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Comment 29 Dec 2019

While this was the final play we had plenty of opportunities to put it away and didn’t. The loss isn’t on Chris. Olave played hard all year and we are lucky to have him. He will use this going forward and continue to amaze. Put it behind and focus on the future. Still a thrilling season and as hard as it is not to see them compete against LSU it is much harder for him and the team with all the work put in this year. 

Best game of the bowl season, but not the result anyone of us wanted. Thank you for the great season!

Now back to living next to my Clemson neighbors. Fortunately they are great people, true fans of the game and not fair weather like the Alabama neighbors.

Comment 02 Dec 2018


If the committee would get rid of Chicken Shit Saturday and make all teams play in conference once they start we would get rid of the Alabama vs Citidel at the end of the season. That is really just a week off be fore the final games. If you calculate that into strength of schedule towards day the end of the season then no SEC team should be on the playoffs no matter how strong they are playing because of that weekend off.

Oh and ESPN is a little too invested in the SEC with all of their games. Think the Big 10 is getting penalized for the affiliation with FOX Sports