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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching us beat OJ and the Trojans in the 1969 Rose Bowl.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
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Comment 27 Nov 2017

May I recommend a book for your reading list? “Grant” by Ron Chernow (who knows what he’s doing, winning the Pulitzer for his bio of Washington and writing the biography of Hamilton that inspired the Broadway show). Grant is yet another favorite son of Ohio who is finally getting treated fairly by history. An interesting guy, whose main problem seemed to be trusting too many people (and having a few too many adult beverages on occasion).

Comment 24 Nov 2017

My #11 is Anthony Carter. He was at UM for what seemed like 157 years and always seemed to come up with a miraculous catch at exactly the wrong time.

Comment 16 Nov 2017

My brother-in-law was the manager of a restaurant in a Flying J in southern Kentucky about 10 years ago. He had a massive stroke at work; had to be airlifted to Vanderbilt medical center, where he had another stroke. Long story short, he was finally getting out of the hospital and his wife went to Walgreens to fill some scripts before he came home. She found out that his insurance had been cancelled. According to Flying J, my relative quit his job that day he had the stroke. (Must have been right before he hit the floor.) We made their house payments for a year until they got disability et.al. lined up. Fuck Jimmy Haslam for eternity. Even the Browns deserve better.

Comment 09 Nov 2017

Mister Chick has a high school buddy who went to Purdue and is now a big donor, so he always has primo seats. What I remember most is that right before this play, hubby says to Purdue buddy, “Bet you $50 that Ohio State wins.” Purdue buddy says “Hell, yeah!” Next play...Holy Buckeye! Purdue buddy doesn’t say a word; just gets out his wallet and pays up (even though Purdue still had a little time and the ball). He just knew that Purdue wasn’t gonna do it after that.

Comment 09 Nov 2017

Agreed. I had a batshit crazy roommate in college who went nuts for this guy. When he communicated in any form with her—even to say “don’t ever call me again”—she took it as encouragement. If you want to take your sister, fine—get two tickets and have a ball. But do not have any contact whatsoever with crazy pants. Trust me—my crazy roommate ended up trying to kill herself one night over this guy. 

Comment 09 Nov 2017

I got excoriated on Facebook when I opined that perhaps TOSU isn’t immune from the dwindling college football attendance figures. Paying top dollar to sit on a plastic bench with 2.5 inches of butt space (after the more zaftig fans have shown up), vile bathrooms, more security than TSA....the fan experience gets just a little bit worse each year. Add the fact that the number of parents willing to allow their kids to get their brains turned to mush gets smaller every year...sometimes I wonder what our beloved sport will look like in 20 years.

Comment 07 Nov 2017

Thank you for your service. My dad retired as a captain in the reserves, and he’s embarrassed and upset by what’s happening, too. One of the young men who died in the most recent collision was well-known to our family. It’s one thing for a 20-year-old to give his life in the service of his country; quite another to give his life because chain of command on the bridge failed. The Navy needs to clean up its act now.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

There's losing, and then there's getting embarrassed. That was embarrassing. I can take it when we play our best and just get out-slugged at the end of an epic fight. But this...we were really never in it.

I would rather have lost to PSU. At least they were ranked.

Really, really poor discipline. And sorry, gang, but that's on the coaches.

The third ass-kicking in the last 12 months. Mark May is having a field day on Twitter. Looks like our all-star coaching staff is a bust.

Comment 01 Nov 2017

I highly recommend this event. Mr. Chick and I went to the first two and have tickets for this one. It's a fun evening with ex-Buckeyes and a few ex-Wolverines. There's some good-natured ribbing, great speakers, and great silent auction items. You will have the opportunity to meet some Buckeye greats, too. And to top it off, it's a most worthy cause. Give it a try!