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Comment 05 Apr 2013

Smart move. Biggest things holding his stock down are mainly athleticism/physical things that aren't able to be fixed with more time in college. Hope he has a great career, we need more big time players in the NBA.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

Imagine a triple option-option out of this. Get to the line, Braxton reads which way the option would work better then somehow motions whether they're running the triple option to the left with Hyde/Rod or to the right with Hyde/Dunn. Not sure how plausible that play is but our diamond would have as much talent as any backfield in the country.

Comment 27 Mar 2013

Apparently he and his girlfriend just had a kid so he wants to be closer to home.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

Love this series. I remember back when I started getting into OSU blogs in like 8th grade, I had a huge list of blogs I would go through to see if any updated: Eleven Warriors, Osu Silver Bullet, We Will Always Have Tempe, Our Honor Defend, Bucknuts, the Rivalry Esq (now Off Tackle Empire). Now like 5 years later and 11w is basically the only OSU site I need, and they've absorbed some of the other blogs haha. Glad to see some of the better OHD articles continued on here.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

JakeBuckeye: just so you know I often agree with your 'differing' opinions, and usually try and upvote you when I can. But usually don't feel like getting involved internet arguments so I don't really comment on them.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

I really miss when people could have discussions on this site with disagreeing opinions without it turning into a pissing match. Unfortunately with gaining popularity (and this site deserves every page hit it gets and then some) the maturity level seems to decrease at a pretty startling rate. 

Comment 07 Feb 2013

I don't think I had ever come across an Ole Miss fan on the internet until yesterday. I hate them now already. 

Comment 07 Feb 2013

This class (and last class) show just how good Urban is at finding assistant coaches, which in my opinion are just as important as the head coach. The best head coaches are obviously great in game coaches, but Urban and Saban are just at a different level at finding the most talented assistant at both coaching and recruiting. There are other great in game coaches, and other great recruiting staffs but no one in the country can match the combination of the two that Ohio State and Bama have right now.

On a related topic, this is why the rest of the Big 10 (outside us, michigan, and maybe msu/nebraska) will continue to fall behind until they start ponying up some cash for quality coaches/assistants. Michigan did and we see how much having a Mattison on the staff improved their recruiting and defense immediately. The Big 10 as a whole basically prints money, it's time they start putting some of it into the quality of the teams.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Scott and LaQuinton need more minutes. Both provide a nice spark off the bench. Scott would be really good if he could finish around the rim.

Comment 18 Jan 2013

Well using just average star ratings is kind of dumb, seeing as a team with one five star commit would be higher than a team with 20 four stars. Seems like he just picked a rating system that would put us ahead at the moment. And if you multiply the amount of commits by the average Michigan is higher than us. Extremely biased.

Comment 14 Dec 2012

Johnny: Without Deshaun Thomas the Buckeyes would be what would happen if someone cloned David Lighty and each successive copy got a little crappier at shooting the ball.

Hahaha that is a great description.

Comment 02 Dec 2012

I don't care if he lacks defense, LaQuinton's ceiling is another DeShaun. We could have two DeShauns! think about it...

Comment 06 Nov 2012

I think one thing braxton has going for him in regards to the heisman is his highlight tape. Alot of voters will probably go through all the candidates highlights before they vote (I would assume), and braxtons has literally 10+ minutes of nonstop, insane plays. No one in the country can match his highlights.

Comment 31 Oct 2012

Only analyst I really trust in football: Phil Steele. Only one in basketball: Ken Pomeroy.  They's good with the numbers.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

I don't know if i would call burkhead a speed demon. And its probably better than having Grant try to defend the option with burkhead and martinez and having his head explode.

Comment 19 Sep 2012

Ross and Deshaun on O, with Craft and Lenzelle on D is going to be nasty. Plus Amir could be a defensive upgrade on sully (obviously a huge offensive dropoff however). I would agree that there won't be much dropoff, hopefully the bench can step up.