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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1994 State Track Meet in the 'Shoe.
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Comment 15 Nov 2019
Punt return to the house. I'd throw in a kickoff, but there may only be one to the good guys all day. Punts, though, lots of punts.
Comment 04 Nov 2019

I hate to say it, but as a student of The Game, it stands to reason that That Team will eventually win one.  I can think of worse consolation prizes than a Natty to go with a loss on 11/30.

That said, if we're losing on 11/30, I'd be willing to trade it all for a win in The Game.

Comment 09 Oct 2019

I don't follow recruiting too closely, so this may be a bad take, but my concern is not landing either of these guys.  What if Stroud isn't sure and waits to decide, but the offer scares off Miller in the meantime. Only to have Stroud go elsewhere.  That would be multiple years on missing a QB, though we did get Fields through the portal last year, very fortunately.

Comment 04 Oct 2019
Sorry man! I just happened to log in when Prognosticating posted. I usually don't see it 'til like 5pm and have to guess something stupid. Guaranteed this will never happen again!
Comment 02 Oct 2019

You are all wrong.  The answer is no one gets left out.  They expand, "effective immediately", to a 5 team format.  They are making it up as they go anyways.