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Comment 02 Jan 2015

I was SO pleasantly surprised with our OL...I think that was the difference all night.

Urban and Saban laid the blue print in the SEC by just stockpiling DL talent and rotating them to keep them fresh and wreak havoc against OL's.

And the way our OL held their own, especially on 3rd downs, was maybe the most important piece of the entire game. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I feel like our TEs are above average as a group, but because we have some great skill players that the focus becomes getting them the ball/touches and the TEs get lost/lose touches. 

The one area where I feel like we need the TE used more is in the red zone. Our offense tends to stall close to the end zone probably because there's less space for our skill guys. I hope we call more plays like the first TD vs TTUN where Vannett acted as a lead blocker and leaked out off play action for the TD catch. 

Comment 02 Dec 2014

I'm hopeful the game plan at the start looks something like the MSU game. I remember being caught off guard by a lot of the early throws, even though they were bubble screens. I think getting Cardale some easy completions early will settle the nerves.

Comment 25 Feb 2013

So, is this guy trying to say Crafty wouldn't/couldn't start for MSU, or any other team in the country for that matter? 

I just don't understand where the motive to even write something like that comes from...

Comment 16 Jan 2013

probably my favorite part of his highlight film is that a lot the clips were from games vs. Ignatius, and St. Eds...He was competing against some of the best competition in NE Ohio, and making plays all over the place...reminds me a lot of Hines too. 

Comment 30 Dec 2011

Sure it stings to not have anything to look forward to come New Years 2013...but let's be realistic. Staples says we have the players to "come close" to a double digit win season in 2012...and I think he is right, but our schedule is not favorable. On the road against Penn State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin with a young team is rough. 

But look at 2013's schedule...we don't have MSU or Nebraska, and if we can solve the mysterious Ross-Ade stadium curse our toughest match-up could be the final Saturday in November...Now, throw in the fact that Urbs will have a Jr. Braxton Miller, a stable of sophomore studs on the DL to surround Big Hank who will be a SR. If Urbs finds a couple speedy weapons to put on the outside that team could be as good as any Buckeye team we've seen in the BCS era...

Not being able to play in a bowl game next year, as much as it sucks, might actually help quell some of the premature, unrealistic expectations that many of us have. Now, Urbs can develop his QB, add talent, and install his system and not have to worry about the crazed expectations of him winning 7 national titles...

Besides...Tress had a pretty good second year at the healm...