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I am a life long buckeye. Grew up in a small town called Ridgeway just 8 miles south of Kenton. I bleed scarlet and gray. I will not get gas at kroger because the last time I did, the bucks lost to wisconsin in 2003 and snapped out 19 game win streak. I am a fitness nut and I am an amatuer cage fighter. I only took up mma because I wasn't good enough to play college football and I love to compete. I have 4 boys, ages 6,7,8, and 9. I named my youngest A.J. after my favorite buckeye A.J. Hawk.


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Comment 09 Sep 2019
Hi Josh. Thanks once again for what you are doing here. It excites me to hear the viewpoint from someone who has lived it. So let's jump right in. Now that we have seen the defense put zone blitz on film, in your opinion, once we enter the meat of our conference schedule, do you think there is a certain percentage of snaps we are wanting to play zone and sprinkle in a little man? Or do you think those percentages could vary based on the opponent and what we are trying to attack? Also, will we continue a similar LB and DL rotation in the meat of our schedule(2-3 deep)?
Comment 18 Aug 2019
If Justin Fields blows up and leads "THE" to the CFP, I believe he will overtake the overwhelming favorite Trevor Lawrence. Really surprised at least one of you didnt pick this scenario. OSU being overlooked by the hole nation including our staff. I'm calling it. Justin Fields goes off for 3800 yds passing and 1100 yds rushing and 45 total tds and tops trevor lawrence just like he did in elite 11. There........I said it.
Comment 23 Feb 2019
What is the word for joy in others misery?
Comment 04 Jan 2019
When I go on road trips, I take Buckeyes in my pocket and plant them in the ground in enemy territory.been doing it for 15 years.......