mistakes. No turnovers. No costly penalties and we should walk away easily. I expect a close-ish game because Penn State will be ready to play. But with us losing like we did last year I think our boys are hungry and will make this a statement game. 42-28 buckeyes. Tressel will be sad with No FG's going through the uprights.
Comment 24 Feb 2017
I respectfully disagree. Dude has never played for a team that's almost a lock to walk to the finals in his career. Both Derrick and Deron Williams have played on bad teams as of late and coming to play for a surefire contender will rejuvenate their careers. Deron will be a great backup point guard who can score and facilitate for the second team. And Derrick will spell LeBron alot and also is a slasher to go along with all the shooting around him. On top of being able to make open shots from time to time. Making a guy like curry work on defense the entire game and not just while Kyrie is in the game will wear him down in a series as well. And Deron Williams will do just that. I think he's a great back up option and I hope he stays for a while.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
Yeah the Cavs are giving up basically nothing to upgrade the frontcourt and backcourt. I wonder if they start to think about keeping Derrick Williams longer term as well.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
I also like the X-Factor that he played for the Warriors and might give the Cavs a leg up in some preparation and calling out offensive plays on the floor.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
I'm pretty sure this is going to happen. Cavs need a big man to protect the rim. And he will come cheap and has no problem passing.
Comment 10 Feb 2017
I agree it's an honor, and I would love nothing more than to be in his position. But if you ask these guys that enter the draft what team they want to play on the vast majority have a favorite. Again, I have a problem with the way he went about it, and I'm sure others in the league will too. But anybody that thought he didn't wanna play for his favorite team are kidding themselves. Just keep it in house next time big fella.
Comment 10 Feb 2017
No question. It's just being blown out of proportion IMO. The Browns are a laughing stock at this point. Majority of players don't wanna play here. He went about it the wrong way saying it publicly. But don't act like these guys don't say this behind the scenes anyways.