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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching us beat OJ and the Trojans in the 1969 Rose Bowl.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Jackets (I guess...)
  • NBA TEAM: Uh...
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Crew by default

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Comment 09 Feb 2020

This. Been married more than 30 years, and I hate Valentine’s Day. Jacked-up prices, overcrowded restaurants, cultural pressure to buy crap no one needs...feh. Hubby does things for me when I really need him, not when Hallmark tells him to.

Comment 27 Jan 2020

Air traffic control kept telling the pilot “you’re too low, you’re too low.” (Per the NY Times.) Right now they’re calling it a CFIT (controlled flight into terrain). Same as what happened to JFK Jr.  In cloudy/foggy conditions it’s easy for pilots to get disoriented and lose track of which way is up. Should never have taken off; the LAPD had grounded their copter fleet for a reason. Very sad.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

As a long-time, long-suffering Bengals fan (RIP Sam Wyche, btw) I hope Joe gets in there and turns that dumpster fire around. My rational side, though, suspects that as long as the Bengals are owned by Mike Brown he’ll find some way to turn gold into lead.

Kinda why I didn’t want Dwayne Haskins to go to that idiotic Dan Snyder and his shitshow.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Agreed that the new Union is a lovely place. I will always have fond memories of the older version. I saw a lecture by Jerry Lucas on how to increase your memory, watched Archie and Woody joking around at a ballroom banquet, and watched my dad get a distinguished teaching award at a dental school banquet. Most memorable? Probably the time my roommate and I were making the rounds of the bars late one night. She really had to go, everything was closed, so she dropped trou and obeyed the call of nature on the Ohio Union lawn...only to get a ticket from the University police for public indecency. I probably should have tried to advocate on her behalf or something but I was too busy laughing...and part of me suspected the cop was enjoying the hell out of it because my roomie was a knockout! : )

Comment 21 Dec 2019

My dad was a member of the President’s Club (and a faculty member) when they demolished old University Hall. All the PC members got souvenir bricks from the old Hall. I still have Dad’s. I’d post a pic of it here if I could! Dad had classes there in the Fifties and said it was a rathole (literally).

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Looking back, it’s unbelievable how much talent those Buckeye teams had. We should have had at least one NC under Coop. So frustrating. There was just something missing from the Cooper regime; some extra oomph he couldn’t find.

The clip was great. And it was good to see Korey Stringer on the sidelines again...

Comment 22 Nov 2019

Let’s not forget their douche fanbase that pelted TBDBITL with bottles of pee (who the hell dreams that up, anyway?), leading our band director to declare we were never going back to that hellhole:


Comment 22 Nov 2019

Penn State fans worshipping at the altar of JoePa make North Koreans shake their heads in wonder.